20 Years For 3 Pills — Cops Prey On Lonely Teen, Entrap Him During Cruel Online Dating Scheme

20 Years For 3 Pills — Cops Prey On Lonely Teen, Entrap Him During Cruel Online Dating Scheme


(TFTP) A year-and-a-half ago, several Monroe County, TN police departments set up an elaborate drug sting to take down what the police perceived to be known drug dealers in the area. The message they wanted to send, according to Sherriff Tommy Jones II was, “If you are involved in any type of drug activity…you will find yourself in prison. This will not be tolerated.”

According to the Advocate and Democrat News’ official story of the sting operation, “the streets of Monroe County and its municipalities saw a lot of drugs removed last week as an operation that began in February culminated with 72 indictments being handed down and arrests made from one end of the county to another.”

One of those indicted was Cameron McKenzie Rake of Maryville, TN. Rake says he was blindsided by the arrest, and he is telling quite a different story than the one the police are sharing with the media. Rake says he was no drug dealer at all, just a guy looking to hook up with a pretty woman he met online. “I was on a dating website called MeetMe,” an app on his smartphone he explains he used to meet new friends.

There was a girl on there, “that talked to me first,” he said intimating she had an interest in him. The conversation on Meet Me quickly turned to drugs. Rake said she “asked me to come sell her pills” something he found strange because he said she didn’t even know him. Rake said her profile picture suggested she was into drugs. He described her profile to the Free Thought Project as having “posted wanting and asking for pills” and said she “made assumptions to me that we would be able to hook up”.

“I asked her multiple times if she was a cop or associated with any law enforcement agency and she kept saying ‘no,’” he said, regretting the day he ever connected with her online. “My dumb ass believed her,” Rake said, lamenting the whole ordeal which eventually led to his arrest.

“She even said she’d pay me for whatever I found and I kept telling her I didn’t know where anything was but that I would look around,” he said indicating he wasn’t a drug dealer at all, just a guy looking to hook up with a girl he met online.

Rake then described what happened next. “I found some morphine pills and took them to her and she met up with me and came up to my car window and asked for the pills I showed her then she tossed the money in my lap and started to walk off,” he said, not knowing the woman was an undercover police officer.

“I asked, ‘I thought we were going to hang out?’. And she said, ‘Oh, I’m busy. I gotta go!’” Rake then said she got into her truck and drove off. He stated he only brought her three pills. He described what happened next. “About a mile-and-a-half later, I got pulled over,” he said adding the cops, “got me out of my car put me in handcuffs.”

Rake explained that he asked for a lawyer before and after being read his Miranda rights. “I asked multiple times for my lawyer and wasn’t given one.” He also said the cops were selectively recording his statements with their body cameras. “They had a body cam and turned it on and off at crucial moments when I said important things and made it look like they had done nothing wrong!”

It takes a truly callous and depraved person to prey upon the loneliness of an individual in order to dupe them into finding them drugs just to bust them. Shameful.

Rake feels entrapped by the police actions of that fateful night. He said he was only looking for a date. He doesn’t think it is right for the police to pretend to be a pretty girl in order to tempt teenagers into committing illegal activities. Making matters worse for Rake, he had a long gun in his trunk.

“They searched my car and found my shotgun in the trunk under about 10 pounds of dirty laundry,” he said, admitting he did have a concealed firearm in his possession. He admits his current lawyer isn’t much help. “My lawyer is really shitty and doesn’t know what the hell he is doing,” admitting that the best his lawyer has been able to do for him is arrange a plea deal for 10 years in prison for “possession, sale and delivery of a schedule 2 narcotic” and “possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony”.

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The now 21-year-old, who was 19 at the time of his arrest, is fearing the worst. “So I’m going [to go to prison] for about 20 years on January 20th,” Rake told The Free Thought Project.

Rake was indicted on charges of possession of Morphine and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He’s currently looking for a capable attorney, “I need someone who will be able to reduce the charges and fight this for me. This was ridiculous. I feel like I was basically raped by the police department and set up for failure from the beginning since this occurred.” He says he wants to go to trial before a jury and fight the entrapment of which he feels to be the victim.

