Exclusive Video: #Heidenau Protests Erupt to Defy Anti-Protest Laws and more


Following a weekend full of violence in Heidenau, Germany where 31 police officers were injured during demonstration; far-right Nationalists took to the streets to march on city hall upset that refugees are allowed to be in Germany seeking asylum.

Shortly after a new court order from Dresden, no protests were to be allowed until the end of the weekend, counter demonstrators mainly from the Anti-Fascist movement took to the streets in solidarity with the refugees. (more…)

Bilderberg Was Finally Mentioned to a National Television Audience

Comedian Bill Burr appeared on the TBS show, Conan and was asked by the host (Conan) what he thought about Donald Trump running for President of the United States in 2016.

Burr goes into a tangent, discussing how people in general can become “too apologetic” via people bringing up something spoken from someone’s past. These people will then demand an apology for what was said sometimes decades ago. Conan follows the conversation by asking Burr, “Do you think politicians should show their human side then?” (more…)

Never Before Seen Pictures and Video Of Banksy’s New Theme Park: Dismaland

In this video Luke Rudkowski begins his journey from London to the new Banksy #Dismaland theme park after not even sleeping. Follow along in the video as Luke takes you through his day and experiences the theme park for the 1st time as it opens to the public.

Artist Banksy, has put together a new theme-park that embodies actual insight with a side of brutal reality – it’s awesome. (more…)

3 Americans Praised for Stopping Gunman on European Train


A police investigator walks next to a Thalys train on the platform at Arras train station, northern France

Arras, France | Yesterday (Aug. 21st), an unnamed man attempted to fire into a European high-speed train, en route between Amsterdam and Paris. Before his intentions were materialized however, he was swiftly disabled by 3 Americans who have since been praised by the French town of Arras and Europe as a whole.

Spencer Stone an Air Force serviceman, Anthony Sadler, a senior at Sacramento State University and Alek Skarlatos, a National Guardsman from Roseburg, Oregon who are also childhood friends; were traveling through Belgium when the situation began to unfold. A gunshot and the breaking of glass caught their attention, they then witnessed a train-employee sprint down the aisle as the gunman appeared, wielding an automatic rifle. (more…)

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