Julian Assange Faces His Fate Two Out Of Three Ecuadorian Presidential Candidates Want To End His Asylum

After more than four years sheltering inside Ecuador’s Embassy in London, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could have Wikileak’s signature hourglass run out. Two out of three Ecuadorian presidential candidates want to end Assange’s asylum.

Since the Wikileaks founder was offered asylum by Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa in 2012, Assange has watched the world change dramatically from his tiny room at the country’s embassy in London.

This Sunday, Ecuador will hold the first presidential election in more than a decade not to be contested by Correa. Voters will elect a new President and National Assembly. Incumbent President Rafael Correa is not eligible for re-election, having served two terms.

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On the eve of the election, let’s take a look at what the top three presidential candidates have said they will do regarding Assange’s asylum if they become elected.

Lenín Moreno – PAIS Alliance – Left-wing

The favorite is Lenín Moreno, who served as Vice President of the Republic from 2007 to 2013, serving under President Rafael Correa. His election as Vice President was notable because as a paraplegic, Moreno was one of the world’s few disabled national leaders. For his work providing respect and dignity to handicapped people, he was nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

Lenin Moreno will maintain asylum for Julian Assange, but will ask him to be more delicate in matters of international politics.

The official candidate said on Thursday, February 9, 2017, that the country is “protecting his life” because Ecuador does not apply the death penalty. But he clarified that his administration would make a request to him: “We will ask Mr. Assange to be much more delicate at the moment that he treats the international politics, mainly with countries with which we have a good relation”. This statement was made after participating in a conversation with the Ecuadorian Broadcasting Association in Guayaquil.

Guillermo Lasso – CREO – Centre-right

Guillermo Lasso is an Ecuadorian businessman and politician. He was the presidential candidate for the Ecuadorian general election in 2013 for the party called Creating Opportunities. He arrived in second place. Lasso is the largest share holder in Banco de Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest financial services network.

In early 2017, Lasso launched his second presidential campaign to succeed incumbent President Correa for Creating Opportunities in the 2017 presidential elections, as Correa had already served his two-term constitutionally defined limit.

Lasso promoted an independent judiciary and free speech. The opposition and civil rights organizations consider judicial autonomy and press freedom to be threatened under the administration of President Correa.

Bearing this in mind, you might think Lasso would be supportive of Assange, but you’d be wrong. Lasso says the costly asylum can no longer be justified.

In an interview with the Guardian, Lasso, of the rightwing Creo-Suma alliance, said it was time for the WikiLeaks founder to move on because his asylum was expensive and no longer justified.

“The Ecuadorian people have been paying a cost that we should not have to bear,” he said during an interview in Quito. “We will cordially ask Señor Assange to leave within 30 days of assuming a mandate.”

Cynthia Viteri – PSC – Centre-right to Right-wing

Cynthia Viteri of the Social Christian Party who is standing in tomorrow’s election says Ecuador has more important things to spend its taxpayers’ money on than Assange.

Viteri would rather see the cash currently being spent on housing Assange, going on school lunches for children.

She told local newspaper El Comercio: “As president of this nation, I need the money used for his upkeep, for example, to pay for my children’s school lunches.”


Although the current government has maintained its position of solidarity, all involved have grown increasingly frustrated with a situation that Ecuador’s top diplomat described as “something out of a John le Carré novel”.

“Our staff have been through a lot. There is a human cost,” said the foreign minister, Guillaume Long. “This is probably the most watched embassy on the planet.”

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Trump to Send NASA to ‘deep space’ With Plans to Privatize ‘Low Earth Orbit’

During Trump’s Inaugural address, he said: “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space.”

How does President Trump aim to accomplish this goal?

One huge step: Trump’s plans to privatize ‘low Earth orbit’ and send NASA into deep space
Trump’s aim is to have humanity exploring the entire solar system by the 22nd century.