As The Free Thought Project has faithfully reported, the War on Drugs catches all types in its dragnet. Often times, young men like Rake get caught up in the dragnet with bigger fish. But Rake, a young man now facing the loss of decades of his life, isn’t blind. He sees that the police were not working for his good when they pretended to be a hot looking female teenager looking to hook up online.

Rake is not alone either. Dozens of other men, just like him, were taken advantage of by police pretending to be attractive females looking for dates. Many of these folks had nothing to do with drugs and ONLY sought them out to be less lonely.

Rake explains that he wants justice but doesn’t believe the three pills he took the young girl that night equates to 20 years of his life. He says he got the pills from an aunt of a friend of his. He says he was 15 when he started going to the dating site to “meet friends.” He says he’s met “more than 100 people” in and around Knoxville using the MeetMe app on his phone.

“I’m not even remotely a drug dealer. I haven’t had anything to do with drugs in my life. I’ve never touched drugs in my life. I’ve seen the devastating effect drugs have had on my life and my friends’ lives…This was the first time I’ve ever messed with it and it was basically to get a girls attention.” Rake says he doesn’t even smoke marijuana but admits to smoking cigarettes.

The young man says the 12-gauge shotgun found in his trunk was there because he and his best friend go hunting on his friend’s 500 acres. “He lives on the land and we just hunt for coyotes that go after his chickens. We also hunt for deer and squirrel,” he said.

Rake attended and graduated William Blount High School in Maryville, TN, and is now attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, but hasn’t started back this semester because he’s unsure if he’s going to go back to college or off to prison.

Rake says he has never been arrested prior to crossing paths with the Vonore Police Department. He admits that he’d had some trouble with the law in the past, but they were just minor traffic violations, nothing criminal. He was never charged with any other crime and says he doesn’t know why he cannot get any leniency from the courts. Rake grew up in a church. His father was a pastor of a Lutheran Church for many years in Maryville. He says his dad was very upset with the fact that the police department lured him into providing pills to a stranger he met online.

“Being lonely kinda screws with your head sometimes,” Rake said regretting the whole ordeal.

Rake worries whether speaking out will help or hurt his chances at a reduced sentence. But he takes comfort in telling his story in the hopes that some other hapless teenager out there doesn’t get suckered into a sting operation like he did.

As The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, police officers have the discretion on whether or not to file charges against someone. But in a major sting operation wherein multiple police departments are involved, the lone police officer who would be willing to go out on a limb for a guy like Rake simply won’t step forward. The end result is the feeding of the Prison Industrial Complex machine with fresh meat to sustain its inmate population and further the highly lucrative prison industry.

Cameron has since set up a fund to help with his legal fees. Please help if you can.

Clinton Foundation Issuing ‘Mass Layoff’ As Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down

Clinton Foundation Issuing ‘Mass Layoff’ As Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down


Article via ZeroHedge

In a “mass layoff” event reported late last week by the Department of Labor, the Clinton Foundation announced it would lay off some 22 employees at the Clinton Global Initiative, which attained notoriety during the John Podesta leaks, when the various details of the fallout between between CGI head Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton were revealed; it also emerged that long-time Bill Clinton friend Band was soliciting donations for Clinton through his PR firm, Teneo in an sordid example of “pay for play” which most of the mainstream media refused to cover, especially after Band emailed Podesta “If this story gets out, we are screwed.”

Filed as mandated by the Department of Labor’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN notice, on January 12, the Clinton Foundation’s Veronika Shiroka advised the DOL that as part of a “Plant Layoff” it would layoff 22 workers on April 15, with reason for the dislocation stated as “Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative.” The layoffs are part of the Clinton plan put in motion ahead of the presidential election, to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

As the Daily Caller notes, the layoffs were reportedly announced internally in September, ahead of Clinton’s stunning loss to President-elect Donald Trump. Many other employees had already begun looking for or accepting other jobs at that time, as it had become clear the future of the initiative was in doubt. It’s unclear how many of the once 200 strong staff might remain at the Clinton Foundation in some other capacity.

