100 Year Old Exercise Instructor Reveals the Secrets To Longevity and Happiness

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – A St. Paul exercise teacher celebrated a birthday today. Doesn’t sound like that big a deal, as all exercise instructors DO have birthdays.

The thing is, Lauretta Taggert is now 100 years old, and still teaching.

Taggert celebrated her big birthday on Tuesday with friends at the Riverview Highlands senior apartments. For the past 15-years she has led exercise classes at facility.

Lauretta says she doesn’t allow age to slow her down, and insists that the key to longevity is a positive attitude.

“She is amazing,” said Jana Kyser, who manages the Riverview Highlands property. “I asked what she attributes such a long life to… she said an attitude of gratitude, and honey, don’t ever let your hair go gray.”

Lauretta also stays current, connecting with family and friends on Facebook and ordering new books on Amazon. She also plays a lot of bridge when she’s not exercising.

“She is the epitome of the long, healthy life,” reflected Kyser. “Virtue, honesty, so many character qualities are just exemplified. She’s a part of bringing this community together.”

After years of research and a series of unpleasant experiences concerning the current child protection services system, Alec Cope decided to combat the cancerous corruption through information. Freelance writing articles as a form of protest and distributing them throughout his former high-school and local area, Alec struck special chords with whomever he was in contact with.

Alec has been involved in activism such as sit down protests as well as Idle No More gatherings. Being independent for the majority of his time, Alec became a member of the WeAreChange family to assist one of the organizations that inspired him to become active in the first place. With a larger platform and positive support Alec has committed the majority of his time to research, writing, and maintaining social media with the goal to continue expanding the awakening sweeping throughout all levels of society.

Growing up within a rural area in Northern Michigan as well as being a native American descendant, Alec is seeking to expose environmental abuse in his state as well as globally. A high-school dropout, Alec chases his passion for writing and empowering individuals while showing any isolated person that they too can overcome the odds with a community that will support them. Alec lives in the lower peninsula of Michigan near Kalamazoo.





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