Turkish Pilots Saw UFO with Green Flashing Lights shortly Before Egypt Air MS804 Crashed.”

Turkish Pilots Saw UFO with Green Flashing Lights shortly Before Egypt Air MS804 Crashed.”


“Turkish Pilots Saw UFO with Green Flashing Lights shortly Before Egypt Air MS804 Crashed.”

Move over Roswell,
The Australian News Agency www.news.com.au has reported that
hurriyetdailynews.com has said Two Turkish Pilots told Air traffic control in Istanbul. They had an Unidentified flying object encounter with green lights pass 2-3,000 feet above them. “Then it vanished all of a sudden we are guessing it was a UFO.
The pilots are quoted as saying shortly before flight MS804 Crashed.
However the report doesn’t suggest that a UFO is to blame for Egypt Air’s Crash and says its more then likely due to a fire as smoke was reported shortly before the crash.
Its just highly interesting that Turkish pilots reported seeing an unidentified flying object prior. Are we alone or are we sharing our skies with extraterrestrials?

See Official Source Here: EgyptAir MS804: Pilots ‘saw UFO with green flashing lights’ shortly before tragic plane crash

That answer may have already been given to us,
It’s interesting to note..
Another incident where its said a UFO possibly collided with a Chinese plane in 2013.
When an unknown object caused a severe dent in the planes nose cone.
That aviation experts can’t even explain..
Its the Age old question and one many people are interested in.
Are we Alone or are we being visited by Extraterrestrials and is there a government cover up, since Roswell and the UK equivalent the Rendlesham Forest incident?
The other question is who’s paying the insurance bill that’s a pesky thing to deal with i don’t think ET has Insurance like we do on Earth. Do insurance companies cover Extraterrestrial Incidents? or do they consider those “Acts of God.” One thing is for sure Dorothy I don’t think were in Kansas Anymore..

Was it a bird? A Plane? Or a UFO?? Chinese passenger jet hits mysterious object at 26,000ft and lands with severely dented nose cone:

UFO Hits Air China Passenger Jet? Aviation Experts Baffled By Damage To Boeing 757 [REPORT]:

Overtime Several Pilots Have reported UFO sightings. In my own opinion Aviator pilots and Military personnel are always one of the best sources of information when it comes to UFO sightings. Because they fly they know every aircraft in the sky and when something is out of place they know.
Here is two examples of pilots reporting UFOs.
One week prior to the incident with a UFO colliding into a Chinese jet three Pilots flying passenger planes over Britain’s Scientology base say they saw two UFOs hovering above the Scientology Headquarters.
The next and final case is in Russia where
Flight controllers claim that Extraterrestrials spoke to them in a cat like language purring and meowing at them. Maybe or maybe the Russians just had a bit too much whiskey and brandy rum.. Oh and that insurance claim i checked Geico doesn’t cover Intergalactic crashes bummer ET ask All State..

Close encounters of the purred kind: Aliens spoke to us in a ‘cat-like language’ claim Russian flight controllers:

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Tech Firm Will Transfer People’s Consciousness Into Robots

Tech Firm Will Transfer People’s Consciousness Into Robots


“Will death always be inevitable? We don’t think so. HumaiTech.com


An Australian startup tech company have announced plans to work on a way of transferring a person’s consciousness into a robots body so that people can continue to live after their bodies have died. 

 Tech firm Humai’s CEO Josh Bocanegra says the company wants to “bring you back to life after you die”, claiming that the company are:

using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out.”

“This data will be coded into multiple sensor technologies, which will be built into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased human. Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures“.

Techspot.com reports:

In an interview with Australian Popular Science, Bocanegra said: “We’ll first collect extensive data on our members for years prior to their death via various apps we’re developing.” After death, the company will cryogenically freeze members’ brains until the technology is fully developed, at which point the brains will be implanted into an artificial body.

“The artificial body functions will be controlled with your thoughts by measuring brain waves. As the brain ages we’ll use nanotechnology to repair and improve cells. Cloning technology is going to help with this too.”

Bocanegra believes, somewhat optimistically, that his company will be able to resurrect the first human within the next 30 years. At the moment, Humai only has four staff but it is looking to recruit more members over the coming months.

A lot of what Humai says is pretty vague when it comes to precise details, and the company seems to be relying on a lot of scientific breakthroughs being made in the near future.

Bocanegra, meanwhile, doesn’t come from a scientific background. He describes himself as “a serial entrepreneur, technology visionary and internet marketer” on his website. Before he started Humai, Bocanegra set up an Airbnb-Meets-OKCupid dating app called LoveRoom that lets two people live together for a week to see if they would be romantically compatible.