As a reminder, while the FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing regarding her use of a private email server, a parallel probe into the Clinton Foundation regarding allegations of corruption is still ongoing.

The decision to sunset the Clinton Global Initiative reportedly set off a dispute within Clinton Foundation circles regarding the best way to handle the fallout from the allegations. Some complained the layoff process was “insensitively” handled, Politico reported, while others took issue with the optics of allowing anyone with the Clinton Global Initiative to stay on.

And while CGI is now officially being “discontinued”, the same fate likely awaits the Clinton Foundation itself following news in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump that Australia has cut its donations to the foundation to $0, while the far more generous Norway likewise slashed its donations by 87% as the political cout of the “charitable” organization dried up and as the opportunity for any future “quid pro quo” is now effectively gone.

This article originally appeared on ZeroHedge.com and was authored by Tyler Durden.

Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

Why The ‘War On Drugs’ Will Flourish Under President Trump

Why The ‘War On Drugs’ Will Flourish Under President Trump


The “War on Drugs” has been an ongoing phenomenon since the 1970s, and yet every time a new president takes office, the question is raised: Will he be the president who ends this idealistic, failed war?

Donald Trump is next on the list, and his rhetoric during his campaign initially gave some hope to those in favor of marijuana legalization and states’ rights:

In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state,” Trump said in October 2015. “Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.”

While Trump has said that he thinks marijuana legalization should be left up to the states, and he has said that he supports researching the benefits of marijuana for medicinal purposes, there is one important piece to the puzzle that he is overlooking: federal classification.

Trump has taken the easy way out by saying that the states should decide, while leaving out the fact that under federal law, cannabis is classified on the highest level of dangerous drugs that have no medicinal value. Until it is reclassified, the FDA is limited in its ability to legally test cannabis for medical purposes.

While Trump has yet to call out the “War On Drugs” for the failure that it is, it’s important to remember that he isn’t running a monarchy, and to truly be able to see how his administration will operate, we have to look at the members of his cabinet.

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general, is a staunch opponent of marijuana legalization. The Alabama senator has said he wishes the federal government would do more to fight back against the states that are legalizing it.

“We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say ‘marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, it ought not be minimized, that it is in fact a very real danger,” Sessions said in April 2016.

Tom Price, Trump’s pick for secretary of Health and Human Services, has a reputation for being one of the most anti-marijuana members of Congress. His voting record includes evidence that he is a vocal advocate for the federal government interfering with state laws on marijuana legalization, AND that he is against Veterans Affairs doctors having the right to recommend medical marijuana to veterans who might benefit from it.

One of the biggest problems with Trump’s cabinet is that that he has taken the positions that could actually have a hand in ending the “War on Drugs,” and he has filled those positions with the same people that remind us of why this effort has been such a failure in the first place.

Now, a lot of people might blame it on the fact that Trump’s cabinet is filled with Republicans, and it’s no secret that every Republican president since Richard Nixon has done his part to make drugs synonymous with fear:

“America’s public enemy #1 in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new all-out offensive,” Richard Nixon said in June 1971.

“We’re taking down the surrender flag that has flown over so many drug efforts; we’re running up a battle flag. We can fight the drug problem, and we can win,” Ronald Reagan said in June 1982.

“All of us agree that the gravest domestic threat facing our nation today is drugs. Drugs have strained our faith in our system of justice,” George H. W. Bush said in September 1989.

“Another big challenge is to battle drug use. Drugs undermine the health of our citizens; they destroy the souls of our children.  And the drug trade supports terrorist networks,” George W. Bush said in February 2002.

Clearly, Republicans have fueled the failed “War on Drugs,” but what about Democrats?

While President Obama has made progress by granting clemency to a total of 1,324 people serving time for nonviolent offenses, there are still leaps and bounds of progress that could have been made in the last eight years.