Robert Walker – former congressman – was chosen to draft Trump’s space policy during the campaign. He told Yahoo News about the administration’s plan to place “low Earth orbit” missions predominantly in the hands of the private sector – exceptions for military and intelligence satellites.

“As we look toward going back to the moon, going to Mars or further, we’ll want to have space resources that would be assembled in orbit so we could make them large enough and capable enough to do real deep-space activities.”

Axiom Space and Bigelow Aerospace have expressed keen interest in constructing commercial space stations, and to obtain technologies under development, such as constellations of satellites for Earth observation. They assess this to be profitable in the ‘low Earth orbit’ area, the region of space up to an altitude of about 1,200 miles. The International Space Station is in low Earth orbit.

Robert Walker has experienced skill in the space sector, being the first sitting member of Congress to be given NASA’s Distinguished Service Medal, their highest honor. He has also been involved in presidential commissions on the aerospace industry’s future and space exploration. Robert Bigelow – founder of Bigelow Aerospace, stated major aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Lockheed Martin have always had a keen eye on NASA and therefore on government funding. He claimed privatizing low Earth orbit is an important opportunity for “the little guys” to survive and establish.

Walker added: “What’s the best way for us to access space in the future? And what opportunities exist if you’re truly innovative about how your approach a space future?”

Walker claims space policy should highlight that the community of space is far larger than NASA or the military – private investors should take the opportunity to take part in achieving national goals. He calls for the National Space Council – a policy-setting body closed in 1993, to be reinstated under the leadership of VP Mike Pence to set national goals for all three stakeholders in space – commercial, military and civil interest. Bigelow argues that NASA’s approximate $19 billion budget should be doubled, and recalled conversations with William H. Gerstenmaier – associate administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Directorate at NASA, claiming that the agency does not have the capability to return humans to the moon without assistance from the private sector.

J. Kinast is an aspiring independent journalist working with WeAreChange, as well as politically within the UK Independence Party.

Man Vandalizes Neighborhood With Breasts and a Penis During Standoff With Police (VIDEO)

Police have detained a man in Oakland, California, after he spent the morning strolling around a neighborhood with a rifle, shooting at police and civilians, spray painting breasts on a garage door, and a penis on a car.

Law enforcement was called to the scene shortly after 9 a.m. after witnesses called to report a man with a rifle firing rounds in the neighborhood.

When police arrived, the suspect, Jessie Enjaian, 32, a University of Michigan law school graduate, began shooting at an officer, KRON 4 reports. Several homes were struck with the bullets, but nobody was injured.

Jessie Enjaian

A helicopter flying over the scene showed him inside a home, pointing his own rifle out the window. Eventually, the suspect went outside and began spray painting breasts on a neighboring house. He then walked over and calmly began spray painting a penis on a car.

A nearby high school and several businesses were placed on lockdown as the incident unfolded.

Eventually, Enjaian was shot by a police officer and surrendered. He was transported to a local hospital, where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

It was later confirmed that Enjaian lives in the neighborhood where the standoff took place. He is also the co-founder and a computer engineer at the computer company Oakland Microsystems.

According to Oakland Police Spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson, Enjaian is accused of shooting at his neighbors, the police, and the media helicopter.

“This is extremely concerning for the Oakland police Department,” Watson said during a press conference. “We have a lot of traffic that comes through the area we also have a lot of schools in the area.”

Police had reportedly been called to his home earlier this week, over another report involving threats or a gun.

The motive behind the shooting and the vandalism remains unclear.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, the International Business Times, and Bipartisan Report.

War Criminal Tony Blair Calls on Remainers to Block Brexit

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair called on Remain voters to block the Brexit vote, claiming Leavers voted on a “lack of knowledge”

Image result for Tony Blair

Amid already low favorability over his war crimes in Iraq alongside George Bush, this move came as no surprise. Tony Blair in an outspoken Remainer and consistently moves to block the majority vote.

