Known neurotoxin injected into “Zika” mothers in Brazil


One of the key ingredients in vaccines such as DTaP, polio and Hep B is Phenoxyethanol. The DTaP vaccine became mandatory for pregnant women in Brazil in 2015 and is suspected to be the real cause behind the thousands of cases of microcephaly that have been linked to Zika.

Phenoxyethanol is a glycol ether. Glycol ether are solvents that are found in all sorts of things such as paint, cleaners and fuel. Recently cosmetic companies have been replacing parabens with phenoxyethanol as the public have become more aware of the dangers of parabens, not that it is actually a safer ingredient.

The product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) says that it phenoxyethanol is harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin and that it can cause reproductive damage.

The FDA has warned that Phenoxyethanol can cause damage to brain cells and the central nervous system when used in large quantities. The FDA has also issued warnings that the ingestion of Phenoxyethanol can be toxic and harmful for infants and suggest that breastfeeding mothers avoid using cosmetics containing this ingredient so that it is not transfered to the baby. so the FDA doesn’t think it’s safe for breastfeeding mothers to apply a small amount of phenoxyethanol topically, but it is being injected into the blood streams of pregnant women.

According to the EPA, when tested on mice it caused interference with reproductivity, chromosomal changes and DNA mutations.

Injecting pregnant women with a toxic substance that is known to cause brain damage seems like a much more likely explanation to the thousands of cases of microcephaly in Brazil than a mosquito virus that usually causes nothing more than a rash and fever.


Written by Sierra Adamson

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