As Obama leaves office, cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug, and to add insult to injury, CBD Oil was recently also classified as a schedule 1 drug. However, when asked about it during an interview in December 2016, Obama shared a newfound support for marijuana being treated like alcohol and tobacco.

“Look, I’ve been very clear about my belief that we should try to discourage substance abuse. And I am not somebody who believes that legalization is a panacea,” Obama said. “But I do believe that treating this as a public-health issue, the same way we do with cigarettes or alcohol, is the much smarter way to deal with it.”

One of the biggest clues that points towards the continuation of the “War on Drugs” during Trump’s time in office comes from one of the policies he has pushed since day one: a border wall.

Trump has said he wants to build a wall on the border between the U.S. in Mexico to stop illegal immigration and the illegal drug trade. Yet, he seems to be missing the point about what cause the illegal drug trade in the first place. That, paired with his cabinet picks, paints a grim picture for those hoping to obtain freedom from the failure that is referred to as the “War on Drugs.”

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Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

HE’S BACK: Infamous Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Hints Of Future Leaks?

HE’S BACK: Infamous Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Hints Of Future Leaks?


Guccifer 2.0 is back, and he has a message for the U.S. government.The infamous hacker reappeared on Thursday with a post on his WordPress blog.

Last summer, Guccifer 2.0 first made headlines when he started posting hacked data from the DNC, DCCC on June 15, 2016. He exposed financial DNC documents that showed that the Obama administration was up for sale.

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Guccifer 2.0 has previously aggressively denied that he has any ties to Russia and has claimed to be a lone-wolf hacker.

“I really hope you’ve missed me a lot.” Guccifer said in the blog post. “Though I see they didn’t let you forget my name. The U.S. intelligence agencies have published several reports of late claiming I have ties with Russia.”

Guccifer said he wanted to “make it clear” that these accusations are unfounded.

“I have totally no relation to the Russian government,” Guccifer wrote. “I’d like to tell you once again I was acting in accordance with my personal political views and beliefs.”

He bashed the U.S. intelligence agencies evidence calling it a “crude fake.”

“The technical evidence contained in the reports doesn’t stand up to scrutiny,” Guccifer wrote.

He then added that, “any IT professional can see that a malware sample mentioned in the Joint Analysis Report was taken from the web and was commonly available. A lot of hackers use it. I think it was inserted in the report to make it look a bit more plausible.”

Guccifer then re-explained that he did not use malware to gain access to the server, but instead used a vulnerability in the DNC’s server of the NGP VAN software—otherwise known as a program used for organizing fundraising and digital campaigns, according to NGP VAN’s website.

Guccifer’s story indeed does check out, and it is plausible that he gained access to the DNC’s NGP VAN software as he claims.

“I already explained at The Future of Cyber Security Europe conference that took place in London in last September, I had used a different way to breach into the DNC network,” Guccifer wrote. “I found a vulnerability in the NGP VAN software installed in the DNC system.”

Guccifer then claimed that it was obvious that various intelligence agencies were “deliberately falsifying evidence.”

“They’re playing into the hands of the Democrats who are trying to blame foreign actors for their failure,” He wrote.

Guccifer then noted that there is only one week left for Obama in office, and that he said he believed that there would be more “fakes” during this short time frame.

“The Obama administration has a week left in office and I believe we’ll see some more fakes during this period,” Guccifer wrote.

Is Guccifer 2.0 planning for further hacks or releases?

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Report: Former MI6 Spy Paid By Jeb Bush Super PAC To Create Fake Trump Report

Report: Former MI6 Spy Paid By Jeb Bush Super PAC To Create Fake Trump Report


The fake Donald Trump “golden shower” dossier, which was believed to have been created by 4chan, has taken another turn, and reports now indicate that its author received funding for the report from failed Republican candidate Jeb Bush.

Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele was first reported to have been working for Bush, and later reported to have been working for the Democrats, according to SkyTVNews.