Tony Blair has said it is his “mission” to persuade Britons to “rise up” and change their minds on Brexit, BBC reports, despite the 52% leave vote being a democratic victory for Brexiters – Blair is clearly intent on ignoring the democratic will of the people that voted to leave the EU.

Blair’s anti-Brexit speech was met with a barrage of criticism from former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, calling his Blair a “yesterday’s man”. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson responded, “I urge the British people to rise up and turn off the TV next time Blair comes on with his condescending campaign.”

Blair’s low favorability among the British people follows from his long record of corruption. In September 2016, the Sun reported Blair was dragged into a corruption probe over a huge sum he bagged to make a speech in Romania. Blair was payed a large sum of £185’000 just to make his speech in Romania.

Blair’s global business empire was reportedly being funded from as much as £16’000 from the average British taxpayer in 2015 alone.

The Daily Mail also reported in March 2016 that Blair “flew to Nigeria to meet the new President, Muhammadu Buhari, and offered to sell Israeli drones and equipment to help defeat Boko Haram.”

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith claimed Blair’s Brexit comments were “arrogant and undemocratic”. Lib Dem Nick Clegg added he “agreed with every word”. Current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is silent on the words of the former PM and Labour leader.

Foreign Sec. Johnson hounded Mr. Blair with accusations of  “insulting the intelligence” of the British voters, he added: “I respectfully say to Tony Blair, those who call on the British people to rise up against Brexit, I urge the British people to rise up and turn off the TV next time Tony Blair comes on with his condescending campaign.”

“As for Tony Blair whatever his merits as a former Prime Minister this is the guy who would have taken our country into the Euro with what would have been catastrophic consequences, this is the guy who dragooned the United KIngdom into the Iraq War on a completely false prospectus with consequences which foreign ministers here are still trying to deal with.”

Blair clearly doesn’t gain much support from his controversial decision to continue to attempt a Brexit Block nearly a year after the June referendum in 2016.

J. Kinast is an aspiring independent journalist working with WeAreChange, as well as politically within the UK Independence Party.

Tech Company Creates A.I. Based Camera Recognition System To Be Used By Police

A stun gun company called Taser has just introduced one of the scariest inventions of our time a body recognition camera that will allow police to search for people and objects in video footage captured in real time and recorded video.

The technology will use automation and algorithms to detect faces and objects in video footage captured by on-body camera systems Vocativ reported.

The development of such advanced technology suggests that body cameras, which are already being worn by police departments across the country, could soon become powerful surveillance tools capable of identifying different objects, events, and people encountered by officers on the street.

While the idea is to use machine learning algorithms to speed up the process of combing through and redacting hours of video footage by allowing police to use keywords to search through video footage. And it’s worth noting that the current version of the technology doesn’t include facial recognition the company has previously stated to Bloomberg that they are working on implementing such Orwellian technology.

“If we think about that situation in Minnesota, maybe that officer did have some preconceptions about Castile, and maybe they were unhelpful preconceptions,” Rick Smith Taser’s chief executive officer said. “If the officer had known that Castile didn’t have a violent police record, as has been reported, his death might have been averted. “The more we can help reduce that uncertainty, the better.”

Such an implementation will be a major privacy risk, especially since there are no known current federal laws preventing police from searching through large databases to track someone’s every movement.

Where it will be good to catch real criminals if laws are not put into place to limit such technologies use to catching kidnappers and terrorist we could quickly be living in a “Strange Days” type of dystopia where the police can scan your every move. And even if there are laws that doesn’t necessarily mean that the people in charge are going to follow them so while this technology may make us “safer” it’s literally building the framework for a police state.

What’s scarier is it’s already starting in New York, the government privately asked surveillance companies to pitch a vast camera system they could install on bridges and tunnels that would scan and identify people who drive in and out of New York City.

Facebook already uses this type of technology with deep face so if you think such a technology is impossible you aren’t paying attention.

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A Vocativ reporter talked to a Taser representative, and the conversation was mind-blowing, to say the least highlighting how far they want to take this new technology that is incredibly frightening.

