Clinical Trial Suggests Psychedelic Drugs Could Be Used To Treat Depression and Addiction


Scientists in London recently showed the brain scan results of people under the influence of LSD.

The results revealed far more positive then negative results in the study’s 20 participants.  The study, headed by Professor David Nutt and Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation, found that LSD and the active ingredient in Magic Mushrooms called psilocybin could help depression, alcoholics and possibly even drug addictions in a way traditional methods of therapy can’t.

Another study published in 2012 headed by David Nutt suggest “magic” mushrooms expand the mind by dampening brain activity.

However, there is still one problem before treatment can be widespread – both Mushrooms and LSD are categorized as Class A drugs Hallucinogenics by the FDA and are prohibited –  which is ironic, considering its history with the CIA.

Declassified documents released in 2012 show that before LSD was a drug handed out at rock concerts in the 70’s, the CIA dosed hundreds of unwitting Americans under the umbrella of Project MKUltra.
The CIA conducted uncontrolled tests on subjects, including many who did not consent to be lab guinea pigs for the agency.

From beach goers to bars and restaurants, prostitutes and johns – even their own agents were dosed. Then they would follow their test rats around stalking them taking notes. This went on for a decade in secrecy under various operations such as Operation Midnight Climax and two hubs – one in San Francisco the other in New York City. Why would the CIA do this? Remember, this is the same agency that wanted to create lone-wolf killers under “Project Bluebird”.

LSD shortly after all this mess was classified extremely dangerous made illegal and research into its benefits of potential treatment for addictions and alcoholism was shutdown – possibly because LSD, rather than allowing the CIA to create brainwashed killers, gave people spiritual experiences.

LSD users often feel more connected to nature, the world and everything around them – renewed and refreshed with everything feeling beautiful and very vivid — seeing the grass and flowers and trees look different.

Its an experience many choose for a spiritual and psychic re-awakening.

Only now are psychedelics being recognized by scientist as being potentially helpful to mental health after the stigma’s created by the CIA’s botched experiments of bad trips.

Indian tribes have been using psychedelics for years in ceremonies – such as the famous Ayahuasca tea, which is said to make you throw up hours after consumption and have a spiritual life changing journey. Those that seek spiritual enlightenment can now pay to do so safely, at a retreat in Washington for $1,500. Cheaper then a Disney resort vacation!

Ayahuasca translates to the vine of the dead, or soul. Those who take the leap are said to experience confronting their fear of death. With so many people pushing for legalization of Marijuana – also considered to be a psychedelic – are we headed towards a push for legalization of psychedelics for medical purposes?

The more psychedelics are studied and the effects of psychedelics on the human mind are understood, the closer we come to a world where the war on drugs is near an end.

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“Moral” Veganism Makes No Sense

Dear Moral Vegans,

First off, just to clarify- I have nothing against Vegans or the Vegan Diet. This is simply about the condemnation that is often used to convey Veganism as somehow “morally and ethically superior”. I’ve been a vegan, I have vegan friends, and this has nothing to do with Veganism, per se.

We clear? Great.

Now, for those who DO moralize and condemn others on the basis of their diet, I know you mean well, but if you’re reading this right now, regardless of your particular dietary choice, you have blood on your hands just the same as meat eaters. Why? You are on the computer which means you are willfully participating in an unsustainable industrial civilization that fundamentally depends on the constant brutal invasion, destabilization, usurpation, and destruction of entire ecosystems to maintain your privileged standard of living. The amount of destruction, suffering, and death this constantly causes to ALL forms of life which is required to maintain your comfortable lifestyle is far more horrific than any meat-eating diet is responsible for.

moral vegan

I’m not saying the Veganism is “bad“, especially if you do it for physiological reasons. If your body just functions better without meat- great. More power to you. I’m specifically just talking about vegans who generalize ALL meat eating as “bad”, regardless of the context (humanely pasture raised vs. industrial slaughterhouse), and only eating plants as “good”, regardless of context (permaculture vs. industrial agriculture), and then go on to demonize meat eaters while still participating in a horrible unsustainable industrial civilization as if they’re somehow morally superior. They’re not.

