Combining Multiple Childhood Vaccines Not Safe According to Medical Research Journalist

According to medical research journalist Neil Z. Miller combining multiple childhood vaccines is not safe and can have various adverse side effects. Miller wrote in the summer issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons a widely respected medical journal.


“Although CDC recommends polio, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, rotavirus, Haemophilus influenzae type B, and pneumococcal vaccines for two-, four-, and six-month-old infants, this combination of eight vaccines administered during a single physician visit was never tested for safety in clinical trials,” Miller wrote. “This is at odds with a CDC report which found that mixed exposures to chemical substances and other stress factors, including prescribed pharmaceuticals, may produce ‘increased or unexpected deleterious health effects.’”
~Neil Z. Miller

Miller used the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to show the likelihood of hospitalization or death for an adverse reaction to multiple vaccines.
VAERS is used by the CDC and is considered an “important vaccine safety assessment tool the CDC regularly conducts its own studies using VAERS data” according to Miller.

Miller looked at the percent of reported reactions that involved hospitalization or death related to the number of vaccine doses an infant had received, and approximately what age the infant was given the doses of vaccines.

“Our study showed that infants who receive several vaccines concurrently…are significantly more likely to be hospitalized or die when compared with infants who receive fewer vaccines simultaneously It also showed that reported adverse effects were more likely to lead to hospitalization or death in younger infants.”
~Neil Z. Miller

In a previous article we looked at the movie VAXXXED and the factual information concerning the possibility that MMR vaccines can cause autism as well as the fact the Polio vaccine costed many people their lives when it was administered and gave thousands of people cancer. Dr. Andrew Wakefield who has been ridiculed for his own study on childhood vaccines and their safety had his study retracted from the Lancet medical journal. Will the Journal of American Physicians censor and retract Neil Z. Miller’s study too? Time will tell but what is for sure is when information on our children’s health and well being is suppressed any good parent who cares about the safety of their children should be outraged by this study and the study that Dr. William Thompson said the CDC committed fraud on.
These are our kids that the government are experimenting on we deserve to know what’s safe and what’s not, and not be in the dark.

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Oregon Man Finds Porta-Potty Filled to the Brim With Marijuana

An Oregon man made quite the discovery this week when he found a massive marijuana crop stashed inside a porta-potty at a local park.


The unidentified man was walking his dog at a Rogue River park when he made the shocking discovery in the portable bathroom. Instead of leaving it alone or cashing in, the man reported the find to the police, who have stated it is the largest seizure of the plant that their department has ever made.


A man walking his dog through Anna Classick Park this morning just before 9am, stopped to use the Porta-Potty next to the tennis courts…and found this. Got marijuana? We Do!” Rogue River Police wrote on their Facebook page on Wednesday, with five photos of the weed.

One helpful resident offered to help the department out, commenting on their post that she specializes “in weed eradication and i can help make it disappear as a service to the community.”

The outdoor toilet had reportedly been checked by a public works employee three hours prior to the weed discovery, and was empty at the time. There were also people playing tennis nearby, though they told police that they did not see anything suspicious.

On Thursday morning, Chief Ken Lewis stated that the police still do not know how the marijuana ended up in the potty, or why. He floated theories from the toilet being a pick up point for a sale to a disgruntled citizen protesting all the marijuana grows in the area.

In a sad sight for stoners everywhere, the department also updated their page with the status of the weed in the mid-afternoon.

Oregon Weed

Oregon Weed

“Well, all good things must come to an end, and this is how the marijuana from yesterday’s “The Fresh Connection” case ended up this morning after being run through the city’s wood chipper. It is now green mulch. Let’s just hope we don’t get some suspicious looking green plants coming up through the ground next year at the city’s Public Works yard,” the department wrote, including photos of the destroyed plants.

Oregon was the first state to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, as well as one of the first to legalize it for medicinal purposes. In 2015, the state declared marijuana sales legal to recreational users from dispensaries.

Cultivation of marijuana for non-medical purposes has been legal in the state since 2014.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, and Bipartisan Report.

CENSORED Movie VAXXXED Now Available To Rent And Stream

The controversial movie about the CDC whistle-blower VAXXXED is now available to rent and stream until September at your home so see the film the main stream press has covered up. Even Robert De Niro who censored the film at the Tribeca film festival regretted censoring it after his own autistic son changed overnight after he received a MMR vaccination injection.