READ MORE: http://yournewswire.com/new-tech-firm-will-transfer-peoples-consciousness-into-robots/


Personal Story: Ayahuasca, Addiction and Awakening

Personal Story: Ayahuasca, Addiction and Awakening


Ayahuasca may not be for everyone, but it was for me. As an addict I had no fear of death, I subconsciously committed suicide daily with every shot of whiskey. Not having a fear of leaving this world behind is what brought me to the Amazon Jungle. “You’ll get kidnapped, raped or murdered!” they all said. Lions, tigers and bears, Oh My! I told them that if I died some tragic death, at least I tried… at least I lived.

You see, addicts don’t fear death; we live it everyday. What we’re afraid of is actually living, facing our fears, not feeling good enough, rejection, abandonment, reliving past traumas and abuse. But death, there is peace in that.

Up until a year ago I had been an alcoholic for almost a decade. I grew up in a very physically and verbally abusive household with both parental figures being severe alcoholics. It didn’t help that my mother and stepfather both worked in law enforcement. This made it difficult for anyone from the outside to step in.

At the age of sixteen I was kicked out of my home and left to live on the streets. To cope with the fear of survival and my hunger pains I would turn to alcohol, heroin or cocaine. Whatever I could get my hands on. By the age of seventeen I was pregnant and in yet another abusive relationship.

Thankfully, this beautiful child of mine grounded me. He brought me peace and stability. More importantly he brought me purpose. At nineteen I was a young single mother. I began dancing at a strip club, as it was the most convenient way to make a living. I could stay at home during the day, raise my child and have an alter-ego party girl lifestyle by night. It was a buffet of cash, booze and attention that temporarily filled my feelings of emptiness. This continued for the next twelve years.

Sometimes it was easy, living on autopilot, but most of the time it wasn’t. As most of us know, addiction is a progressive disease that will eventually kill you. At my worst I could easily down a bottle of 101 proof whiskey and chase it with a handful of Xanax. I was at the point where I knew I didn’t have much time left on this earth.

We’ve all see that show Intervention, yeah… it was like that. What these shows, the media and doctors don’t tell you is that there are cures out there that are in the form of plant medicines. One is Ayahuasca, a South American tea made from the vine of the banisteriopsis caapi (which naturally contains an MAOI) and the chacruna leaf (which naturally contains DMT). Another form is iboga, the root of an African jungle shrub so powerful that is said to cure heroine addiction in one dose.

(In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Dennis McKenna psychedelics drugs, their role in society, the recent upsurge in knowledge of them and how use of them can transform society. Dennis is an American ethnopharmacologist, research pharmacognosist, lecturer and author. He is the brother of well-known psychedelics proponent Terence McKenna and is a founding board member and the director of ethnopharmacology at the Heffter Research Institute, a non-profit organization concerned with the investigation of the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines.)

At the time I was looking into iboga treatments in Costa Rica. The average cost at the centers I was looking at was over ten grand and I didn’t have that type of money. Therefore I decided that my focus would stay on Ayahuasca. Also known as the vine of death, the vine of souls and yage.

Through my investigations it became evident that these medicines provided more hope for addicts than that of western methods. It was curious to me why these plant medicines weren’t legal in the U.S. My research continued over the next few years, meanwhile my addiction spiraled out of control. I was a bartender with full access to my fix and the cash to enable my self-destructive lifestyle. When I wasn’t working in a bar I was drinking in one. Always on one side of the bar or the other.

In May of 2013 I finally got the job I always wanted working for a big name in the industry. I thought that this was finally going to make me happy but it didn’t. My drinking and depression worsened to the point where I only left my bed to go to the bar to numb myself enough to go to work. Then do it all over again. I was at my bottom and found myself looking into every western recovery program I could find. Some I had already tried and the thought of a Twelve Step meeting, sitting in a circle talking about my problems, didn’t resonate with me.

Don’t get me wrong, it may work for some but I didn’t feel it was for me. I knew many people who had tried this method and failed. The success rate of “rehab” is shockingly low and I wanted a cure. I didn’t want to struggle with addiction every day for the rest of my life. In my mind I would have rather of kept drinking. Same struggle, same thought pattern. Like an addictive obsession my mind kept bringing me back to Ayahuasca. I now know this wasn’t my mind but the sacred vine calling out to me. I made up my decision, I was either going to go down to South America and explore this option or I was ultimately going to die. This was it, no looking back.

After carefully researching and making connections I got in touch with a family in Ecuador. I booked a flight for November 11th, scrambled to get my passport, quit my job and learned a few phrases in Spanish. A month later I found myself in the Amazon Jungle about to drink one of the most powerful hallucinogens known to man. I was terrified, my life as I knew it was about to change.

Before my first ceremony I sat in the darkness of the jungle amongst seven strangers who all looked just as terrified as I felt. I thought about my journey to this place, to this very moment. How I had traveled for the first time internationally as a woman who didn’t speak the native tongue. That was enough to show me that there was a whole life to be lived and all I had to do was go for it.