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you rely on industrial agriculture because you’re not growing your own food in a sustainable permaculture garden, right? Well, industrial agriculture kills MILLIONS of mice, rats, rabbits, gophers, squirrels, birds, as well as fish, frogs, and all the inhabitants of entire ecosystems that are turned in to “dead zones” when the runoff of pesticides and fertilizer meet the water supply. Knowing this, how can any reasonable person only demonize meat-eaters for being “inhumane”?


This is just one aspect of industrial civilization. Think of all the horrible byproducts of industrial civilization: oil spills, fracking, deforestation, pollution, Paris Hilton, strip mining, radioactive disasters, systemic poverty, and the endless wars fought over resources and lies to fuel your privileged, often superfluous, indulgent lifestyle (to name a few). You’re going to contribute to all that, yet criticize meat eaters?

Most “moral vegans” conveniently ignore this fact about their society because living consistently with their “righteous” beliefs means letting go of several things: their brainwashed identification towards government, almost every modern convenience in their lives, their hopes and dreams which depend on the continuation of this all-consuming paradigm, and starting their lives all over in a way that’s truly conscientious of mitigating the suffering of any form of life on the planet.

But they’re just not willing to do that. It’s easier to just shop in a different supermarket aisle and hypocritically shame others on Facebook. When rubber hits the road for moral vegans (bad industrial puns, anyone?), morality is selectively ignored, trading convictions for convenience while cherry-picking an over-generalized non-issue which allows them to feel some semblance of moral righteousness.

It makes no sense.

Just to reiterate- Veganism, per se, works well for a lot of people and is a valid dietary choice. The problem addressed here is the moralizing condemnation double standard based on dietary over-generalizations without deeper context which is unnecessarily dividing people, wasting energy on myopic non-arguments, and distracting people from discussing more important issues. Hopefully this has helped put things in perspective so we can move beyond that boundary. Let’s please stop the dietary demonization and focus on what really matters in the bigger picture. There are way more important issues that need to take priority in the focus of our concern!

Ultimately, the only consistent “moral righteousness” to be found when it comes to your dietary choices is, A.) if your food is produced locally, humanely, and sustainably, and B.) if you’re dedicating your life to constantly healing, self-educating, and contributing back to the world with the energy you consume in order to improve the world by helping to educate and uplift others in evolving beyond the current obsolete destructive paradigm.

That’s basically what it all comes down to.

However, there’s more to the topic which is explored in the video below. Please watch it, as this article is simply an introduction.

Just some food for thought…?

(For further information and a more in-depth analysis, watch the following video I made to illustrate the point. Please thoroughly check the numerous resources listed below the video before trying to critique based on this overview.)

“The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Keith

“Lierre Keith on Food, Justice, and Sustainability”

“Endgame: The Problem With Civilization” by Derrick Jensen

“Environmentalism & Eco-Friendly Solutions”

“The Illegitimacy of Government”

“The Lost Language of Plants” by Stephen Harrod Buhner

“Plants can ‘hear’ themselves being eaten – and become defensive when attacked”

“Plants Have Feelings”

“Burying the Vegetarian Hypothesis”

“Vegan diet increases the risk of birth defects, scientists warn”

“Why Grassfed Is Best”

“Why You Should Think Twice About Vegetarian and Vegan Diets”

“The Myth of the ‘Ethical Vegan’”

“The Paleo Diet Explained”

“Nora Gedgaudas — The ‘Holy Grail’ of Primal Health: Benefits of a Fat-Based Caloric Intake for Body and Brain”

Humberto Braga is a professional visual artist, life coach, and author whose life is dedicated to facilitating an accelerated evolution of consciousness through providing practical knowledge, personal healing, social awareness, and holistic spiritual guidance towards truth, justice, freedom, and wholeness.

His work ties together several subjects and provides effective strategies to help actualize the best version of yourself and navigate the challenges of life, ranging from health, psychology, personal relationships, activism, society, government, voluntarism/ anarchism, environmentalism, paradigm shifts, metaphysics, and the hyperdimensional Matrix Control System.

Raised in Wisconsin through a very difficult childhood with only a single deaf mother, Humberto grew up constantly questioning “authority”, and seeing UFOs, extraterrestrials, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomenon which compelled him to seek answers to the deeper mysteries of life. Through willpower, research, and divine guidance, he’s transformed his life far beyond his greatest childhood dreams, and presently resides in Topanga Canyon, California, living an amazingly blessed and fulfilling life.

