Frm Canadian Minister Of Defense Talks About Banker Take Over of Canada

In this video Luke Rudkowski sits down with former Canadian Minister of Defense and accomplished politician Paul Hellyer. Paul breaks down very important historical events that allowed the banker mafia to take over the Canadian monetary system.

We will have another video with Paul Hellyer coming out later this week dealing with Aliens so don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned to this channel. (more…)


By Andrew Demeter
Teen Take

Most horror stories begin with the eerie phrase: “It was a dark and stormy night…” The following story — that of 17-year-old Isaiah Rider, however — is less a fantastical narrative and more a series of unfortunate events, compounded with the iron fist of the State… (more…)

Saudi King Abdullah Dead – Was Funding Sunni Terrorists

Alec Cope

We Are Change

Saudi King Abdullah died January 23rd, 2015 at the ripe age of 90 and was hailed as a “modernizer” by many. That is some claim, especially when considering that Saudi Arabia beheaded two people per week in 2013. Because of Sharia Law (Saudi Arabia’s capital law system), the punishment is “by sword” – they have beheaded more people than ISIS. Only, this establishment doesn’t have the same reception as ISIS; they are the United State’s biggest ally in the Middle-East. The mainstream media give this very little attention, also, flogging as a punishment is done in public along with the beheadings. Saudi Arabia never signed the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which has lead to torture and an abundance of oppression. (more…)

The West and Ukraine Preparing for War with Russia

When everyone is obsessing about a deflated football we are missing very important geo political news dealing with Ukraine and Russia.


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