Twitter Suspends WeSearchr For Crowdfunding Reward For Violent Protestor’s Identity

Twitter has suspended WeSearchr, a popular website to crowdfund research on topics of interest, for raising reward money for the identity of the anarchist protester who sucker punched Richard Spencer on Saturday.

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“On January 20, conservative pro-Trump activist Richard Spencer was sucker punched in the side of the head while peacefully standing around on the streets of Washington, D.C. This was President Trump’s Inauguration, and the violent communists, anarchists, and leftists known as ANTIFA were out in full force, destroying the city, with cover from the D.C. police and the lying media,” the fundraiser states. “The ANTIFA thug who violently assaulted Spencer hid his face behind a mask, but some think they caught a glimpse of his face. There’s not much to go on — but let’s identify the ANTIFA criminal who punched Richard Spencer.”

At the time of their suspension, the website had raised $3,698 from 87 contributors to find out who was behind the punch seen around the world.

In a comment to We Are Change, the website’s founder Charles Johnson asserted that they will be bringing a fight to the social media platform.

“We are going to be suing them and bringing it up with our allies in the Trump admin,” Johnson stated.

Twitter has long been accused of holding an extreme bias against users critical of the left.

In July, the platform banned right-wing Breitbart technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos because of the actions of his followers.

In November, the website lead a purge of accounts that were deemed to be spreading “hate speech,” even if they were not harassing other users. Meanwhile, other users who copied and pasted tweets from leftists were promptly suspended.

Among those purged was the subject of the WeSearchr bounty himself, Richard Spencer.

“Twitter’s policies are inconsistent, opaque, and confusing. I challenge anyone to explain how WeSearchr violated the terms of service!” Spencer told We Are Change. “And it’s bigger than that. Twitter isn’t just a Web service, it has a public function. Unless it rises to the challenge, and supports free speech, it will go the way of the dodo.”

It is not a secret that abuse slung at right-leaning users often goes ignored. When questioned about allegations of the bias, Twitter issued a statement saying “Twitter rules prohibit violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct and multiple account abuse, and we will take action on accounts violating those policies.”

In a post on, an anti-censorship platform with a layout similar to Twitter, WeSearchr again vowed to file a lawsuit if their account is not restored.

“Use the hashtags #FreeWeSearchr and #TheTimeHasCome on Twitter to let Jack Dorsey and the rest of their criminal-loving gang know that WE ARE SUING TWITTER if they don’t unban our account,” WeSearchr posted.

The suspension has also raised concerns for those, such as law enforcement, who often post rewards for the identities of criminals.

“My head is spinning over the WeSearchr suspension; chilling message to send to mayors like me and other leaders whose police departments often rely on social media for identification of unknown suspects,” Coal Run, Kentucky, Mayor Andrew H. Scott, told We Are Change.

“They’ll have people on Twitter afraid to post reward flyers for their lost pets if they keep this up,” Scott continued. “An individual or organization has just as much right to seek the identity of an unknown assailant as does law enforcement. This is fundamental to the protection of everyone’s civil rights. The desire to want your fellow man to walk down any street in the United States without being assaulted is not a partisan issue.”

Scott explained that he is extremely concerned about the message this sends, and would be even if the website was slanted to the left.

“There is no harm in bringing criminals to justice. Period. And something as innocuous as offering a reward for the identification of a criminal act caught on camera harms no one,” Scott added.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, and Bipartisan Report.

Female Trump Supporter Lit On Fire By Protesters Chanting ‘Love Trumps Hate’

A female supporter of President Donald Trump had her hair lit on fire by protesters who were ironically chanting “love trumps hate” shortly after the inauguration in Washington on Friday.

The shocking assault was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.

Luckily, the fire was quickly extinguished, and several of the anti-Trump protesters did immediately speak out on the woman’s behalf. It goes to show that there are actually some decent people on both sides.

Despite most of the protest organizers symbolically calling for “peaceful” protest, multiple people were assaulted simply for wearing their support for our president in the days surrounding the inauguration — including women.

Those out protesting Trump’s presidency overwhelmingly cited their reason being claims that he does not respect women — but perhaps some of these demonstrators should take a good hard look in the mirror before throwing stones from inside their glass houses.

Feminists once fought for the right for women to vote — for whoever they wanted to.