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UPDATE: Neil Fachon Cancer Patient Facing Death

20-year-old Neil Fachon of Road Island

GoLocalProv News Team

The FDA approved Eugene “Neil” Fachon’s last hope to live, and now they have halted the very clinical trial they had approved.

Fachon is facing a death sentence. The 20-year-old from East Greenwich has an incurable form of pediatric cancer — Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

Each year there are approximately 300 to 350 new cases of DIPG diagnosed in the U.S. — usually in children under ten. There is a zero survival rate for those diagnosed with DIPG, according to experts at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center, who spoke with GoLocal on Friday.

Fachon was diagnosed on March 4 of this year at Mass General Hospital and was told that he had approximately three months to live, according to Dean Fachon, the father of Neil.

FDA Give and Take

Once the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its blessing for a critical clinical trial and after undergoing required CT-PET, MRI and blood tests, a venous catheter was embedded in Neil’s neck near his collarbone. The catheter is used to administer the medication, which happens 6 times a day, every day, for as long as two years.

Then, after ten days of treatment in April, the FDA canceled the approval for the trial. The FDA said their “concerns stem from its re-classification as ‘ingredients’ of some of the raw materials the Burzynski Research Institute uses to synthesize antineoplastons,” according to Neil’s father.

“All we are asking for is the FDA to allow what they have already approved to go forward — it is literally our son’s last best hope,” said Neil’s father.

On Friday morning, Neil’s parents held a much delayed conference call with a review panel of five physicians that included Dr. Patricia Keegan of the FDA’s Division of Oncology Products — all to no avail. The panel refused to allow the trial to move forward.

For the Fachons, who been living in an extended stay hospital in Houston now for five weeks, the family is isolated, frustrated, and running out of hope. Family and friends in Rhode Island takecare of their home and keep a steady vigil.

Trying Every Option

The Fachon family is trying everything for their son.

“It is our sincerest hope that the people within the FDA will reconsider and reverse the decision to suspend the clinical trial Neil had been participating in. Neil is out of options, conventional treatments are ineffective and time is of the essence,” said Kathleen Hagerty, the family’s attorney. “We are prepared to petition the court if need be but would much prefer to come to a resolution with the agency that would permit Neil to resume and sustain his treatment, without which there is every reason to believe Neil will succumb to this cancer, possibly within weeks per his original diagnosis.”

United States Senator Jack Reed too has joined the effort. “We have reached out to the highest level at the FDA and have been in contact with the White House,” said Chip Unruh with Reed’s office on Friday night.

Controversial Physician is Fachon’s Last Hope

In April, Fachon was selected for an approved clinical trial by a Houston-based physician, Stanislaw Burzynski, who is the founder of the Burzynski Research Institute. Burzynski is highly controversial and now under review from the Texas Medical Board.

According to the federal government, the clinical trial, titled “A Study of Atengenal and Astugenal in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG),” which was first green-lighted in April of this year and is termed “experimental” is now marked on the website as “this study is ongoing, but not recruiting participants.”

A Newsweek article published in February of this year outlined the yin and yang of Burzynski and his controversial approaches.

“As a young doctor in the 1970s, Burzynski began treating patients with antineoplastons, a collection of peptides, amino acids and amino acid derivatives he originally isolated from blood and urine. Since then, by his reckoning, he’s used the drugs to treat over 2,300 cancer patients—though he isn’t trained as an oncologist.” The article goes on to recite his successes and the doctor’s harshest critics.

According to Burzynski’s bio, he has treated more than 8,000 patients, 2,300 for cancer, has authored more than 300 journal articles, and registered 244 patents across the world.

In a statement from the FDA on Friday night, Angela Stark said, “Regarding the FDA’s discussion with the family, the agency is continuing to work with the family to help find safe, alternate treatment options.”

Regardless of the success rate of Burzynski, the Fachon family is hoping beyond all hope that the once-approved trial can move forward.


If you would like to help Neil Fachon (story above), you can contact Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee at or call 202-225-7751 or House Switchboard…ask for House Oversight..202-224-312 and if you prefer to write a letter…Congressman J. Chaffetz, 2236 Rayburn House O. B., Washington DC, 20515 There is a need to find out why the FDA is canceling treatment on a deadly brain tumor patient. Please investigate the actions of FDA Commissioner Keegan.