I drank my cup of Ayahuasca and gave it thanks. Those first two ceremonies I didn’t feel much. They say that the medicine is gentle with you and likes you to get to know her first. I could feel her moving through my body like an anaconda “diagnosing me.” I didn’t have many visions but there were a few letting me know that I was safe and had nothing to fear.

On the third day we hiked further into the jungle and prepared to go deeper into our consciousness. We didn’t drink Ayahuasca that night; instead we had a tobacco ceremony. We drank a whole bowl full of tea made of mapacho or sacred tobacco. It was to further purify and cleanse our bodies to prepare us to accept the medicine of Ayahuasca.

We had to drink this as fast as possible and wait 45 minutes and then we would purge. After this ceremony the Shaman, more commonly referred to in the Amazon as Maestro or Curandero, turned to me and said, “You have not bled for a long time.” This was true but how did he know this? I didn’t tell anyone. I had a thirteen year old son but had been trying for years to get pregnant and couldn’t. I felt as if another child would heal my sorrow.

I had been to different doctors and referred to specialists but couldn’t get any answers. He said he wanted to give me a healing. He cleansed negative energy from what I now know was my sacral chakra (below the belly button, just above the pubic bone). I went to bed that night confused. What was this? What was going on? What am I doing here? I didn’t feel any different. Maybe this isn’t working.

The following night we all gathered in the Maloka, or ceremony house. I will start by saying that what happened in that ceremony was the most incredible experience of my life. As the medicine started to take effect I began to notice a veil was lifting. I was entering another place or dimension. I was being raised out of my body by beings made of colorful light. These beings did not look like hallucinations. It felt as if my physical eyes were closed but my third eye was completely opened. This made me nervous but also felt assuring and safe, like a child protected by an unseen force. These entities or beings, later known to me as my “healing team” surrounded me and opened up my chest filling it with a bright white light.

About fifteen of them took turns blowing and sending more light into my heart. I was filled with the most tremendous feeling of love words cannot even begin to describe. It was a warm, infinite unconditional love. Tears were streaming out of my eyes and for the first time. I felt pure joy. It was beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

When they were finished with my heart they started at my feet and went through every cell in my body cleansing out toxins. They got to my stomach showing me that the processed food I had been eating was poisoning me. They came to my lungs and showed me all the damage that years of smoking had caused. My stomach started bubbling with all of this sickness they had cleansed from my organs. They brought me back into my body so I could purge but I struggled to make it to the bathroom.

It violently came out from both ends for what seemed like hours. Vomiting and defecating simultaneously while having visions that I was releasing pain, fear, years of alcohol and drugs, toxins from food, childhood trauma, rape, abandonment, rejection, self doubt and self hate. All of which were venomously pouring out of my body at the same time. I was shown that in order to make room for love I would have to purge all of the negativity in my life. I wanted it all out. I was done with all of it and ready to let it go.

After the visions stopped and the purging subsided I started to clean my self up. I noticed blood. I had started my period. I hadn’t bled in over five years. This was a miracle. This was real. Everything that I had just experienced was real. The last thing these spirits said to me before they left that night was the only thing that mattered was love. That we were all connected. We were one and in that moment I felt a part of it all, every tree in the jungle, every animal and bug, the water, the wind and the ground I walked on. We were all made up of the same thing, energy and love.

I spent the next six months traveling Peru and Ecuador learning the secrets of different plant medicines. Ayahuasca cured me of infertility, hypothyroidism, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and most importantly it freed me from addiction. It cleansed my body of toxins, reset my brain to a pre-addictive state and expelled my negative thought patterns. I was able to step outside my world –– as an ego, as a victim, and as an addict –– to see who I truly was, what I truly was, a being created of love. I understood that this body was a gift for me to use to explore this beautiful garden of a planet. Liberated from fear, limits and restrictions, if I choose to walk the path of love, I would remain free, but it was a choice.

Over the next few months my weight stabilized and I felt more alive than ever. I started eating only raw natural living foods. I made sure to drink clean water free of fluoride and other chemicals. I had been initiated by the plants, spirits and Mother Earth herself. The secrets of these plant medicines have been kept hidden in the Amazon jungle for thousands of years, and have seemingly been waiting for the moment that we needed them most. That time is now.

Our beautiful home and planet is dying and we are being called to save her. The only way to do this is to wake up and start loving ourselves and every living thing on the earth.

