Confronting David Rockefeller

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Confronting David Rockefeller

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews independent journalist Matías Rojas who at the age of 17 confronted David Rockefeller. This video also contains never before exclusive photos of David Rockefeller with the ruling establishment of Chile.

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  • davecad

    well done matias we need more people like you and luke . imagine a million people waiting for him were ever he goes . Rockefeller family and the groups they represent are the real people in power not the puppet goverments who represent them and not us the people. . lets get them outed then lets get rid of them .

  • Ryan Clark

    The questin ive got is he the 1 really in power y would he risk public outings without heavy security makes me think hes a cover man to take the flak 4 who is in charge keep digging guys and keep a united front against these 2 faced leaders

  • digitalgenetics

    this man is just a toy, if you think he is behind NWO you’re wrong … he barely lives.. he can’t even use a smartphone ffs … if people like him would pull the strings of this world , this means we are totally retarded as humans.

    • Wallace

      This man is just a sack of demons…. It’s his father Satan that’s behind the NWO… Rocky is just one of the top stewards of his daddy’s filthy lucre..

    • wolvendeahl

      If you honestly believe that, then they have accomplished their goal.

      Satan’s biggest lie is the one that keeps us from believing he actually even exists.

      If you think he doesn’t know how to function the very technology he wields against us, then you’re a fool. Even if he didn’t, …

      It doesn’t change the fact that he should be expelled from life and faced with the eternal justice of Hell.

  • ralph

    if you really wanted to make a change, why not kill him then?

  • Martino S

    online, you’ll find a book in pdf format. The search words to use are –> Architects of Deception pdf

    That tells you it’s a network of perverts who run the show, all in it for P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L G-A-I-N: may THE WORST OF ‘possibilities’ Get Even With Them!

    • Walt

      Thanks..Downloaded that now..

  • wolvendeahl

    If you’re close enough to film him, why not just shoot him?
    1 king pin down, an anonymous amount left to go! :P

  • Highly Pessimistic

    Remember that the Rockefellers has been a part of funding the modern environment/climate change movement. If that doesn’t make the alarm bells go off, what will? Next time you hear that climate change and the environment needs global solutions and that there is a need to sidestep democratic nations and their laws, at least you know where it’s coming from and perhaps what the ulterior motive is.

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