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Scientists Gave Depressed Patients Psilocybin

Scientists Gave Depressed Patients Psilocybin in a First for Psychedelic Therapy

A “magic” mushroom. Patients were actually given the psilocybin in the form of capsules. Image: Martin Malec/Flickr

In a recent UK trial, 12 patients with major depression took a pill quite different to commonly prescribed antidepressants: 25mg of psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms.

Though it’s early days (the study is the first of its kind), the results of the trial are promising.

In a feasibility study published today in The Lancet Psychiatry, the researchers reported that the drug was well-tolerated by the patient group. What’s more, the results have given researchers cause for optimism about the drug’s efficacy.

“The main takeaway is that the effects are well-tolerated in this population, and not just that—the antidepressant potential of the treatment seems to be pretty considerable,” Robin Carhart-Harris, a psychopharmacologist at Imperial College in London and the lead author on the study, told me in a phone call.

All 12 of the patients reported a reduction in the severity of their depression for one week after the psilocybin experience, and for most this was true after three months. At week one, eight patients met standard criteria for remission, with five remaining in remission at three months.

“It’s hard not to get excited about the results,” said Carhart-Harris. “I keep issuing these cautionary notes about the study, encouraging people not to get carried away, and in a way that’s a note to myself as well not to get carried away, because on another level the results are pretty exciting and they kind of endorse what we’re doing and what we’ve been working on for so long.”

The trial

The trial took place in 2015, but preparations started well before then. When dealing with regulated substances such as psilocybin, it’s notoriously difficult to get approval and funding for research, and even just to get hold of the drug to the required quality (it has to be produced and prepared to exacting standards). This study was funded by the Medical Research Council with support from the Beckley Foundation.

The participants, six men and six women between the ages of 30 and 64, were carefully screened for suitability. All had major depression classed as either moderate or severe and had previously tried at least two other treatments—such as conventional antidepressants like SSRIs—and not responded.

Participants were given a safety dose of 10mg seven days before receiving the treatment of 25mg. Carhart-Harris explained that this dose was decided on in correspondence with Johns Hopkins University, which has done a lot of work in this area.

The patients were given the drug in a treatment room designed to be calming.

They relaxed on a bed with a psychiatrist on either side, and carefully-selected music playing throughout the six to seven hour trip. The psychiatrists “checked in” with the patients at regular intervals, but participants were largely left to experience their own “inner journey.” The researchers also measured physiological effects such as heart rate and blood pressure. The patients completed assessments at various points after the experience to track their response.

When I asked Carhart-Harris how it went, the first thing he said was that it was really hard work.

“It was a grueling 10 to 12 months,” he said. “It was a demanding schedule; you’re dealing with a lot of souls. And I mean it when I say it that way, because you’re not just dealing with people on a superficial level; you’re really dealing with them on the deepest possible level. They’re bearing their souls to us, and then we’re introducing a drug which puts them in a very vulnerable state where even more of their soul is revealed.

“That’s quite a heavy burden to carry,” he added. “I don’t think it’s too much to compare it to the ring in Lord of the Rings; it’s something that has an incredible power that’s recognized. This isn’t to imbue any magic into the psilocybin, but in terms of the effect, psychedelics have this immense power; they can change people, and so there was an immense burden of responsibility to do this properly.”

He said the experience was emotionally challenging, especially given patients were suffering to begin with.

Read more: How to Pick Music for People on LSD, From a Scientist Whose Job That Is

In the end, Carhart-Harris said feedback from participants was mixed. “But sometimes emphatic gratitude—I’ve got quite a few new presents on my windowsill in the office at work.”

Moving forward, he said that one area the team would focus on was the aftercare for patients following the experience. The researchers have been continuing work beyond the participants described in this study and have now worked with a total of 20 patients. They have now been following up with participants for six months, and hope to publish further findings later this year.

The effects of psychedelics

Psilocybin is of therapeutic interest in the context of depression because it affects serotonin receptors in the brain. In their paper, the researchers explain that it “has a novel pharmacology in the context of currently available antidepressant medications” because it directly affects a specific serotonin receptor (5-HT2A) which SSRIs do not. LSD also affects this receptor.