We must start with the food we eat. This is most important. After this everything else will start to fall into place. Ask yourself: “Am I loving myself by putting this in my body? Does it nourish and heal?” Like the cells in our body, we make up this earth, just like the planets make up our solar system and the universe. If we are not feeding and hydrating our cells properly they cannot do their job and this will cause DIS-EASE. “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The reality of our outer worlds is simply a reflection of our inner worlds. We need our Mother to live, so do your part and start loving yourself. It’s not easy, I know. I’ve spent the last year cleansing my body and mind, dealing with my past and fear of the future. As I write this today I can say that I have no desire to harm my body with any substance or toxic chemical from food or otherwise. If it didn’t grow from the Earth with love I don’t want to put it in my body. I am now a messenger of the Mother with only this heart full of love and a story to tell. I love you all.


Self Help Article by Melissa MacGregor http://reset.me/personal-story/personal-story-ayahuasca-addiction-awakening/

Natural seed proponents are now Potential Terrorists

Natural seed proponents are now Potential Terrorists


Natural seed proponents are now Potential Terrorists according to the US Government 


grow food not lawns

(NaturalNews) Increasingly, when Americans “dare” to color outside the lines of government food regulation, those who seek to rule us label them extremists and, now, even “agri-terrorists.”

As noted by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper, officials in more than one state have turned into food Nazis:

It looks like Michigan is not the only state with a Department of Agriculture that is adamant about the best interests of their citizens. Residents in Pennsylvania can now breathe a little bit easier since an illegal enterprise has been shut down.

The Joseph T. Simpson Public Library in Mechanicsburg was participating in an activity that put the entire ecosystem of the state at risk.

In an astonishing act of hubris, they were running a seed library, right there amongst the books, in the very facility where small children go to have stories read to them.

Yes, that’s right: a seed library.

‘We’re from the government and we know what is best’

For those who are not familiar with seed libraries, they permit consumers to walk in and take home Heirloom seeds — for free. The “borrower” plants the seeds and then, when harvest time comes around, he/she saves seeds and then returns them to the library, where they can then be loaned out to others.

But apparently, Luther writes, that practice is in violation of the “Seed Act of 2004.” Yes, America, there is actually a law that makes seed lending and replacement illegal.

In commenting on the ludicrous nature of the law, Luther wrote that, “luckily for the Cumberland County Library System, the state D of A [Department of Agriculture] decided that SWAT was not necessary and instead sent a high-ranking official and a team of lawyers to shut down the seed library.”

Alas, another national emergency averted.

Luther noted that Jonelle Darr, the executive director of the library, said that 60 local residents had signed up to participate in the seed library. She added, however, that continuing the project is not possible now, due to the overly restrictive requirements from the state department of agriculture.

According to The Sentinel newspaper, prior to having its seed library shuttered, the library system had spent a great deal of time working in partnership with the Cumberland County Commission for Women and obtaining information from the local Penn State Ag Extension office in order to create the pilot seed library project.

“The effort was a new seed-gardening initiative that would allow for residents to ‘borrow’ seeds and replace them with new ones harvested at the end of the season,” the paper said in its online version.

Mechanicsburg’s effort was launched April 26 in conjunction with an Earth Day festival, however, a number of similar efforts had already begun across the state before that local initiative was launched.


In researching the project, Darr said that no one had come across any information indicating that there were problems with the idea, the paper reported:

That was, until, the library system received a letter from the state Department of Agriculture telling them they were in violation of the Seed Act of 2004.

“We did talk to the county extension office before establishing the seed library,” Darr told Cumberland County commissioners at a recent meeting. “We were never apprised of the Seed Act.”

Commissioners were equally stunned about learning of the law and the change of events, as well as the manner in which the state agriculture department handled its investigation — sending high-ranking officials and lawyers to the library.

But one of them commissioners, Barbara Cross, excused the heavy-handedness by labeling folks interested in this program as extremists.

“Agri-terrorism is a very, very real scenario,” she said. “Protecting and maintaining the food sources of America is an overwhelming challenge … so you’ve got agri-tourism on one side and agri-terrorism on the other.”

The agriculture department told the library that it could not set up a seed program until its staff tested each seed packet for germination and other data. Darr said that was not obviously not something the library staff was capable of handling.

“This is not our core mission,” she said. “We thought we were doing a good thing in helping the Cumberland County Commission for Women (who requested the idea and the library’s participation).”






Poland & Romania May face Russian Aggression

Poland & Romania May face Russian Aggression


 Poland & Romania May face Russian Aggression Over US Missile Shields 

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the Russia-ASEAN summit in Sochi, Russia, May 19, 2016. REUTERS/Alexander Zemlianichenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the Russia-ASEAN summit in Sochi, Russia, May 19, 2016. REUTERS/ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO

(Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned Romania and Poland they could find themselves in the sights of Russian rockets because they are hosting elements of a U.S. missile shield that Moscow considers a threat to its security.

