Nevada Hit The Jackpot With The Tesla Gigafactory Deal


SOURCE: Off-Grid Quest

Nevada hit the jackpot yesterday in a five-state bid to host Tesla Motors Inc.’s $5 billion battery factory, which could help achieve a mass market for low-emissions electric vehicles by the end of the decade.

Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) offered the automaker $1.25 billion in tax breaks over the next 20 years—more than double Tesla’s requested $500 million incentive package—to build what will become the world’s largest lithium-ion battery plant at a location outside of Reno. (more…)

Rocks, Molotov cocktails fly in Athens in first anti-govt protest

Dozens of protesters clashed with police in central Athens, throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks at the first march against the leftist Syriza party. They’re angry at a deal the party made with EU partners last week to extend an aid program to Greece – leading to accusations the new government is going back on pre-election promises to end the much-hated bailout program.

North Dakota House Approves Industrial Hemp Farming Bill


WRC Article on hemp:

SOURCE: Tenth Amendment Center

The North Dakota state House approved a bill last week that would authorize the farming, production, and sale of industrial hemp in the state, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same.

Introduced by Reps. David Monson (R-10) and Alan Fehr (R-36) along with Sen. Tom Campbell (R-19), House Bill 1436 (HB1436) not only sets up the framework to effectuate a commercial hemp farming program in the state, it expressly rejects any need for federal approval before growing hemp in the state. It reads, in part: “A license required by this section is not conditioned on or subject to review or approval by the United States drug enforcement agency.” (more…)

BREAKING: President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline


SOURCE: Elephant Journal

In his words:

“Because this act of Congress conflicts with established executive branch procedures and cuts short thorough consideration of issues that could bear on our national interest—including our security, safety, and environment—it has earned my veto.”

The veto will set a precedent for more political action in the US in the fight against climate change, resource mis-management and habitat destruction, as well as sending a clear message to big oil and gas that we, the people, no longer wish to partake in the dirty dependency on fossil fuels. (more…)

Alaska allows recreational marijuana as legalization campaign spreads


SOURCE: Reuters

Smoking, growing and owning small amounts of marijuana became legal in Alaska on Tuesday, as a growing decriminalization movement reached the United States’ wild northwest frontier.

The Republican-leaning state, which narrowly passed the measure in November, followed Colorado and Washington among states allowing recreational use, reflecting a rapidly shifting legal landscape for the drug. (more…)

Native American Tribe To Florida Governor: Let Us Build A Casino Or We’ll Grow Pot


SOURCE: Alternet

An Alabama native American tribe that operates casinos in Florida informed the state that if it doesn’t allow them to expand their casinos, they will have no choice but to start growing marijuana on the land designated for the expansion, the Associated Press reports.

The Poarch Creek Band of native Americans told Florida Governor Rick Scott that if the state’s Republican-controlled House and Senate refused to allow the tribe to operate a casino on land it owns in Escambia County, it would endeavor to grow and distribute marijuana on the land in accordance with the regulations that the federal government has imposed on states that have legalized the trade. (more…)

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