An insider at BBC said that Steele was paid for by Bush to get more money out of Donald Trump. Additionally, the BBC reported that a super PAC supporting Bush’s campaign commissioned the report from the D.C. firm FusionGPS.

However, Mike Murphy and Charles Spies of the Right to Rise super PAC, which sponsored Bush’s campaign, told the Daily Caller that their “organization had nothing to do with the dossier.” They also insisted that the report was not financed by Bush or any of his donors.

According to The Telegraph, Christopher Steele spoke to officials in London before handing the document to the FBI and met one of its agents, but they did not follow up on the report.

Steel then later met with Sen. John McCain after a former diplomat who had seen the documents told Mccain about them, according to The Guardian.

Steele, 52, was a former MI6 agent and FBI asset. He now currently runs a London-based intelligence firm called Orbis.

It is not known if Orbis helped in the creating of the fake report or if Steele acted on his own accord but the businesses website says that they “provide strategic advice, mount intelligence-gathering operations and conduct complex, often cross-border investigations.”

The firm, started in 2009, says it “draws on extensive experience at boardroom level in government, multilateral diplomacy and international business to develop bespoke solutions for clients.”

“Our tailored approach means the directors are closely involved in the execution and detail of every project, supported by an in-house team of experienced investigators and professional intelligence analysts,” the firm stated.

Like the CIA, MI6’s counterpart, both agencies have had known operations to manipulate the media by placing false reports in the press.

In the U.S., it was codenamed Operation Mockingbird and in the UK it was called Operation Mass Appeal. One happened in the 1950s – 70s. The latter happened in the early 2000s to manipulate the public’s perception into the Iraq war.

President-elect Donald Trump responded by calling Steele a “failed spy.” Britain is now weaved into the anti-Russian spider web.

The Russian embassy in London, which has now become famous for trolling, used its official Twitter account to say that the briefing was both ways against the future U.S. president Trump and Russia.

A former British ambassador to Russia, Sir Tony Brenton described the dossier as “pretty shaky.”

“For example, it claims that the Russians began to cultivate Donald Trump five years ago,” Brenton said. “If they did that they showed remarkable prescience because at the time he had nothing to do with American politics.”

Russian President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the reports were “complete fabrication and utter nonsense” and the Russian government “does not engage in collecting compromising material.”

Steele is now currently in hiding and fears for his life, according to his neighbors.

An unknown source told the mirror that Steele is under protection:

“Once his name came out the view was that he could be under threat so steps are being taken to protect him and put him in a more secure environment. The safest place for him is in Britain but it’s highly probable that MI6 will want to distance themselves from this as it was done commercially. He will likely plug into a well-established network of contacts and disappear for a while to a safe place or safe house with friends or contacts. Any protection will almost certainly be a police matter in terms of security but it is possible MI5 may be consulted about whether there is a threat to him here from Russia. Russia does have a history of exporting violence against people who act against its interests as we saw with former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.”

After Christopher Steele’s name was published by the Wall Street Journal, the British media received a “D-Notice,” or gag order from Andrew Vallance, the Air Vice-Marshal of the Defence and Security Media Secretariat, according to The Register.

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray stated six key points of the fake report and what should be noted is that the this failed spy was trying to sell the U.S. and the world on the fact that Russia hacked the U.S. elections an accusation that still has not turned up any evidence and it seems like this obvious forged report was going to be the evidence if it wasn’t exposed:

“1) Vladimir Putin had a five year (later stated as eight year) plan to run Donald Trump as a “Manchurian candidate” for President and Trump was an active and knowing partner in Putin’s scheme.
2) Hillary Clinton is so stupid and unaware that she held compromising conversations over telephone lines whilst in Russia itself.
3) Trump’s lawyer/adviser Mr Cohen was so stupid he held meetings in Prague with the hacker/groups themselves in person to arrange payment, along with senior officials of the Russian security services. The NSA, CIA and FBI are so incompetent they did not monitor this meeting, and somehow the NSA failed to pick up on the electronic and telephone communications involved in organising it. Therefore Mr Cohen was never questioned over this alleged and improbable serious criminal activity.
4) A private company had minute by minute intelligence on the Manchurian Candidate scheme and all the indictable illegal activity that was going on, which the CIA/NSA/GCHQ/MI6 did not have, despite their specific tasking and enormous technical, staff and financial resources amounting between them to over 150,000 staff and the availability of hundreds of billons of dollars to do nothing but this.
5) A private western company is able to run a state level intelligence operation in Russia for years, continually interviewing senior security sources and people personally close to Putin, without being caught by the Russian security services – despite the fact the latter are brilliant enough to install a Manchurian candidate as President of the USA. This private western company can for example secretly interview staff in top Moscow hotels – which they themselves say are Russian security service controlled – without the staff being too scared to speak to them or ending up dead. They can continually pump Putin’s friends for information and get it.
6) Donald Trump’s real interest is his vast financial commitment in China, and he has little investment in Russia, according to the reports. Yet he spent the entire election campaign advocating closer ties with Russia and demonising and antagonising China.”


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Mysterious WikiLeaks Warning Sparks Rumors Of Upcoming Release

Mysterious WikiLeaks Warning Sparks Rumors Of Upcoming Release


WikiLeaks tweeted an anomalous warning Friday afternoon: “NOTE: No present Wikileaks staff, including our editor, have medical, psychological or drug conditions which could lead to sudden death.”

What does it mean, and is Wikileaks preparing the world for a massive release?

Wikileaks kicked off 2017 by campaigning for funding, and stating that if you thought 2016 was big, 2017 was going to blow you away.

Is Wikileaks planning a massive leak? If so, we might have an indication of what that leak could be. Kim Dotcom told WeAreChange’s Suzie Dawson that 2017 was going to be a big year for New Zealand. He asserted that 2 terabytes of data would be made public.

Although this is just speculation, Wikileaks may have something else up their sleeve. One thing is for sure, they wouldn’t just tweet out an obscure warning that claimed none of their staff has “medical, psychological or drug conditions which could lead to sudden death.”

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It is a well known fact that the CIA Director William Colby exposed during the church hearing, that in 1975, the CIA had a heart attack gun. Former agent Mary Embree talked about in further context, explaining how she was tasked to discovering a poison that would be soluble in the bloodstream that was untraceable in toxicology reports.

Some suspect that the infamous Andrew Breitbart was one victim of this weapon. He warned that he had a huge scoop and was set to release what he had, but then suddenly had a heart attack.

If you want to stay up for a night in utter dumbfounded stagnation to truly get your brain thinking, look up a list of people who were killed mysteriously by a heart attack. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone was killed by this weapon, but this weapon does indeed exist.

If in 2017, you don’t think a chemical concoction can be created to induce intense heart palpitation to the point where one’s heart explodes or other biological effects, we now have transhumanism where people can have metallic hearts, I can’t help you. In fact, there is a department where they sell biological weapons that can cause all sorts of health problems in the government. It is called the creative reagents program.

Then there is the fact that, a scientist has created the world’s most deadly virus.

This directly contradicts the CDC’s claim that we can’t create viruses. So there are many ways to covertly kill someone in 2017.

CIA director WIlliam Colby once said, “If they want you dead they can make your death look like a suicide and no one would be the wiser.”

Its also worth noting that Assange faced an unknown intruder who attempted to climb into his embassy window last summer.

Again, why would Wikileaks tweet out something like this unless they were planning a massive release? They have released dozens of U.S. cables, DNC emails, NSA documents, and more and never tweeted that out before, and always tweeted insurance files, why suddenly change protocol?

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China Warns Trump To Prepare For ‘Military Clash’ In Response To Tillerson Comments

China Warns Trump To Prepare For ‘Military Clash’ In Response To Tillerson Comments


In response to Rex Tillerson’s comments about China being a threat to the United States, a state-run Chinese media outlet released a statement Friday warning that the Trump administration should “prepare for a military clash.”