Carhart-Harris, who has recently published work on LSD in human subjects, said that psilocybin was used in this study instead of another psychedelic for a few practical reasons. The trip lasts around five to six hours—shorter than LSD—which fits well into a work day. It’s also quite easily metabolised and is not as toxic as some other similar drugs. He also thinks it is more appealing both to participants and to those approving research than something like LSD, which perhaps has a more provocative reputation. The fact that psilocybin is naturally occurring, and has been used as a medicine since ancient times, may add to this appeal. More recently, a 2011 US study found that psilocybin can help with end-of-life anxiety.

“I don’t think it’s got any edge in terms of its classic psychedelic effects, but in my view it’s no less a psychedelic than LSD or DMT, ayahuasca—it’s very much a classic psychedelic,” he said.

Using psychedelics as a treatment is particularly compelling, because the current model researchers are pursuing is to give patients the drug (in carefully orchestrated circumstances) just once, or on a few occasions.

The idea is to induce a profound psychological experience, sometimes referred to as a “peak” experience that Carhart-Harris described as a “rebooting of perspective.”

In that way, the experience is more important than the drug itself. “But the experience doesn’t happen without the drug,” he said. “Certainly something’s happening on a chemical level.”

Read more –

Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

Ocean life is dying in mass, and no one knows why ?

Are the mysterious mass die-offs in the Pacific ocean going stop, or are all the sea creatures just going to eventually go extinct? 

In the past 70 years researchers have found that there have been 727 mass die-offs of nearly 2,500 different animal species, and that they are increasing among birds, fish and marine invertebrates. The ocean is dying, by all accounts – and if so, the food supply will die along with it. The causes are numerous, and overlapping. However there has been a clear and noticeable increase in the amount of dead creatures showing up on the west coast of North America since the Fukushima disaster in March of 2011. Since then massive numbers of Pacific wildlife populations have been dying off, and in typical western establishment fashion the so called authorities have no agreed explanation for why. Such mass mortality events occur when a large percentage of a population dies in a short time frame. While the die-offs are rare and fall short of extinction, they can pack a devastating punch, potentially killing more than 90 percent of a population in one shot. However there has been no quantitative analysis of the patterns of mass mortality events among animals relating to Fukushima radiation and the main-stream media, and Government agencies seem to be ignoring the problem.

There is currently something going wrong along the American Pacific coast. Almost every day, an catastrophic animal die-off is being reported… But nobody knows why.

Here is an abbreviated list of creatures who have experienced mass die-off events since 2011-

1) Sea Stars  2) Bluefin tuna  3) Sardine, Anchovy, Herring
4) Sea Lions  5) marine birds  6) red King Crab  7) Pelicans
8) Pacific Oysters  9) Sockeye Salmon 1 0) Herring  11) plankton
12) Anchovies (again) 13) Whales  14) Tuna and Albacore 
15) Most recently Tuna Crabs. 

Natural causes in the environment are partly to blame; so too are the corporations of man; the effects of Fukushima, unleashing untold levels of radiation into the ocean and onto Pacific shores; the cumulative effect of modern chemicals and agricultural waste tainting the water and disrupting reproduction. Dead dolphins in Panama

A startling new report says in no uncertain terms that the Pacific Ocean off the California coast is turning into a desert. Once full of life, it is now becoming barren, and marine mammals, seabirds and fish are starving as a result. According to Ocean Health:

The waters of the Pacific off the coast of California are a clear, shimmering blue today, so transparent it’s possible to see the sandy bottom below […] clear water is a sign that the ocean is turning into a desert, and the chain reaction that causes that bitter clarity is perhaps most obvious on the beaches of the Golden State, where thousands of emaciated sea lion pups are stranded.

Dead fish in Chile

Over the last three years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has noticed a growing number of strandings on the beaches of California and up into the Pacific north-west. In 2013, 1,171 sea lions were stranded, and 2,700 have already stranded in 2015 – a sign that something is seriously wrong, as pups don’t normally wind up on their own until later in the spring and early summer.

“[An unusually large number of sea lions stranding in 2013 was a red flag] there was a food availability problem even before the ocean got warm.”Johnson: This has never happened before… It’s incredible. It’s so unusual, and there’s no really good explanation for it. There’s also a good chance that the problem will continue, said a NOAA research scientist in climatology, Nate Mantua.