Putin issued his starkest warning yet over the missile shield, saying that Moscow had stated repeatedly that it would have to take retaliatory steps but that Washington and its allies had ignored the warnings.

Earlier this month the U.S. military — which says the shield is needed to protect from Iran, not threaten Russia — switched on the Romanian part of the shield. Work is going ahead on another part of the shield, in Poland.

“If yesterday in those areas of Romania people simply did not know what it means to be in the cross-hairs, then today we will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security,” Putin told a joint news conference in Athens with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“It will be the same case with Poland,” he said.

Putin did not specify what actions Russia would take, but he insisted that it was not making the first step, only responding to moves by Washington. “We won’t take any action until we see rockets in areas that neighbor us.”

He said the argument that the project was needed to defend against Iran made no sense because an international deal had been reached to curb Tehran’s nuclear program. The missiles that will form the shield can easily reach Russian cities, he said.

“How can that not create a threat for us?” Putin asked.

He voiced frustration that Russia’s complaints about the missile shield had not been heeded.

“We’ve been repeating like a mantra that we will be forced to respond… Nobody wants to hear us. Nobody wants to conduct negotiations with us.”


Putin sounded a defiant note over Crimea, the Ukrainian region which Russia annexed in 2014. Moscow said it was acting on the will of the Crimean people, who voted to join Russia, but Western governments say it was an illegal land grab.

“As far as Crimea is concerned, we consider this question is closed forever,” Putin said. “Russia will not conduct any discussions with anyone on this subject.”

The Russian leader also touched on relations with Turkey, which have been toxic since the Turkish military shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian-Turkish border last November. Ankara said the plane strayed into Turkish airspace, an allegation Moscow denies.

Putin said he was ready to consider restoring relations with Ankara, but that would require a first step from Turkey, and so far there was no sign of that.


Instagram: http://instagram.com/lukewearechange

Putin was asked about the South Stream project, a planned gas pipeline from Russia that would have gone under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and onwards to southern Europe. Russia shelved the project after Bulgaria backed out.

He blamed the U.S. government and the European Commission, saying they had pressured Sofia to withdraw. But he said Russia was going ahead with an extension of its Nordstream pipeline in the Baltic, and he hoped no one would try to hinder that project.

READ MORE: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN0YI2ER

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Trump Would Approve Keystone XL Pipeline

Trump Would Approve Keystone XL Pipeline



(Newsmax) – Republican presidential contender Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would approve TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline proposal if elected, reversing a decision by the administration of President Barack Obama to block it over environmental concerns.

“I would absolutely approve it, 100 percent, but I would want a better deal,” Trump told reporters at a press conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, where he was scheduled to give a speech to an oil conference on the energy policies he would pursue if elected to the White House.

“I want it built, but I want a piece of the profits,” Trump said. “That’s how we’re going to make our country rich again.”

The Obama administration’s decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline last year was a huge symbolic victory for America’s environmental movement, which had campaigned for years against the project on the grounds that it would accelerate global warming.

The pipeline created tension in the relationship between the United States and Canada, which had hoped the project would increase the capacity for Canadian oil sands exports to the U.S. market.

Trump said at the press conference that if elected he would also seek to reduce regulation on the energy industry to make drillers and coal companies more competitive.

“I think the federal government should get out of the way. We have so much potential energy that people wouldn’t even believe it,” he said.

The comments deepen the contrast between Trump and his Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both of whom advocate a sharp turn toward renewable energy technology as a way to combat climate change.

“I want to be energy independent. I would say energy independence is what we all want, and we also want to sell our energy to other places that don’t have the great natural resources that we have,” Trump said.

Source: http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/trump-would-approved-keystone/2016/05/26/id/730953/



The real Reasons why Gaddafi Was Killed

The real Reasons why Gaddafi Was Killed

Libya Muammar Gaddafi

Featured Image: Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, pictured in Rome in 2009. Photo: Max Rossi/Reuters

The recent Hillary Clinton email leaks have opened a can of worms everywhere including in Africa. Wikileaks released an unclassified U.S. Department of State document emailed to Clinton, dated April 2, 2011. Sidney Blumenthal, the sender of the email confirmed what the world already suspected. Gaddafi was not killed for humanitarian purposes but for the oil and for money. His ideas of an African gold-backed currency were his major undoing.

In April 2011, then President of the World Bank, Robert Bruce Zoellick spoke at a panel discussion about how he hoped the World Bank would have some sort of role in the reconstruction of Libya along with other countries.

“Reconstruction now means (Ivory Coast), it now means Southern Sudan, it means Liberia, it means Sri Lanka, I hope it will mean Libya,” he said.