In Tillerson’s confirmation hearing for secretary of state on Wednesday, he criticized Iran, China, and Russia as being “threats” to the U.S. He specifically called out China, saying that the country is “declaring control of territories that are not rightfully China’s.” He compared China’s deployment of military to other islands, to Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

“The island building in the South China Sea itself in many respects in my view building islands then putting military assets on those islands is a kin to Russia’s taking of Crimea,” Tillerson said.

The poorly worded response is one that can be taken as Tillerson’s intention to call for a blockade of the South China Sea manmade islands. However, doing so would almost certainly cause war between the U.S. and China, as it is already very delicate situation.

In an aggressive editorial in the Global Times, the author accused the former ExxonMobil chief executive of “rabble-rousing.”

The US has no absolute power to dominate the South China Sea. Tillerson had better bone up on nuclear power strategies if he wants to force a big nuclear power to withdraw from its own territories,

If Trump’s diplomatic team shapes future Sino-US ties as it is doing now, the two sides had better prepare for a military clash.

China has enough determination and strength to make sure that his rabble rousing will not succeed. Unless Washington plans to wage a large-scale war in the South China Sea, any other approaches to prevent Chinese access to the islands will be foolish.

“It is hoped that Tillerson will desire a productive partnership with China more and his harsh words are just coaxing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

However, China’s foreign ministry has expressed the exact opposite with a spokesman for China saying that geopolitical relations are dependent upon “non-confrontation, non-conflict, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation,” Lu Kang Lu  said.

Analyst Bonnie Glaser told Business Insider that she believed Tillerson misspoke, and his words were taken out of context.

“He was not speaking with notes in front of him, and this is not an issue I think he is very well versed in. He may know oil in the South China Sea, but I’m hearing from some people on the transition team that he misspoke,” Glaser said.

But it’s hard to take the following out of context when Tillerson literally said, “You’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first the island building stops, and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed.”

The Chinese state-owned China Daily followed up with an additional warning that, “It would set a course for devastating confrontation between China and the US.”

A UN tribunal ruled last July that China held no legal claim to the controversial disputed islands ruling in favor of the Philipines. A few later, Russia and China held joint military drills around the islands in a display of force.

Last month, China stole a U.S. submarine drone that was in the south china sea and later returned it a few days later.

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Shocking Admission By Obama As Julian Assange Agrees To Extradition

Shocking Admission By Obama As Julian Assange Agrees To Extradition


We have shocking news today as President Obama opens about the Democrats’ crushing election loss, and Julian Assange offers to be extradited to the United States if Chelsea Manning is given clemency.

During an interview with CBS News that aired Thursday, Obama blamed the biggest losses of his presidency on an inability to sway public opinion in his favor.

“Part of the job description is also shaping public opinion,” Obama said. “And there were times during my presidency where I lost the PR battle.”

This raises the question: Did Obama really lose the “PR battle,” or did he fail because we live in a time where we have this beautiful thing called the Internet that lets people fact check everything?

Thanks to the Internet, we have the opportunity to spread the word about Obama’s accomplishments, which now include dropping an average of three bombs every hour in 2016, bombing twice as many countries as George W. Bush with half of the backlash, and covertly funding the same “moderate” rebel groups that we went on to fight in public.

All the while, Obama made the American people the enemy by expanding NSA surveillance. Even Edward Snowden criticized Obama and pointed out the fact that his latest power grab is only going to give even more power to Donald Trump when he takes office on Jan. 20.

Then there’s the fact that Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all previous presidents combined, and yet WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has still promised that he will consent to being extradited to the U.S., if Obama grants clemency to Chelsea Manning.

Obama also added $7.917 TRILLION to the United States’ National Debt.

THANK YOU, President Obama. It wasn’t the power of PR nearly as much as it was the power of the internet to open Americans’ eyes to what the president does.

What do you think about Obama’s accomplishments? Let us know in the comments.