“Everybody doesn’t seem to want to hear much about it. And you guys are the ones who should do the investigation,” De Niro challenged. Regarding another film about autism that is showing at Tribeca, De Niro said “it’s not questioning how some people got autism, how the vaccines are dangerous for certain people who are more susceptible. Nobody seems to want to address that, or they say it’s a closed issue but it doesn’t seem to be. There is more to this than meets the eye, believe me.”
~Robert De Niro



The argument is that MMR vaccines potentially cause autism which before prior the Polio vaccine SV40 is documented on record to have costed people their lives and caused cancer by the CDC themselves now deleted page which you can confirm existed using’s time machine. Also here’s more evidence SV40 has been detected in some human tumors.



So what is the probability that the MMR vaccine causes autism is there any research that suggest MMR could potentially cause autism in kids? Yes there is a ton of evidence including – court cases, various studies, whistle-blowers and quotes by Health community officials themselves.

This is all on record if you really want to dig. But I figured id do the digging for you documenting all this in one place with the VAXXXED movie itself so you can follow along and check my research and understand where all this comes from decide for yourself despite a senior CDC official saying it with 1,000 documents to back his claims.

This issue isn’t new it’s been known since the 1960’s that MMR causes autism has admitted this publicly.

“Rubella (congenital rubella syndrome) is one of the few proven causes of autism”
~Walter A. Orenstein, M.D., former Assistant Surgeon General and Director of the National Immunization Program, in a 2002 letter to the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

Then in 1998, a study by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and colleagues published in the respected medical journal the Lancet allegedly found a supposed link with autism and bowel disease which has since been retracted and called an elaborate fraud. Where another medical journal Mercola found that new evidence refutes fraud findings in Dr. Wakefield’s Case.

Andrew Wakefield was also the director of the censored movie VAXXXED.

In 2015, Dr. William Thompson a CDC whistle-blower confirmed the previous claims made by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 1998 who is strongly discredited.
Thompson alleges that his colleagues in a 2004 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control covered up and destroyed 2004 study documents that showed a significant link between the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) and autism in African American boys vaccinated before 36 months.

“The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism.”
~CDC Senior Scientist Dr. William Thompson

If that’s not enough after the revelation by the CDC whistle-blower other doctors have questioned the MMR vaccine’s safety. Even Dr. Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health in the UK, says “there is thousands of documents that are being ignored that prove the dangers of the MMR vaccine.”

“The refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history”
~Dr. Peter Fletcher said.

“It’s time to clean up the CDC cesspool Dr. Thompson must speak, under oath. We all need to email the Congressional Oversight and Reform Office today and request that Dr. Thompson be issued a subpoena. If the CDC intentionally hid the data that the MMR vaccine was associated with autism, then CDC heads need to roll this needs to end now!”
~Dr. Brownstein A Top Doctor said.

“Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is a neuro-immune disorder so rare, little is known about it’s effects. ADEM is a result of inflammation in the myelin sheath, which is the electromagnetic coating that protects nerves in the brain and the spinal cord. Over 50% of those afflicted with this devastating diagnosis are struck while fighting an existing bacterial or viral infection. According to the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute, ADEM will “on occasion . . . occur after a vaccination . . . usually after the MMR. Although rare, can also be triggered by a flu shot.”
~National Vaccine Injury Lawyer Leah Durant said.

The CDC whistle-blower story originated by Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS News journalist so even a former Mainstream journalist believes vaccines could have a link to autism. Another former CBS reporter and friend of We Are Change Ben Swann also exposed this story during his segment “Reality Check” and exposed the Vaccine Court established by Congress in 1985 which prevents people injured by vaccines from suing vaccine companies on his Truth in Media series.

On July 29, 2015 US Congressman Bill Posey even read William Thompson’s statement on the House floor.

