Hope Drunk Time Machine Barack Obama Inauguration

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This is never before seen footage of Luke Rudkowski at the 2009 inguaration of Barack Obama. In the belly of the beast Washington D.C and at the height of Obama’s popularity, Luke decided to go one on one with his supporters in an attempt to warn them for things to come.

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  • Jamal B.

    It’s a vicious cycle. This video saddens me because even though the President blatantly lies to us, these people only voted for Obama because of his skin color, I know it. I’m African American and I know that the President does not care about the people no matter what skin color. I heard it all throughout my city that Obama was going to change everything and look where we are now. Nothing has changed and it has only gotten worse. People just want to hear what they want to hear and block out the real hard hitting truths. True change is extremely difficult when people don’t even want to change themselves. It’s a vicious cycle…

  • Niko Keränen

    You can’t always know what the outcome of political decisions will be?! What in the unholy name of Fuck?! Yes you can and do, infact, know. They know exactly what their decisions will do and they love it. They love the fact that they can make any decisions they want and get away with it, no matter how destructive the outcome is to the general population. They love to hold peoples lives in their grasp and give them a good squeeze once in a while, which is way more than often nowadays.

    You, an individual, part of the American people, MUST join in the fight and help take back what is rightfully Yours. Help put an end to tyranny and oppression. By helping to free Your country You participate in saving the whole world from succumbing under NWO and WW3!

    I hope and trust that You will conquer this threat and wish You the best of luck in Your struggle!

    Passionately fighting alongside You, Niko Keränen, Finland

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