These 80 People Own Half of The World’s Wealth


Source: Exposing Truth

Since the “financial repression,” the most powerful people have only gotten more powerful. A 2013 Oxfam report found that 80 people had as much wealth as 1/2 of humanity, and a few months later Forbes said the number had dropped to 67. Many of us asked who exactly these people are, and now the list has been released. (more…)

McDonald’s is closing hundreds of restaurants this year


Source: MSN
McDonald’s MCD shuttered 350 poorly performing stores in Japan, the United States, and China the first three months of 2015 as part of its plan to boost its sagging profits.

Those previously unannounced closings, disclosed on a conference call with Wall Street analysts on Wednesday, are on top of the 350 shutterings the world’s largest restaurant chain had already targeted for the year. While those 700 store closings this year represent a fraction of the 32,500 or so restaurants worldwide, they show how aggressive McDonald’s is getting in pruning poorly attended locations that are dragging down its results. (more…)

Neil Young Will Release an Entire Album to Boycott Monsanto

Source: AltHealth Works

Rock and roll has always been steeped in defiance of authority, and it has also been used as a tool for social change and protest for decades as well.

While most musicians choose to protest topics like illegal wars and occupations, or specific problems and injustices in certain songs, rarely if ever do they devote an entire album to protesting a single corporate entity. (more…)

The History of Decriminalizing Marijuana in Holland

WeAreChange visits the Cannabis College in Amsterdam, Holland to learn more about the legislation of cannabis in the Netherlands. Contrary to what many people think, cannabis, among with most other drugs, is not actually legal in Holland. This video goes into the history of how this came about and what it means for cannabis users. (more…)

Portugal’s Success Story Decriminalizing All Drugs


Source: Pontiac Tribune

Fed up with soaring rates of disease from intravenous drug use, Portugal tried something radical: they decriminalized drugs. Yes, all drugs. Across the board from marijuana to heroin to ecstasy. And it worked.

In July 2001, Law 30/2000 went into effect, decriminalizing the purchase, possession, and consumption of all drugs for personal use. Though this is not the same as legalization, and the drugs are still illegal, “Otherwise, we would have gotten in trouble with the UN”, Dr João Goulão, President of the Institute of Drugs and Drug Addiction and architect of the law, explains, it shifts the focus from punishment to treatment, so getting caught using these drugs amounts to little more than the equivalent of a parking ticket. “We figured perhaps this way we would be better able get things under control. Criminalization certainly wasn’t working all that well.” (more…)

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