To the ordinary person, this was the World Bank hoping to come in to help a failing state but to Economist John Perkins, the World Bank was not to be considered as fulfilling its supposed mandate. It was in actual fact a U.S. bank together with its sibling, the IMF. The United States controls about 16% of the World Bank while the second largest member, Japan has a paltry 7%. The United States again has around 17% voting rights in the International Monetary Fund. His point was that these institutions were and still are extensions of the Western foreign policy.

“So, we might ask ourselves: What happens when a “rogue” country threatens to bring the banking system that benefits the corporatocracy to its knees?” he asked later saying the Western empire has a standing army (NATO) to violently protect its position.

Libya was the “rogue” nation but the question is: Just what did Gaddafi have in mind?

According to the IMF, Libya’s Central Bank is 100% state owned and in 2011, it was estimated to have 144 tons of gold in its vaults. Muammar Gaddafi’s plan was to introduce a gold-backed currency which he hoped African and Muslim nations would adopt. He felt it could rival the euro and the dollar, and rightly so too.

Sidney Blumenthal, in his email to Hillary Clinton confirmed, “Gaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. During late March, 2011 these stocks were moved to SABHA (south west in the direction of the Libyan border with Niger and Chad); taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli.”

He went on to say the gold and silver was valued at $7 billion and was one of the reasons Nicolas Sarkozy embarked on a French attack of Libya.

“Sarkozy’s plans are driven by the following issues:

a. A desire to gain a greater share of Libya oil production,

b. Increase French influence in North Africa,

c. Improve his internal political situation in France,

d. Provide the French military with an opportunity to reassert its position in the world,

e. Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi’s long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in, Francophone Africa,” wrote Blumenthal.

If Gaddafi had succeeded, the United States of America and Europe would have been forced to buy oil and minerals in the gold backed currency thus tipping the scales. This was a horror the West dared not experience. The situation would have been a more lethal re-enactment of Saddam Hussein’s currency wars when he supported the new Euro currency at the expense of the United States Dollar. At this point, the U.S. was highly insecure about the effects of the new currency to its economy. Hussein’s decision to sell oil in the then new currency was a blow to the U.S. worsened by the proclamation that the dollar was the “currency of the enemy”. Currency wars have therefore been a fact of history with the Hussein situation being a peculiar intra-Western conflict that culminated in the Middle East instability promulgated by U.S. interventionist policies. That Gaddafi would be killed for planning to introduce an African currency to the fray is not surprising but that does not make it acceptable.

The leaked Clinton email has far-reaching implications on the fluid state of post-colonial relations with the West. If anything, it is an eye-opener. Where Africa seeks to build an independent economic structure, the West is seen to try and derail those plans so as to retain its primacy in world affairs.

With regard to the creation of a new currency, Ministry of Peace Founder, Dr James Thring said, “It’s one of those things that you have to plan almost in secret, because as soon as you say you’re going to change over from the dollar to something else, you’re going to be targeted.”

And Gaddafi was targeted. He may not have been the most democratic leader in the world but Libyan citizens had arguably the best way of life in Africa. His plan of action (without the human rights violations) should be a blueprint for African development.

This article was first published in The African Exponent




State: Washington
Police department: Coweta County Sheriff Department
Incident date: Nov. 20, 2015

Video shows a violent struggle between Chase Sherman, 32, and Florida police who tased him 15 times between he stopped breathing.

Sherman was returning home with his parents and fiancée from his brother’s wedding. His parents were concerned about Sherman’s erratic behavior, caused by synthetic marijuana he took days earlier. They called 911 as they want their son to be helped. I bet they could never guess their son would be dead by the end of the encounter.

Body cam worn by one of the sheriff’s deputies captured the fatal incident. We see the deputy grappling with handcuffed Sherman in the car’s back seat while he was desperate to get out of the vehicle.

The fight was over after the deputy pulled his Taser and stunned Sherman numerous times with it, and the second deputy punched him in the head.

Moments later, an emergency arrived only to help kill the man. The medical technician pushed down on Sherman’s body. “I got all the weight of the world on him now,” he could be heard saying before Sherman was shocked again.

Police killed the son in front of his parents. Police killed the husband in front his wife. That’s tragedy.

As Chase Sherman was returning home with his parents and fiancée from his brother’s wedding in November, he began to hallucinate. Apparently reacting to synthetic marijuana he took days earlier, he bit his girlfriend and tried to jump out of the back seat of the car as the family drove through Georgia toward Florida.

About an hour outside Atlanta, at Mile Marker 55 on Interstate 85, his fiancée pulled over the car and his mother called the police, hoping they would help calm Mr. Sherman, 32. Less than a half-hour later, Mr. Sherman, who worked at a family-owned parasailing business on the Gulf Coast, was dead.

He was stunned numerous times with Taser guns carried by two sheriff’s deputies, while handcuffed in the back seat of a rental car.

Like other recent episodes involving the police, this one was captured on video, in this case by body cameras worn by the sheriff’s deputies as they tried to subdue Mr. Sherman.