Those who fought for women to no longer have to hope that their political wishes were shared by their husbands in the ballot box wanted to make sure that those who came after them had a choice. It seems that the feminists of today want to take that choice away.

Women who voted for Trump have been demonized, silenced by the media, and portrayed as nearly non-existent. This has been especially clear over the weekend as shills on late night television and liberal media claim that they stand with “all women” by supporting the Women’s March on Washington to thunderous applause. What these people are essentially stating is that women, like the one being abused in this video, do not exist or matter.

The march on DC this Saturday may have been impressive for the cameras, but never forget the 30 million women who marched to the polls on November 8th to cast their ballots for President Donald Trump.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, and Bipartisan Report.

CHAOS IN DC: Protests Turn Into Riots, 200+ Arrested

Earlier today we reported the chaos that broke out in Washington, DC during the inauguration. Luke Rudkowski is on the ground covering the situation as it unfolds. So far there have been a number of violent actions taken against Donald Trump supporters,  police, as well as destruction of property.

There was confrontation near the presidential parade route when rocks were thrown at the police.

Luke captured Blackbloc ideological protesters attacking the police. Police reacted by throwing flashbangs and shooting rubber bullets back at rioters.
Luke also reported that anarchists shattered windows.

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There was a car set on fire in downtown, DC seen in a live periscope video.

So far over 217 people have been arrested according to police as of 8:00 P.M. EST.

Six police were reportedly injured. There is no known injury report for civilians.

Police have begun to kettle protesters and are pushing them back to take back the streets.

Earlier Tim Pool was arrested and released an RT reporter Alexander Rubinstein was also arrested and hit in the face by a flashbang.

“I was hit in the face with a flash grenade, it blinded me for a moment and my ears were ringing for a while,” Rubinstein said. “By the time I was done being treated and I could see again, we were encircled by police and I was told that everybody present would be arrested. It doesn’t matter that I’m press.”

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The National Guard has been deployed to assist with the protests.

There are also reports that protesters set a limo on fire at 13th and K street, writing “We The People” in spray paint. Other cars were also vandalized on K street as well.

The day started off peaceful and quickly escalated into violent protests, which are taking place all across DC now that President Donald Trump has assumed office.

Many are expecting the protest and potential riots to move towards bridges in DC as it gets later in the evening.

Meanwhile, CNN gets heckled by a Trump supporter.

UPDATE 6:17 P.M. EST – Police presence grows at McPherson Square as 1000+ demonstrators gather for the Inauguration protest Review Journal reported.

So far things have remained peaceful at McPherson Square.

UPDATE: 7:00 P.M. EST -Protesters have created a ‘Deport Donald Trump’ mural in McPherson Square.

UPDATE: 7:15 P.M. EST – Protesters have set trash cans on fire on K street, there is also a report of another fire with fire trucks and police on the scene.

UPDATE: 8:00 P.M. EST – Things have reportedly calmed down on K Street.

Stay tuned to We Are Change for further updates as the protest against Donald Trump continue.


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Snowden Safe For The Long Term?

MOSCOW (WRC NEWS) — Edward Snowden’s lawyer has informed him that he is legally eligible to obtain permanent Russian citizenship, following the announcement that his asylum status has been extended by 3 years.

The former NSA contractor turned whistleblower has lived in Russia for the last three years.

“Essentially, he now has every reason to apply for [Russian] citizenship in the future, in a while, as the law [states] that one needs to spend no less than 5 years on the territory of Russia [to be granted citizenship],” Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told RIA Novosti news agency.

“This means that if he decides [to apply for citizenship] in the near future, it will be legally possible. He has now lived in Russian for almost four years, has not violated any laws, and there are no [legal] claims against him – this is one of the reasons his residence permit was extended,” Kucherena explained.

In a statement to Interfax, Kucherena also expressed hope that the incoming Trump administration would change Washington’s attitude towards the whistleblower.

“I hope that the administration of President-elect Donald Trump will be more sensitive and objective in its consideration of the Snowden issue and will change the attitude the official authorities [have expressed] towards it,” Kucherena stated on Wednesday, saying that in order “to do this, they need only to work through Snowden’s story and realize that he did not commit any crime.”