There are additionally several court cases although the CDC and Pharmaceutical industry would love to have these covered up i dug them up. One MMR clinical trial’s results were faked by Big Pharma Merck. Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test results to fabricate a “95% efficacy rate.” In order to do this, Merck “spiked the blood test with animal antibodies to artificially inflate the appearance of immune system antibodies.” As reported by Another case in an Italian court in September, 2014, “ruled mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause autism” and awarded a plaintiff’s family compensation for their young boy who developed autism from a six-in-one hexavalent vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. GSK even admits INFANRIX Hexa can cause several deadly illnesses but insists that its risk-benefit profile “continues to be favorable.” In 2013, Two Kids were awarded by the vaccine court with millions confirming the MMR vaccine causes autism.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has even brought up the link between autism and the MMR vaccine saying “it’s the preservative Thiomersal in the vaccines that causes autism.” He also wrote a piece weighing in on the CDC whistle-blower entitled – “CDC’s Latest Tuskegee Experiment
African American Autism and Vaccines.”

Thiomersal isn’t the only ingredient in vaccines admittedly they even put traces of aluminum which is classified as a neurotoxin to the body and admitted that “despite using it for 90 years medical sciences understanding about using aluminum as a vaccine adjuvant is remarkably poor.”

“Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community. We hope that the present paper will provide a framework for a much needed and long overdue assessment of this highly contentious medical issue.”
~ US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health said.

I hope this has empowered you learning more about the dangers of vaccines and foreign materials you inject into your body and this helps you to make a more informed decision rent and watch VAXXXED for more on this subject. In fact doctors and scientist are worried about the MMR link to autism why shouldn’t you be? Luke has previously interviewed Dr. Brian Hooker a character in the movie hooker talked about his own son’s suffering from autism.


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Actor Woody Harrelson — Anarchist and Marijuana Advocate

Oscar-nominated actor Woody Harrelson is no stranger to controversy. In 2014, Harrelson  proclaimed himself to be an anarchist.

Harrelson has been featured in 89 different films including The Hunger Games, White Men Can’t Jump, and the 1980’s TV show sitcom “Cheers.”

He’s also been known to be an advocate for raw food and marijuana legalization, and was featured in the 2008 documentary Hempsters, planting the seed about industrial hemp alternative uses in society.


“I don’t believe in politics. I’m an anarchist, I guess you could say. I think people could be just fine looking after themselves,” ~Woody Harrelson.

Earlier this year, Woody wanted to open up a marijuana dispensary in Hawaii. In February, The Hawaii Department of Health released a list of 66 applicants who applied for it’s eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses and Harrelson was included in that list.

Applicants had to have $1 million cash just to be able to apply for the license, and they would have to pay an additional $100,000 for each dispensary they wanted to own throughout Hawaii.

While Harrelson wasn’t chosen as one of the eight people to run a dispensary on the island state, that’s not stopping Harrelson and he will continue to fight for legalization. He is a member on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) to change the laws nationwide regarding marijuana. The reason why legalization of marijuana is being fought is Big Pharma realizes that marijuana is a huge threat to their business of selling pills to customers not people. As late comedian George Carlin said “the big pharmaceutical companies want you taking more and more drugs.” They don’t want you self medicating with herbal medicine such as marijuana. In Carlin’s skit he talks about how they start us off early with drugs, conditioning us to take pills for our problems.

“It’s no accident that we’re drug oriented really, the drug companies got us that way and they’d like to keep us that way. I mean that’s a simple thing, they start you early with the oral habit, the orange flavored aspirin for children, two in the mouth son, something wrong with your head remember that son, head-mouth. These are orange there will be other colors later on.” ~George Carlin

Already 25 states and the nation’s capital have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. That list includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

As a result of legalization of medical marijuana, medicare prescriptions have dropped significantly — exactly what the big pharmaceutical companies didn’t want to happen.

When more and more celebrities like Woody Harrelson stand up and speak about legalization of marijuana and that it’s not harmful, maybe we will see legalization. Until then we will continue to lock up non-violent marijuana smokers, occupying spots that could be used for other violent offenders. We will leave you with Woody Harrelson’s hilarious cameo on Saturday Night Live — his skit about New York Mayor Bill De Blasio’s new policy on marijuana allowing smokers to have 25 grams without being arrested.

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Obama Just Signed The DARK Act Into Law That He Opposed While Campaigning

Obama signed the widely controversial DARK Act, Bill S. 764, into law last Friday, enabling GMO companies to get away with simply providing a QR code on their products for consumers with a smart phone to look up further information on what exactly they are purchasing and digesting into their bodies.


The Bill is called the DARK Act because it stifles the public’s right to know about what they are eating. DARK may as well stand for “Denying Americans the Right to Know.”

