Al-Kreida Chalk-Walk 2011 Austria/Vienna

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Chalk-walk 2011

My Name Is Music – We Are Terrorists
Phoebe Hall – vox
Niki Altmann – guitar, drums, vox

First Responders not welcome at 9/11 ceremony

You are not going to believe this.

Only 3 weeks have passed since the first responders got cancer excluded from the financial package, but this was not enough for Bloomberg apparently.

The first responders that carried their own and other people’s family members from Ground Zero have been excluded from the 10th 9/11 ceremony Bloomberg “officially confirmed” only a few days ago.

I have no more words to describe this, sorry i really don’t, so i’ll leave it with this. If you would like to add something, be my guest.

Spread the word.


Paul: is gold money? Bernanke: No

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