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Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

Snowden Blasts Obama For Unchaining NSA Surveillance Before Leaving Office

Snowden Blasts Obama For Unchaining NSA Surveillance Before Leaving Office


Thank to a new provision President Obama just approved to an existing executive order, the NSA can now share private data it collects on citizens amongst all 16 agencies within the United States intelligence community. Snowden blasted Obama for creating this unprecedented surveillance power.

“As he hands the White House to Trump, Obama just unchained NSA from basic limits on passing raw intercepts to others,” NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted.

The 23-pages of new guidelines lifts previous limits placed on the way NSA information could be shared amongst the other 15 U.S. intelligence agencies.

The NSA is now unfettered to share any “raw signals or intelligence information” legally with the CIA, FBI, etc.

While the express purpose of Executive Order 12333 is to target foreign and counter-intelligence if any agency discovers information that incriminates any American citizen, that agency is then required to turn the evidence over to the Justice Department. However, the provisions for targeting American citizens have been redacted from the document, so the extent of how this order can be used is unknown.

Current U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s general counsel, Robert S. Litt, speaking on behalf of Clapper has said in a statement that, “This is not expanding the substantive ability of law enforcement to get access to signals intelligence. It is simply widening the aperture for a larger number of analysts, who will be bound by the existing rules.”

Incoming President Donald Trump could expand these powers to affect the FISA Act even further, with Republicans having control of the U.S. House and Senate. Even if expanded powers are challenged, Republicans are expected to dominate the new Supreme Court with President Trump’s soon to be announced pick for the Supreme Court.

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Remember, Donald Trump’s picks for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions, and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, both have advocated for extensive domestic government spying.

And we have to ask – if President Obama is distressed about Donald Trump becoming president, why did Obama just “unhinge the NSA” for him?



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Assange Agrees To Extradition If Obama Grants Chelsea Manning Clemency

Assange Agrees To Extradition If Obama Grants Chelsea Manning Clemency


Article via ZeroHedge

Just hours after NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden urged President Obama to “save [Chelsea Manning’s] life by granting her clemency,” Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange says he will agree to be extradited to the United States if the president grants clemency to the former US soldier Chelsea Manning, who is currently serving a 35-year sentence for leaking documents.

The US Constitution allows a president to pardon “offenses against the United States” and commute — either shorten or end—federal sentences. Obama has so far granted 148 pardons since taking office in 2009 — fewer than his predecessors, who also served two terms, George W. Bush (189) and Bill Clinton (396). But he has surpassed any other president in the number of commutations, 1,176.

We noted previously that there was a number of high profile cases in front of President Obama as he prepares to leave The White House including Edward Snowden who tweeted yesterday…

And now, as AFP reports, Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange has offered himself up if President Obama releases Manning

Assange has been living in the Ecuadoran embassy in London since June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault allegations.

The Australian former computer hacker said he fears Stockholm will in turn extradite him to the US, where he angered Washington over WikiLeaks’ publication of thousands of US military and diplomatic documents leaked by former US soldier Manning.

Manning is currently serving a 35-year sentence in solitary confinement for handing over the 700,000 sensitive documents from the US State Department.

Supporters of the transgender soldier are putting their hopes in a pardon by Obama before he leaves office later this month, although the White House has said the president will not be granting her clemency.

Manning has already made two suicide attempts and currently has an appeal pending before a military court.

Washington has maintained the threat of prosecuting Assange over the 2010 leak, though no charges have been filed.

Interestingly, Assange’s offer comes just days after his uncharacteristically emotional interview with Sean Hannity…

“I have been detained illegally, without charge for six years, without sunlight, lots of spies everywhere. It’s tough… but that’s the mission I set myself on. I understand the kind of game that’s being played – big powerful actors will try and take revenge...it’s a different thing for my family – I have young children, under 10 years old, they didn’t sign up for that… and I think that is fundamentally unjust… my family is innocent, they didn’t sign up for that fight.

Perhaps his hope is that President Trump will pardon him at the end of his term?

This article first appeared on ZeroHedge.com and was authored by Tyler Durden.


Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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