Although, Obama signed a bill that would require GMO food companies to label their products, the provisions allow the companies to use QR codes or 1-800 numbers as a form of GMO labeling, forcing consumers to scan the code or make a call to get more information instead of simply labeling the products.

It doesn’t end there – the percentage of GMOs in a food product that requires QR code labeling or 1-800 number labeling will be decided by the future Secretary of Agriculture. Meaning that once again, the big corporate giant Monsanto has found a way around labeling GMO’s. With such a broad open ended law and no legislation that regulates the labeling, GMO food companies might not have to label their products at all since the percentage of GMO’s in a given food that will have to be labeled is to be determined in the future and can be lobbied for.

The other negative side-effect to this law is that the GMO labeling legislation passed in Vermont, Maine and Connecticut is now null and void and overridden. The state laws were a stronger form of legislation and required GMO companies to label their products for all consumers and not just those who can afford smartphones to scan a QR code or call a 1-800 number while shopping in the local grocery.

The Dark ACT bill also indefinitely bans Americans from their right to vote at the state level for any sort of mandatory GMO-labeling since this is a Federal nationwide law.

An astonishing 90% of Americans want to label genetically modified foods, agreeing that they have a right to know whats in the foods they are eating. The executive director at the Center For Food and Safety has even responded with backlash towards Obama signing the DARK Act saying.

“This law is a sham and a shame, a rushed backroom deal that discriminates against low-income, rural, minority and elderly populations. The law also represents a major assault on the democratic decision making of several states and erases their laws with a vague multi-year bureaucratic process specifically designed to provide less transparency to consumers. I don’t know what kind of legacy the president hopes to leave, but denying one-third of Americans the right to know what is in the food they feed their families isn’t one to be proud of.”  ~Andy Kimbrell, executive director at the Center for Food Safety.

While GMO food companies argue it’s too expensive to label GMO foods, it is already required in 64 countries around the world and some foods are COMPLETELY BANNED in other countries.

Once again the people in the U.S. have been defeated by big corporate interests and the GMO food companies. Now that it’s federal law, citizens can only fight back legally by changing Congress to vote against the major GMO food giants.

Finally, here’s a trip down memory lane — Obama when campaigning for President promised to label GMOs. Chock that down to another broken promise by Obama. Boy oh boy did we get change.

Dark Act Apple Pie

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Six More Charged In Flint Water Crisis Still Excluding Governor Snyder

Six more state employees in two different departments were charged last Friday in the Flint water crisis. Despite their role in the negligence, Governor Snyder and his administration still remains free despite emails clearly demonstrating his aides knowingly gave dirty water to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality; The three aides, Liane Shekter Smith, Adam Rosenthal, and Patrick Cook  are yet to be convicted; additionally three others from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Nancy Peeler, Corinne Miller, and Robert Scott were charged. Residents with contaminated water even going as far as buying clean bottled water for themselves for a year. The residents have not been compensated for the annual cost of buying bottled water, or even acknowledged in their vocalized opposition to the unsafe water supply.


“Some people failed to act, others minimized harm done and arrogantly chose to ignore data, some intentionally altered figures … and covered up significant health risks”
~Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette

This brings the total number of people held accountable for Flint’s poisoned water to nine. Back in April, three other officials – Flint City employee Michael Glasgow and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality employees Steven Busch and Michael Prysby were charged for their negligence failing to protect Flint residents. Now that employees in the governor’s administration have been exposed of actively ignoring the contaminated water, implicating the governor in malicious wrong-doings as well, we can expect the issue to appear in the public spotlight under scrutiny as the situation develops.

When the decision was made (in order to save money) to switch to the Flint river water as the source of tap water,
After 50 years of using the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to filter the water, The Flint city government and Michigan state government knew that the water wasn’t safe for human consumption. Ironically the Flint and Michigan governments have created a bigger debt for themselves by this scandal estimating that the cost of the probe investigation into the misconduct by state officials may hit $5 million dollars according to the Detroit Free Press.

AG Bill Schuette, said that Nancy Peeler requested a report on blood level data for children in Flint, but the report was buried. Then Nancy Peeler and Scott allegedly produced a “bogus” report then circulated that report to Corinne Miller who then instructed others not to take action.