Experts blame a lack of food due to unusually warm ocean waters. NOAA declared an El Nino, the weather pattern that warms the Pacific, a few weeks ago. The water is three and a half to six degrees warmer than the average, according to Mantua, because of a lack of north wind on the West Coast. Ordinarily, the north wind drives the current, creating upwelling that brings forth the nutrients that feed the sardines, anchovies and other fish that adult sea lions feed on.Dead turtles in Guerrero

Fox News added:

The warm water is likely pushing prime sea lion foods — market squid, sardines and anchovies — further north, forcing the mothers to abandon their pups for up to eight days at a time in search of sustenance.

The pups, scientists believe, are weaning themselves early out of desperation and setting out on their own despite being underweight and ill-prepared to hunt.


“These animals are coming in really desperate. They’re at the end of life. They’re in a crisis … and not all animals are going to make it,” said Keith A. Matassa, executive director at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which is currently rehabilitating 115 sea lion pups.

The same is true of seabirds on the Washington State coast:

In the storm debris littering a Washington State shoreline, Bonnie Wood saw something grisly: the mangled bodies of dozens of scraggly young seabirds. Walking half a mile along the beach at Twin Harbors State Park on Wednesday, Wood spotted more than 130 carcasses of juvenile Cassin’s auklets—the blue-footed, palm-size victims of what is becoming one of the largest mass die-offs of seabirds ever recorded. “It was so distressing,” recalled Wood, a volunteer who patrols Pacific Northwest beaches looking for dead or stranded birds. “They were just everywhere. Every ten yards we’d find another ten bodies of these sweet little things.”

“This is just massive, massive, unprecedented,” said Julia Parrish, a University of Washington seabird ecologist who oversees the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST), a program that has tracked West Coast seabird deaths for almost 20 years. “We may be talking about 50,000 to 100,000 deaths. So far.” (source)

100,000 doesn’t necessarily sound large, statistically speaking, but precedent in the history of recorded animDead birds in alaskaal deaths suggests that it is, in fact massive. Even National Geographic is noting that these die off events are “unprecedented.” Warmer water is indicated for
much of the starvation faced by many of the dead animals.

Last year, scientists sounded the alarm over the death of millions of star fish, blamed on warmer waters and ‘mystery virus’:

Starfish are dying by the millions up and down the West Coast, leading scientists to warn of the possibility of localized extinction of some species. As the disease spreads, researchers may be zeroing in on a link between warming waters and the rising starfish body count. (source)[…]

Dead squid in chile

Click picture for more info

The epidemic, which threatens to reshape the coastal food web and change the makeup of tide pools for years to come, appears to be driven by a previously unidentified virus, a team of more than a dozen researchers from Cornell University, UC Santa Cruz, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other institutions reported Monday. (source)

Changing temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, driven by the natural cycle of gyres over decades, shifts wildlife populations, decimating the populations of species throughout the food chain, proving how fragile the balance of life in the ocean really is.

Recently, the collapse of the sardine population has created a crisis for fisheries and marine wildlife alike on the West Coast:

Commercial fishing for sardines off of Canada’s West Coast is worth an estimated $32 million – but now they are suddenly gone. Back in October, fisherman reported that they came back empty-handed without a single fish after 12 hours of trolling and some $1000 spent on fuel.

Sandy Mazza, for the Daily Breeze, reported a similar phenomenon in central California: “[T]he fickle sardines have been so abundant for so many years – sometimes holding court as the most plentiful fish in coastal waters – that it was a shock when he couldn’t find one of the shiny silver-blue coastal fish all summer, even though this isn’t the first time they’ve vanished.” [emphasis added]

“Is it El Nino? Pacific Decadal Oscillation? [La] Nina? Long-term climate change? More marine mammals eating sardines? Did they all go to Mexico or farther offshore? We don’t know. We’re pretty sure the overall population has declined. We manage them pretty conservatively because we don’t want to end up with another Cannery Row so, as the population declines, we curb fishing.” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) official Kerry Griffin. (source)

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the worst events have wiped out 90% of animal populations, falling short of extinction, but creating a rupture in food chains and ecosystems.

And environmental factors are known to be a factor, with pollution from chemicals dumped by factories clearly tied to at least 20% of the mass die off events of wildlife populations that have been investigated, and many die offs implicated by a number of overlapping factors. TheDaily Mail reported:

Mass die-offs of certain animals has increased in frequency every year for seven decades, according to a new study.

Researchers found that such events, which can kill more than 90 per cent of a population, are increasing among birds, fish and marine invertebrates.