The video, a copy of which was obtained in recent days by The New York Times, is similar to recording of fatal encounters involving law enforcement officers in Chicago; North Charleston, S.C.; and Staten Island. Each one depicts in stark terms a response from officers that resulted in a death. In this instance, there are no racial overtones: Both Mr. Sherman and the deputy sheriffs are white.

The footage from Georgia was released Friday by prosecutors in Coweta County in response to requests from the family and the news media. It shows the sheriff’s deputies struggling to subdue Mr. Sherman as he tried to get out of the car, stunning him repeatedly with their Taser guns while he was handcuffed, and reacting frantically after realizing he was dead.

Mr. Sherman’s death was a homicide due to “an altercation with law enforcement with several trigger pulls of an electronic control device,” according to his death certificate, which said that he had been shoved to the floor of the car and that his torso was compressed “by the body weight of another individual.”

“How can they do this when they know someone is having a breakdown?” said L. Chris Stewart, a lawyer for the Sherman family. “Once they started shocking him, how can someone comply when they’re being electrocuted over and over again?”

Kevin and Mary Ann Sherman, Chase Sherman’s parents, said they were not sure what had caused their son’s odd behavior. They said they first became concerned when he began acting erratically while they were in the Dominican Republic for the wedding. Chase told his mother that he had taken the synthetic marijuana the day before they traveled there.

“He was scared when we were down there,” Ms. Sherman said. “He said he heard different bad things were happening in different countries. He would see a couple of things that weren’t there. He thought people were watching him, and he didn’t want to go anywhere without his mom and dad or brother.”

But his parents said he had seemed fine on the flight back to Atlanta, where they were to change planes and continue their trip home to Destin, Fla. Then, as they waited at the Atlanta airport, Mr. Sherman grew agitated. The family decided it would be better to drive the rest of the way, so they rented a car.

Not long into the drive, Mr. Sherman began trying to jump out of the car.

“I couldn’t keep him in the car — he didn’t know where he was and was disoriented,” Kevin Sherman said. “I couldn’t keep him in the car by myself, so we needed to call for medical assistance.”

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IRS Stole $43 Million From Innocent Americans

IRS Stole $43 Million From Innocent Americans


IRS Took $43 Million From Innocent Americans Under ‘Structuring’ Law

Agency has yet to return funds, continues to harass small business owners
The IRS has seized $43 million from more than 600 individuals by accusing them of violating “structuring” laws even when there has been no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, according to testimony heard at the House Ways and Means Committee today.

In 2012, two armed IRS agents went to the farm of Randy Sowers, a dairy farmer for over three decades, to notify him that the IRS had seized the business’ bank account, which held more than $60,000. The agents told Sowers the IRS had done so because of structuring laws.

When an individual conducts a cash transaction in excess of $10,000, according to federal law, the bank must file a currency transaction report with the Treasury Department. It is unlawful for an individual to break up or “structure” cash deposits into amounts below $10,000 to avoid federal currency reporting.

“At that point, I had never before heard the term ‘structuring,’ and I had no idea that depositing cash in the bank could even potentially be a federal crime,” Sowers said. “Nobody from the bank or the government warned me that under-$10,000 bank deposits could lead to the seizure of our bank account. Indeed, nobody from the government contacted me about our bank deposits until after they seized our bank account.”
“I was shocked that the government would even consider bringing criminal charges when I had done nothing wrong,” Sowers said. “The IRS agents who came to the farm told me that the judge who approved the seizure had given them the authority to take anything up to $243,455—the amount of cash deposited in the account over a period of eight months.”

Robert Johnson, a lawyer working with Sowers who testified at Wednesday’s hearing, filed a petition to the IRS to retrieve the seized money. Ten months have since passed and the government has not responded.

“So-called ‘structuring’ laws criminalize everyday financial transactions that most Americans would never think could be a crime,” explained Johnson, an attorney at the Institute for Justice, a public-interest law firm. “A person who has violated this latter prohibition is said to have impermissible ‘structured’ cash transactions.”

“These laws were intended to target drug dealers and other hardened criminals engaged in money laundering or other criminal activity,” Johnson said. “In practice, however, the IRS has enforced the structuring laws against innocent Americans who have no idea that depositing cash at the bank could possibly get them in trouble with the law.”

While the IRS issued a policy change in February 2015 prohibiting the seizure of funds if no illegal activity took place, it has not returned money that was seized in the past to innocent individuals.

Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.), chair of the Ways and Means Committee, brought up the example of Andrew Clyde, a business owner in Georgia, as another victim of structuring laws. Clyde had insurance policies that only protected cash on hand up to $10,000.