“To clarify, Dextro’s system offers computer vision techniques to identify faces and other objects for improving the efficiency of the redaction workflow. AI enables you to become more targeted when needed,” Steve Tuttle, Taser’s vice president of communications, he said.

That means, he explained, that “you can show where a face starts in a video” to speed up a search, but that the technology “doesn’t identify individual faces or people.”

The company claims that its use of AI will be focused on “efficient categorization, semantic understanding, and faster redaction” of video footage as a method of “reducing paper work and enabling officers to focus on what matters.”

“Police officers are spending most of their time entering information into computers” about their interactions in the field, Smith said during the webcast. “We want to automate all of that.”

To further your paranoia, a Department of Justice study published last year found that at least nine different body camera manufacturers either currently support face recognition in their products or plan to add the feature later. To make you even more scared of big brother watching over your shoulder, a recent Georgetown University Law report, found that nearly half of American adults have been entered into their local law enforcement’s face recognition database. Increasing the chance that any random person walking down the street can be identified by the system allowing an unknown cop to track someone in secret in the protection of the excuse “I’m just doing my job” a very scary thought indeed.

For now, if you want to avoid this type of surveillance there is all sorts of technology and clothing that you can buy but there is no telling when this clothing and technology will become obsolete.

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Man With Rifle Livestreams Himself Threatening Stranger Over Trump Sticker

A selfie-style video of a man with a rifle threatening a Donald Trump supporter at a gas station over a bumper sticker and “Make America Great Again” flag is going viral after being published to YouTube on Thursday.

The shocking video, obtained by Red Pill Philosophy, shows a man who goes by the name Neal Norles on Facebook, confronting the stranger at a gas station and demanding that he remove the sticker and flag supporting our president — while livestreaming himself making the threats.

“Hold up. Hey boy you voted for Trump?” Norles shouts at the stranger. “You did? Aw yeah that’s how you feel? That’s how you feel, huh?”

“Deport all of us, huh?” Norles continues on to ask. “You want us deported back over there or something?”

The Trump supporter responds saying “no,” and the man asserts that he is going to remove the sticker from the stranger’s vehicle.

“We don’t like that shit! We don’t like that shit! You gotta take that shit off your truck bro!” Norles yells at the man.

“Touch my sh-t and see what happens,” the Trump supporter responds.

The unhinged man, continuing to film himself, then says, “let me show you what’s going to happen,” as he pulls an assault rifle from his vehicle. He begins to walk towards the man he was threatening.

“I’m going to show you what’s going to happen, ain’t nothin’ gonna happen,” the man rages. “This nigga got me f-cked up,” he continues as the video ends with him approaching the flag and the sound of it being ripped down.

Responding to a request for comment from We Are Change, he asserted that I am “crazy as hell,” and claimed that he did not threaten the man.

“Where did I threatened him I protected myself after he said see what will happen if I take it off,” Norles said. “I neva pointed my gun at him nor made a threat to him saying I would kill him? So where?”

We explained to him that we did not say he directly threatened to kill the man, but threatened him and his property — with his gun.

“Yea I threatened his property I will take that but nevva once did I threat his life I don’t see how u get that,” Norles wrote.

When asked what happened after the video ended, Norles asked me if I voted for Trump. I responded yes and asserted that I was not the one being interviewed.

“Do u like black ppl?” Norles asked.

He then refused to continue being interviewed without payment, which we declined to offer. He responded saying, “then suck it easy baby.”

Norles on the right, via Facebook

According to Norles’ Facebook page, he resides in Kansas City, Missouri. He frequently livestreams himself ranting and raving on the social network. At the time of publishing this story — Norles was livestreaming himself screaming “f-ck Donald Trump” at passing vehicles while in the passenger seat of a car. Both that livestream, and the one featuring him brandishing the weapon, have since been deleted from his page.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, the International Business Times, and Bipartisan Report.

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