“This put children in the cross hairs of drinking poison.”
~Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette said.

The water in Flint has been blamed for several deaths from the lead contamination, a crisis that swept over Flint and has affected thousands of people. No matter where you are, you deserve the right to clean drinking water. The right to clean drinking water is a basic human right(as declared by the UN along with common humanity); we need water to survive it’s not a privilege, it’s a necessity.

Will this investigation probe deeper with these suspects or will they too mysteriously die like The Flint Water Treatment Plant Foreman Matthew McFarland, and the woman leading the Flint lead poisoning lawsuit Sasha Avonna Bell both were found dead in less than a week of each other. Oh but the conspiracy doesn’t end there, Flint City Hall was also broken into and documents were stolen in what Washington Post called “definitely an inside job.”

“It was somebody that had knowledge of those documents that really wanted to keep them out of the right hands, out of the hands of someone who was going to tell the real story of what’s going on with Flint water.”
~Police chief Tim Johnson, Flint, Michigan PD said.




Former chief of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance

Charges: One felony count of misconduct in office, which carries a penalty of five years in prison and/or $10,000 and one misdemeanor count of willful neglect of duty, according to a news release from Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office.

Allegations: It’s alleged that despite notice from citizens about water quality and being aware of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, Shekter Smith “not only allegedly failed to take corrective action or notify public health officials but, in fact took steps to mislead and conceal evidence from health officials in phone calls revealed by the investigation,” the release states.

Work status: Fired

MDEQ water quality analyst

Charges: Three felony charges — one count of misconduct in office, which carries a penalty of five years in prison and/or $10,000; one count of tampering with evidence, which carries a penalty of four years and/or $5,000; and tampering with evidence, which carries a penalty of four years and/or $10,000. He is also facing a misdemeanor charge of willful neglect of duty.

Allegations: It’s alleged that Rosenthal “was warned by Flint Water Treatment Plant officials that they were not ready for operations and was later warned by the EPA that high levels of lead is usually due to particulate lead, signaling a corrosion problem,” the news release from the Attorney General’s Office says. He is accused of participating in the manipulation of lead testing results.

Work status: Suspended without pay


MDEQ specialist for the Community Drinking Water Unit

Charges: One felony count each of misconduct in office and conspiracy, both of which carry penalties of five years in prison and/or $10,000; and one misdemeanor count of willful neglect of duty.

Allegations: It’s alleged that Cook was aware of water problems in Flint, “but allegedly took no corrective action in his duty to ensure the provision of clean, safe drinking water in Flint” and also is accused of misleading the Environmental Protection Agency about the necessity of using corrosion control treatments, the release from the Attorney General’s Office says.

Work status: Suspended without pay


Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services program for maternal, infant and early childhood home visiting

Charges: One felony count each of misconduct in office and conspiracy, both of which carry penalties of five years in prison and/or $10,000; and one misdemeanor count of willful neglect of duty.

Allegations: It’s alleged that Peeler requested a report on blood lead level data on Flint children, but the report — created in July 2015 and showing a spike in blood lead tests for Flint children — was “buried,” the news release from the Attorney General’s Office says. It’s alleged that Peeler and another health department employee, Robert Scott, created another report that “falsely indicated no statistically significant rise in blood lead levels of children in the summer of 2014,” according to the release.

Work status: Suspended without pay


Data manager for the MDHHS Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention program

Charges: One felony count each of misconduct in office and conspiracy, both of which carry penalties of five years in prison and/or $10,000; and one misdemeanor count of willful neglect of duty.

Allegations: It’s alleged that Scott, along with Peeler, created a report that “falsely indicated no statistically significant rise in blood lead levels of children in the summer of 2014,” the Attorney General’s Office news release says.

Work status: Suspended without pay


Former director of the Bureau of Epidemiology and State Epidemiologist

Charges: One felony count each of misconduct in office and conspiracy, both of which carry penalties of five years in prison and/or $10,000; and one misdemeanor count of willful neglect of duty.

Allegations: It’s alleged that Miller received a first report regarding blood lead levels in Flint children, “but instructed others not to take action, rebuffing other employees who asked about next steps of action,” the news release says. “The charges allege that Miller later instructed another MDHHS employee to delete e-mails concerning the original blood lead data report from July 28, 2015.”

Work status: No longer with MDHSS

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