Congressmen Speak Out On Obama’s 911 Cover-up, Declassify The 28 Pages

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews  Congressman Walter Jones and Congressman Thomas Massie on releasing the 28 pages from the 9/11 Report that prove who actually sponsored the terrorist attack. Obama has promised 9/11 victims family members that he would release this report but due to what’s happening with the U.S and Saudi Arabia the report is still kept secret from the general public.

I Was Kidnapped In Mexico For Exposing Corruption

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Alfredo Romero of Mexico who was kidnapped for 5 weeks for exposing government extortion and corruption in Mexico. Alfredo details his kidnapping, what happened to him and the very important action he did when he was released that is currently keeping him safe.

Custom V Masks For Sale, Support Activists and Indie Media

Custom Awakened Masks For Sale NowIMG_166309493324923

These masks are artwork the from an independent artist located in Ohio. He started making these masks for local Cincinnati Activists and it grew from there. Now major Activists and Journalists all across the country wear these masks. They are all hand drawn and sprayed with a sealer so they don’t smear. People wear them to protest or keep them as art work. For $80.00, you pick 3 colors with black as a primary color. All masks get a Anarchy A and a Peace Symbol. Kind of my trademark. A portion of all sales will go to the Activist group Awakened Cincinnatians for their #OpHelpingHands events and WeAreChange.

Color 1
Color 2
Color 3







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