Peru Is Now Giving Free Solar Power To Its 2 Million Poorest Citizens


The National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program will cost about $200 million, which is basically nothing in the scheme of most international budgets. Peru also leads the way in national dedication to organic food and doesn’t allow GMO. 

The program plans to install about 12,500 photovoltaic solar systems to provide for approximately 500,000 households. The remainder will be auctioned off. (more…)

First arrest in forex scandal: Former RBS trader held on suspicion of rigging £3.5trillion foreign exchange market

By James Salmon
Daily Mail

A former trader at Royal Bank of Scotland has become the first UK banker to be arrested on suspicion of rigging the £3.5trillion a day foreign exchange market.

City of London police and the Serious Fraud Office arrested the unnamed man at an address in Billericay in Essex on Friday morning. (more…)

These Dreamers Are Actually Making Progress Building Elon’s Hyperloop

By Alex Davies

When Elon Musk unveiled his idea for the Hyperloop in August of 2013, no one seemed sure what the next step would be. The Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO dropped a 57-page alpha white paper on us, noting he didn’t really have the time to build a revolutionary transit system that would shoot pods full of people around the country in above-ground tubes at 800 mph. (more…)

ISOHunt Creates “Open Bay” To Allow Internet Users To Copy The Pirate Bay

ISOHunt crew has put up a “The Open Bay,” an initiative that lets anyone to put a ‘copy’ of The Pirate Bay online

After the raid and shutting down of The Pirate Bay in first week of December, the torrent community and the fans are searching around for TPB alternatives.  Many scammers have taken to opportunity to come up with their own version of TPB to milk hapless victims by charging money for file downloads or putting up a malvertising/survey site. (more…)

New Brunswick Cannot Use Fracking Without First Constulting First Nations

Canadian Free Press

The New Brunswick government is introducing a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing that the premier says won’t be lifted until five conditions are met.

Those conditions include a process to consult with First Nations, a plan for wastewater disposal and credible information about the impacts fracking has on health, water and the environment, Brian Gallant said Thursday. (more…)

They Paid Him To Research Frogs, And Now They’re Telling Him To Shut Up – Or Else

Higher Perspective

Meet Tyrone Hayes, a scientist with the University of California. He made an incredible discovery – that a commonly used herbicide can have profoundly harmful effects on the human endocrine system. He tried to publish his work, but the chemical’s manufacturer started a smear campaign to discredit him and his research. (more…)

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