First Responders not welcome at 9/11 ceremony

You are not going to believe this.

Only 3 weeks have passed since the first responders got cancer excluded from the financial package, but this was not enough for Bloomberg apparently.

The first responders that carried their own and other people’s family members from Ground Zero have been excluded from the 10th 9/11 ceremony Bloomberg “officially confirmed” only a few days ago.

I have no more words to describe this, sorry i really don’t, so i’ll leave it with this. If you would like to add something, be my guest.

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  • Ms. Lou

    Nine years they fought to get benefits! Even then, Republicans still said NO unless Obama agreed to keep the tax cuts for the wealthy and to severely reduce the $$ amount to be placed in the fund. Then, no coverage for cancer!! Disgusting!! and Now This?? UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The world is watching. Shame shame shame.

  • Hope

    Would it be more appropriate to turn away the husbands, wives, sons or daughters of the 3,000 people who died on 9/11 and not allow them to be there when the memorial is unveiled and the names of their loved ones are read from the wall for the first time? Since 3,000 people perished that day and Memorial Plaza can hold 1,500 people at any one time that is what would have to happen. While the first responders were heroic, I can’t see denying someone who lost their family member the opportunity to be at there at the site, be given time to find their loved ones’ name on the wall and look down into the void where the towers once stood and their loved one lost their life.

  • Matt

    what a crock of *&^$. they Could have mixed it up a bit with a few from each area like 25% ems , 25% firefighters ECT..ETC… but no , because so many first responders have been screwed by them already with medical care , they are scared that one of them will talk about that on live TV or pull out a 911 was an inside job Banner or something. that’s all , they are scared that there little dirty lies will be exposed !!

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