Caleb Stephen is a Christian conservative freelance journalist, columnist, political activist and the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Caleb Report (
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CIA Releases 13 Million Documents, Claims Its Entire History Now Online

The Central Intelligence Agency has released a bulk archive of 13 million pages of declassified documents online. These documents were previously only physically accessible from four computers at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland using the CIA Records Search Tool or CREST.

The documents date all the way back to as far as the Cold War.

Information about a number of controversial topics is included: from UFOs, to more information on the infamous CIA psychic experiments Project Stargate, to Henry Kissinger’s papers, other CIA research and development documents, scientific papers, photographic intelligence reports, news archives, and a whole lot more according to the official CIA press release.

The CIA emphasized the inclusion of UFO Documents and plans to further promote the contents of the archive online.

In June 2014, MuckRock, sued the CIA, on behest of pro-bono attorney Ken McClanahan, a lawyer with the National Security Counsellors. The group claimed that the database was “technically public, but in practice largely inaccessible.”

Subsequently, journalist and researcher Michael Best or @NatSecGeek on Twitter, launched a Kickstarter project to put pressure on the CIA to publicly release the data more quickly and exposing how the agency was taking too much time to publish the material it was required to make publicly available under Bill Clinton’s 1995 Executive Order 13526 instituted in 2006. The Executive Order requires the declassification of non-exempt historically valuable records 25 years or older.

Best began scanning and printing 700,000 documents manually and publishing them for the entire world to see, effectively costing the CIA resources as the agency doesn’t charge for printer paper or the ink used.

“That effort was halted in October when it became clear the CIA was going to (reluctantly) post the material itself, and Best put together a good background on CREST, what it contains, and some of the potential pitfalls of the way it looks like the data will be released.

Then on November 18, the CIA’s Litigation Information Review Office finally threw in the towel, bumping up the release significantly to just next year,” Muckrock, writes.

Amazingly the CIA was somehow able to suddenly miraculously find a way to publish 13 million documents in a matter of 3 months despite stalling for so long. In the past, it had argued that it had neither the time nor the resources to achieve such a feat.

“Forcing people to travel to College Park, MD during bankers’ hours and print out page after page of records just to do historical research was an obnoxious and antiquated way for the CIA to pay lip service to transparency without actually allowing meaningful public access to their records. I am happy to have been part of the effort to nudge them along into the 21st century,” McClanahan wrote in an email.

With respect to transparency, this is a historic move by the CIA that sets an important precedent. Going forward, the CIA now has no excuse to delay publishing documents that are 25 years or older as required under the Freedom Of Information Act.

The next information that the agency will be required to declassify is JFK’s assassination in October 2017.

It’s going to be a very busy next few years for national security reporters and, as with such broad archives of source material as the WikiLeaks cables, this information may take many years to sift through.


I am an Activist a writer a blogger and an investigative journalist writing for (

A Radio host of the Blog-talk Radio Series:

My Sources are everywhere..
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Protester Injured After Attempting to Light Himself On Fire Outside Trump Hotel

An anti-Trump snowflake has been taken to the hospital after attempting to light himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. Surprisingly, he did not melt.

While the name of the individual has not been released, he stated that he is from California.

The incident occurred just before 9:30pm, and the fire was reportedly put out by the man himself after hotel employees called the police and DC Fire.

The man told a reporter on the scene that it was an act of protest against president-elect Donald Trump.

“I was trying to light myself on fire as an act of protest,” the man told NBC4. “To protest the fact that we’re electing somebody who’s completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.”

The man was rushed to the hospital to be treated for burns, but the injuries are not believed to be serious. There was no damage to the hotel immediately reported.

Self-immolation is a centuries-old form of protest in which the person kills themselves as a political martyr. It is unclear if the man was actually planning to go that far, or if he had any real plan at all.

Earlier in the day, protesters repeatedly blocked traffic for a two-hour long march to the hotel from McPherson Square. The demonstrators repeatedly demanded that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, because he wasn’t their candidate of choice.

It is likely that there will be plenty more hilarious shenanigans as protesters flood into DC. Multiple groups have vowed to attempt to shut down the inauguration completely, even plotting to attempt to stop the DC Metro public transportation lines.

Thousands of Bikers for Trump are also expected to also arrive in DC to act as a buffer between attendees and protesters.

We Are Change will be reporting live from the protests as well as the inauguration. Stay tuned.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, and Bipartisan Report.

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