The reasons for the die-offs are diverse, with effects tied to humans such as environmental contamination accounting for about a fifth of them.

Farm runoff from Big Agra introduces high levels of fertilizers and pesticides which createoxygen-starved dead zones which fish and aquatic live is killed off. Also preset in agriculture waste are gender bending chemicals like those found in Atrazine, used in staple crop production, and antibiotics and hormones, used in livestock production, which creates hazardous runoff for fish populations:

Livestock excrete natural hormones – estrogens and testosterones – as well as synthetic ones used to bolster their growth. Depending on concentrations and fish sensitivity, these hormones and hormone mimics might impair wild fish reproduction or skew their sex ratios. (source)

Pharmaceutical contaminants are also to blame for changing the sex of fish and disrupting population numbers, while a study found that the chemicals in Prozac changed the behavior of marine life, and made shrimp many times more likely to “commit suicide” and swim towards the light where they became easy prey.

Fish farms also introduce a large volume of antibiotic and chemical pollution into oceans and waterways:

The close quarters where farmed fish are raised (combined with their unnatural diets) means disease occurs often and can spread quickly. On fish farms, which are basically “CAFOs of the sea,” antibiotics are dispersed into the water, and sometimes injected directly into the fish.

Unfortunately, farmed fish are often raised in pens in the ocean, which means not only that pathogens can spread like wildfire and contaminate any wild fish swimming past – but the antibiotics can also spread to wild fish (via aquaculture and wastewater runoff) – and that’s exactly what recent research revealed. (source)

Mass die offs of fish on the Brazilian coastline have linked to pollution from the dumping of raw sewage and garbage.

last year it was reported that a massive die off of bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico was connected by researchers to BP’s Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Evidence was found in a third of the cases of lesions in the adrenal gland, an otherwise rare condition linked with petroleum exposure. More than a fifth of the dolphins also suffered bacterial pneumonia, causing deadly lung infection that is likewise rarely seen in dolphin populations.

This week we saw the latest victim of this, “the largest oceanic extinction level event since the last ice age”, when millions of tuna crab mysteriously washed up along beaches of Ensenada, Mexico.

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After California, this latest mass die-off was reported in Ensenada, Baja California on May 14, 2016, where beaches turned completely red!

See the complete list of all the reported mass animal deaths for 2015 and 2016 by clicking the year.

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Millions of tuna crab die mysteriously along blood red beaches of Ensenada, Mexico

Unprecedented Mass Die Offs as Pacific Ocean “Turning Into a Desert” Off California Coast



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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force & Without Their Knowledge

Article Via. Jefferey Jaxen – Health Impact News

“Nurse turned whistleblower Michelle Rowton told of a callous medical system that regularly and inhumanly chooses to give the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule to premature infants causing massive increases in severe and life threatening adverse reactions.”

All the momentum, consciousness and continual discussion around truth and education related to vaccine injury has never been greater. Parents and communities have taken the initiative to find answers for their sons and daughters who’ve suffered severe adverse events from immunization.

Evaporating fast are the days of dead end solutions and pharmaceutical answers provided by mainstream medicine’s limited toolbox. Like an untamable ripple effect, this awakening has also encompassed the discussion around mandatory vaccination, lack of informed consent, pharmaceutical control of American healthcare and an overall lack of health freedom currently resting on a slippery slope.

The U.S. mainstream medical system and healthcare are failed establishments that have drifted away from healing to become profit-based outlets dispensing inferior and outdated pharmaceutical products. The historical direction has been clear to anyone paying attention and now it appears that the beginning of some tipping point has arrived. What it means and where it will lead is unknown. Yet the status quo of business as usual is changing moving forward as medical whistleblowers come forward and communities recoil against their loss of heath freedom.

In two short years much has changed as a result of a countrywide mobilization fueled by the whistleblowing admission of Dr. William Thompson. Known as the CDC whistleblower, Dr. Thompson went pubic recounting — in detail — his experience about research fraud within the U.S. Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention. The documentary film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe supercharged the focus on the CDC’s troubled vaccine division and simultaneously exposed a heavily controlled and censored mainstream media in the U.S.
Recently, another medical/health whistleblower made immediate waves by publicly recounting her continued experiences witnessing daily routine vaccine injury in U.S. hospital neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Nurse whistleblower Michelle Rowton told of a callous medical system that regularly and inhumanly chooses to give the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule to premature infants causing massive increases in severe and life threatening adverse reactions. According to Rowton, the attending doctors and medical staff have made these routine, medically incompetent actions into jokes to be laughed at on the hospital floor and in break rooms.

