No Cheap Cuban Lung Cancer Vaccine For USA And Europe


Cuba developed a $1 lung cancer vaccine but Americans & Europeans can’t have it.

Most people would be quite surprised to learn that there is a vaccine for lung cancer, one which has been proven effective in over 25 years of intense research and several years of clinical use. So why is most of the world only learning about it now? The answer is complicated by back-room dealings in the dark recesses of government, and by the unhealthy influence that pharmaceutical companies have on the availability of life-saving medications.

The vaccine works by limiting a patient’s ability to produce a hormone called EGF. This hormone has been shown to play a pivotal role in cell division and the growth of malignant cells. As cancer is the result of cells dividing again and again to create tumors, the vaccine reduces this growth by halting EGF production, thereby stopping the tumor’s growth.

CimaVax EGF has been proven to work in at least two clinical trials in Cuba, and the results have shown that the vaccine improves survival rates in those who are suffering from the later, usually terminal, stages of lung cancer. It has been hypothesized that survival rates may increase further still if the vaccine is administered during earlier stages of the disease’s progression. It does not work in the same way most people think vaccines work, and is not preventative, but once a patient has lung cancer the drug turns a death sentence into a manageable chronic condition.

The problem comes with the existence of two other potential drugs, BLP 25 and GVAX, which are both being developed as potential lung cancer treatments by the private companies, Ono Pharmaceutical and Aduro Biotech, respectively. Both medications have been in the research and trial phase since the 1990’s and have most likely accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in development costs. The prospect of being undermined by a low-cost alternative generally doesn’t sit well with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

More importantly, pharmaceutical companies are now doing everything they can to increase drug prices, exponentially, it seems. The public was recently outraged when an ex-hedge fund manager bought the rights to the AIDS treatment drug, Daraprim, and raised the price from $13 to over $700 a dose.

And what is the number one reason given by drug companies for price increases? – Clinical trials and research, of course!

CimaVax EGF has been available for just $1 per treatment, but now, as larger pharmaceutical companies get their hands on the drug for research, it is being pushed into clinical purgatory. It may become available after it has been artificially kept from the public for years, but, it will certainly then be released at an extortionate price so that pharmaceutical companies can make as large a profit as possible.

There has been growing focus on the stranglehold pharmaceutical companies have on new treatments seeing the light of day. It’s analogous to what the oil companies do – buy up new technologies and then bury them until the largest profit can be had.

In the U.S. alone, over 200,000 people are diagnosed each year, with 150,000 sufferers dying annually from lung cancer, so it would seem like common sense for modern medicine to throw everything at it. We can only hope that as more people become more educated on the deceitful practices of big-pharma and continue to pressure them to change their practices.

Written by Leif Davenport & edited by TioS.



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The One Thing We Truly Need to Save Humanity


“The crisis is a crisis in consciousness. A crisis that
cannot any more accept the old norms, the old patterns.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

by Humberto Braga

As the challenges of our world become more multifaceted and sophisticated, we too must transform ourselves to become more multifaceted, refined, and conscious in order to navigate and overcome these obstacles. Humanity has been suppressed for thousands of years, and has far more potential yet to explore. I’d say it’s about time we stopped selling ourselves short and stepped up to fullness of our being.

Do you have what it takes to make the journey?… You never really know until you try, so let’s find out together.

The possibility for creating a better world begins with clearly seeing the truth out in the world and, more importantly, in ourselves. After all, who are we to inspire others to change if we aren’t working to be the change?

We can protest corruption, atrocities, and injustice all we want, but the fact remains that if we ever want to realistically live in a world where people are well-educated, compassionate, and responsible enough to be sovereign and easily resolve (or avoid altogether) social conflicts, we must embody the very maturity and virtue we ask from others. Therefore, to effect true and lasting change we must engage in sincere self-work, which involves accelerated conscious development through focused self-awareness, holistic healing, and education for the body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. This is the most difficult thing a person can do, but it is also the most fun, liberating, effective, important, and rewarding when it comes to empowering yourself and others.

Some might ask, “How can self-work help with social injustices like police brutality?”

Fantastic question. I’m glad you asked.