“Every time he got close to $10,000, he would deposit his money,” Roskam explained. “Because the IRS thought that looked suspicious they seized the entire bank account—$900,000.”

“They didn’t investigate whether Mr. Clyde was trying to avoid the reporting requirement before they took his savings,” Roskam said. “After they seized the money and he explained the insurance policy to them, the IRS didn’t give the money back.”

After issuing a Freedom of Information Act request to the IRS, the Institute for Justice found 618 cases from 2007 to 2013 where the IRS seized funds without evidence of underlying criminal wrongdoing. When the Institute for Justice requested more information about these cases, the IRS said the group would have to pay a quarter million dollar fee because the request fell into the category of “commercial use.”

According to Johnson, the IRS is still harassing small business owners because of their bank deposits despite the 2015 rule change.

“Shockingly, when the IRS engages in such tactics, it can use the money that it takes to pad its own budget,” Johnson said. “When the IRS uses civil forfeiture to take money for structuring violations, the money is deposited in the Treasury Forfeiture Fund.”

“In other words, the money that the IRS takes from hardworking Americans can be put back to work to seize money from additional Americans,” he said.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen apologized to those whose money was wrongly seized because of structuring laws.

About a year and a half ago, we changed our policy in this area and make it clear that even though structuring still remains on the books, if you have structured your deposits in a way that avoids the reporting requirements, but it’s not with illegal source funding, as of a year ago there are no more seizures by the IRS and I think that’s important to know that we’ve reached out to do that,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said.

“We apologize to anybody who innocently got themselves in the middle of this and committed we would do whatever we could to work this forward,” he said.

Source: http://freebeacon.com/issues/irs-took-43-million-from-innocent-americans/

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Salmon loaded with antidepressants, cocaine and more !

Salmon loaded with antidepressants, cocaine and more !


Apparently humans aren’t the only animal with a thirst for drugs. Frightening new research reveals that Puget Sound salmon tested positive for more than 80 different drugs, including cocaine, antidepressants and a litter of other drugs used by people.

When researchers tested the water at and close to the sewage treatment plants in the estuaries of Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington, they found it had high concentrations of drugs and personal health care products. Some of the concentrations detected were higher than anywhere else in the country

he tissues of migratory chinook salmon and local staghorn sculpin also harbored these compounds. They were even found present in fish in estuaries further away from sewage treatment plant where the water used to be regarded as fresh and clean, reports Natural News.

Some of the other drugs discovered included Flonase, Aleve and Tylenol. Paxil, Valium, Zoloft, Tagamet, OxyContin, Darvon, Nicotine and caffeine, according to the Seattle Times.

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(RT) — Fish found in Washington’s Puget Sound are tripping on cocaine, Prozac, Advil, Benadryl, and Lipitor.

Where did the drugs come from?

Lead author of the study, Jim Meador, an aquatic toxicologist at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries, said the levels may have been higher because the drugs are commonly used in the area, or they could be a product of the wastewater-treatment plants’ processes. The study can be found in the journal Environmental Pollution.

“The concentrations in effluent were higher than we expected,” Meador, told the Seattle Times. “We analyzed samples for 150 compounds and we had 61 percent of them detected in effluent. So we know these are going into the estuaries,” he added.

The results of the study were alarming because the majority of chemicals detected are not regulated in waste water. In addition, there is little science that forecasts the impact most of these compounds can have on the environment. The amount of drugs in all the plants into Puget Sound could total 97,000 pounds a year, noted the study.

Some of the drugs found in the water of Puget Sound are a challenge to expose using conventional sewage treatment methods:

“Treatment plants in King County are effective in removing some drugs in wastewater, but many drugs are recalcitrant and remain. Seizure drugs, for instance, are very hard to remove, and ibuprofen levels are knocked down — but not out — during treatment,” according to Betsy Cooper, permit administrator for the county’s Wastewater Treatment Division.

The waste water treatment plant shouldn’t bear the full burden of responsibility for the drug levels, according to Cooper. “You have treatment doing its best to remove these, chemically and biologically,” she said, “but it’s not just the treatment quality, it’s also the amount that we use day to day and our assumption that it just goes away.”

Addressing America’s drug crisis

Unfortunately, the reverberations of our drug dependent society are bleeding into the environment. In many cases, these medications spur more ill side-effects than they treat, and are manufactured to merely manage rather than cure the underlining problem. That way, drug producers can ensure customers keep coming back for more.

One way to help reduce society’s dependence on pharmaceuticals is by changing the way we eat. In many cases, the illnesses these drugs are intended to address can be prevented and even cured through healthy eating and exercise, but many people don’t know where to begin.

A good starting place is to attend this year’s Food Revolution Summit. More than twenty-four of the world’s leading health experts will attend the event, discussing how you can prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fatigue and other health issues with food! You can register for this FREE online event here.

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