Forced Flu Vaccinations

In the age of information, the incidences of whistleblowers are increasing. As health freedom and informed consent is eroding at breakneck speeds, those left with ethics, courage and humanity within such a system are keeping quiet no longer. Meeting on the first Friday of each month, the Talk About Curing Autism’s Pennsylvania chapter support meeting gathers to provide education, support and resources for families that are in need.

At a recent meeting that took place during the first week of May, a nurse was filmed using the live streaming app Periscope warning of forced flu vaccinations occurring in U.S. hospitals. In addition, the nurse gave possible solutions to the unaware, targeted public in an effort to preserve their informed consent and avoid unwanted adverse reactions. According to the new nurse whistleblower:

Since the Affordable Care Act came out, we are now — as nurses — required to ask every single patient when they come to the hospital if you’ve had your flu vaccine or your pneumococcal vaccine. If you say no to either one of those, in the computer, an order will generate that says we need to give you this vaccine. We don’t need to speak to a doctor…it’s hospital policy. It’s now health department policy that we now have to give you the vaccine.

New Signed Consent for Hospital Services Includes Vaccines – But Patients Unaware They are Granting Such Consent

The bigger, headline-making story was made as the nurse whistleblower continued:

When you go to the hospital if you need surgery — say you need a knee replacement surgery — first they’re going to ask you if you’ve had your vaccines. You’re going to say no. Then they’re going to say you need to sign this consent if you’re going to have surgery…you need to sign a consent. In the consent, there’s a word call ‘biogenics [biologics]’ and if you sign the consent saying ‘I consent for you to give me biogenics [biologics]’ — that basically means that they can give you anything that they deem necessary including vaccines. So if you say that you didn’t get a flu shot and it’s flu season and you sign the consent saying I agree to biogenics [biologics], they will give you a vaccine even when you’re under anesthesia because you already signed the consent.

How do hospitals inform the patient they have just partaken in a medical procedure (immunization) having inherent risks without being given proper informed consent? According to the nurse whistleblower, hospitals approach the subject by telling patients the following:

Unless you go and get your medial records, you will not know you got a flu vaccine. They [the hospital] may tell you at the end ‘oh by the way, you’re now covered, you’ve had the flu vaccine or you got the pneumococcal vaccine.’


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Vaccines Forced on Patients Who do not Want Them in U.S. Hospitals

Is this really happening? Certainly people would be talking if it was. The nurse whistleblower goes further saying:

Two people now have reported to me last week saying that they got the vaccine; they did not want the vaccines. They did not know that the word biogenics [biologics] meant they’re going to get a vaccine.

So how can people protect themselves? According the nurse, perhaps a simple strategy can instantly combat this push towards forced vaccination now happening in U.S. hospitals. She warns:

When you sign consent for surgery, you can specifically say ‘no vaccines, I don’t want this.’ You can write an initial after what you say you do not want and they have to honor that. And if they don’t honor that, they can be sued.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines biologics using the following statements:

Biological products include a wide range of products such as vaccines….In contrast to most drugs that are chemically synthesized and their structure is known, most biologics are complex mixtures that are not easily identified or characterized.

It should be noted that the Department of Justice publishes a quarterly list of vaccine severe adverse reaction settlements and injuries. The majority of the vaccine injuries contained on the DOJ’s list are a direct result of the flu shot.

In addition, the effectiveness of the flu shot last year was 23 percent according to official CDC statistics. During manufacturing of the flu shot, the CDC and drug maker take a guess at what flu strains may be prominent for the coming year’s flu season.

Due to this fact, every flu shot is different from the previous years and therefore untested. Since the ingredients are always changing, there is no time for true safety studies to be performed. Each year, individuals undergoing the medical procedure of vaccination are considered the final phase of public safety testing for an unproven pharmaceutical product.

Furthermore, denying the patient this knowledge — and access to the manufacturer’s insert before injection — constitutes a laundry list of broken medical ethics agreements and violations of international codes protecting humans against forced medical experimentation.

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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

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