Self-work helps us become more multi-disciplinary, empathic, creative, and go deeper in to our access to understanding in all respects.

In the case of police brutality, most people just address the SYMPTOM of violence. However, due to a lack of education in psychology, they overlook the bigger UNDERLYING ISSUE of pathological people in throughout all positions of power which creates a sick, violent society. Due to this lack of knowledge, people simply fixate on the obvious “police brutality” with no deeper systematic understanding or solution to present. Therefore, society is left to rely on a GOVERNMENT RESPONSE (the very institution which creates pathological people) which is to simply make a few officers wear cameras, which hasn’t fixed the problem but gives the illusion of “accountability” and “progress”.

However, with a deeper psychological understanding through self-work, we can see that THE REAL SOLUTION that is needed to address the ROOT of the problem is to emphasize the widespread implementation of mental health education and psychological group healing with positive conflict resolution throughout society starting from grade school.

Moreover, perhaps we could include a thorough, deep independent psychological evaluation of all government officials, including MRI neuroimaging to more effectively detect psychopaths and sociopaths. This would allow people to recognize, reform, and effectively remove pathological influences throughout society (especially in positions of power) thereby liberating the creative and intellectual potential of humanity from the psychopathic clutches of corrupt, coercive institutions to bring about a new social renaissance beyond anything we could imagine.

See? In this one example alone, we can see how powerful, comprehensive, and essential self-work is for solving virtually all social problems. We have the resources, the engineering, the know-how, the opportunity, and the love to build a better world. We just need the consciousness to guide ourselves to the actualization of our individual and collective potential. This is the foundation to make it happen.

For those who have the courage, fortitude, and love to embark on the path of accelerated conscious evolution via self-work, read more here:

Anti marijuana politician charged with possession of marijuana


A New York State Republican assemblyman who opposed medical marijuana legislation at every turn was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. The police found the marijuana after they pulled him over for speeding.

A statement released shortly after the March 2013 incident, law enforcement officials reported that state police discovered Steve Katz had a “small bag” of marijuana on him.

A New York State Trooper said that the 59-year-old assemblyman had been driving 80 miles per hour in 65 mph zone. He noticed the marijuana and took Katz into custody, charging him with possession before he was finally bailed out.

Katz had voted against the legalization of medical marijuana back in June.

The New York Times noted that the Republican assemblyman also sits on New York’s Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee.

Katz said that this was merely an “unfortunate incident” during a press conference.

“This should not overshadow the work I have done over the years for the public and my constituency,” Katz said to reporters. “I am confident that once the facts are presented that this will quickly be put to rest.”

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Bill Gates Could End World Hunger, Instead Gives $36 Billion To Corporate America

The Los Angeles Times revealed back in 2007 that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made millions of dollars each year from companies blamed for many of the same social and health problems the Foundation seeks to address.

The LA Times investigation revealed the Gates Foundation’s humanitarian concerns are not reflected in how it invests its money. In the Niger Delta — where the Foundation funds programs to fight polio and measles – the Foundation has also invested more than $400 million dollars in companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil Corp, and Chevron. These oil firms have been responsible for much of the pollution many blame for respiratory problems and other afflictions among the local population.

The Gates Foundation also has investments in sixty-nine of the worst polluting companies in the US and Canada, including Dow Chemical. It holds stakes in pharmaceutical companies whose drugs cost far beyond what most AIDS patients around the world can afford. Other companies in the Foundation’s portfolio have been accused of transgressions including forcing thousands of people to lose their homes; supporting child labor; and defrauding and neglecting patients in need of medical care.

With an endowment larger than all but four of the world’s largest hedge funds, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is easily one of the most powerful charities in the world. According to its website, the organization “works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives.” So how do the investments of the foundation’s $36 billion investing arm, the Gates Foundation Trust, match up to its mission? We dug into the group’s recently released 2012 tax returns to find out.


The Gates Foundation did not respond to Mother Jones’ requests for comment; however, its investment policy says the the trust’s managers “consider other issues beyond corporate profits, including the values that drive the foundation’s work.”bill-gates-could-end-world-hunger-instead-gives-36-billion-to-corporate-america3



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