Never Before Seen Pictures and Video Of Banksy’s New Theme Park: Dismaland

In this video Luke Rudkowski begins his journey from London to the new Banksy #Dismaland theme park after not even sleeping. Follow along in the video as Luke takes you through his day and experiences the theme park for the 1st time as it opens to the public.

Artist Banksy, has put together a new theme-park that embodies actual insight with a side of brutal reality – it’s awesome. (more…)

Muslims, mosques targeted in Germany amid rise of Islamophobia

The file photo shows a mosque in the German capital, Berlin.


The chairman of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims says Muslims and mosques are being increasingly targeted in the country following the rise of Islamophobia in Europe.

“Insults against Muslims, often women with a headscarf, vandalism against mosques and violence against imams have become a daily occurrence,” said Aiman Mazyek on Saturday. (more…)

VICTORY: Citizens Stand up to Agenda 21 in Alaska

By Dan Johnson
Activist Post

The average planning and zoning meeting consists of the planning and zoning commissioners, a room, and very little else. They are often dry meetings dealing with rules and regulations for business and home licensing, property lines, and nuisance ordinances.

So when the Borough of Kodiak, AK (Pop. 13,600) chose to attempt to entirely revamp the zoning code and place greater restrictions on property owners, including a $1,000 fine per violation, they expected there to be little opposition, and little knowledge of the change. (more…)

White supremacy and Zionism converge in deleted Times of Israel post on Ferguson

By Rania Khalek

Electronicintifada News

Following an uproar on social media, a viciously racist blog post was removed from The Times of Israel. Titled “Nine Parallels between Palestine and Ferguson,” the post attacked African American protestors in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson and Palestinians as violent, “savage,” irrationally “angry” and deserving of the institutionalized state violence wielded against them.

In the now-deleted post, the writer, Robert Wilkes, a member of the advisory board and media response team at StandWithUs, embraces the increasingly popular comparison between Ferguson and Palestine. But Wilkes does so by proudly likening anti-Palestinian Jewish Israelis to American police, the real victims according to him. (more…)

Director for Niki Minaj says new music video “The term New World Order isn’t just an edgy pop culture reference. It is very real and was a term used by president George H.W. Bush, ironically 10 years to the day before 9/11.”

‘As far as applying Nazi imagery, 100% me,’ Jeff Osborne says in new statement.

The controversy surrounding the lyric video for Nicki Minaj’s “Only” has been ongoing, and director Jeff Osborne wants to further clarify his creative intentions.

Since the clip’s premiere last week, Minaj and the director have faced criticism for the video’s Nazi imagery.

While Osborne told Myspace on Tuesday that the models and symbols used inthe visual “are all representative of Nazism,” the director tells Billboard that neither he nor the video are anti-Semitic.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Only’ Video Director: ‘Sorry I’m Not Sorry’

In an exclusive statement, Osborne breaks down the creative process behind the video, including Young Money’s brief guidelines. Read in full below: (more…)

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