Jon Stewarts Executive Producer Arrested for Assaulting 911 Activist

Matt Meyer

We Are Change NY
October 28, 2010

It has been remarked that “all the world loves a clown”. Thinking back to Stephen King’s Pennywise or John Wayne Gacy’s Pogo that might be debatable, but it is probably at least true that most people enjoy some form of well crafted humor or good satire. With that in mind many people may scratch their heads wondering why comedic talk show host Jon Stewart would be the recipient of serious questions regarding his stance on the events of September 11, 2001. Those same people may also scratch their heads wondering how, or even become angry at the suggestion that Jon Stewart’s Daily Show is simply another layer of misinformation laid out by the corporatocracy to be mindlessly absorbed by the zombified “moderate liberal” segment of the well-trained population. The theses submitted for your approval here are that 1.) Jon Stewart is a well entrenched member of the establishment’s mainstream media propaganda machine. 2.) The people putting on the “Rally to Restore Sanity” are the complete antithesis of what they claim to be – peaceful moderates who would rather talk things out and listen to the ideas of others. And, 3.) the Daily Show actually employs angry, sometimes violent, anti-American radicals and globalists who peddle the REAL conspiracy theories concerning U.S. domestic and foreign policy, geopolitics and science. Their conspiracy theories are then given a humorous spin and represented by funny pictures or captions on The Daily Show. These “funny” graphics are then placed next to Jon Stewart’s face so he can proceed to mug, smirk and feign outrage, ultimately resulting in applause and laughter from his obedient audience. But in the end it’s not real news, it’s not fake news, it’s propaganda peppered with jokes.

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One month ago I was punched in the face by the executive producer of the Daily Show. I also had my camera damaged by another Daily Show writer, and had my shirt torn by Jon Stewart’s security guard. Jon Stewart and the writers and staff of the Daily Show were appearing at a popular book store in Manhattan to present and sign copies of their new book of humorous pictures and captions. I was moved to peacefully confront Jon and ask him a few questions after watching his show a few nights earlier. On the September 16th installment of The Daily Show, before a gushing and edge-free interview with notorious criminal Bill Clinton, Jon announced his “Rally to Restore Sanity”. He billed this as a rally for which people should “use indoor voices” and “take it down a notch for America”. It was clear that this “Rally to Restore Sanity” was, in part, to be a mockery of the now co-opted and neo-conned Tea Party movement and its successful rallies featuring Glenn “the Judas Goat” Beck and the Palin the Pied Piper of soccer moms. It was also designed to poke fun at the more vocal elements of the anti-war movement. Essentially, the Daily Show had cooked up a rally for wishy-washy people who believed that other people were “insane” for being enraged by a corrupt and out-of-control government that increasingly ignores We the People, while bowing to Wall Street bankers, corporate interests and the military-industrial complex. Jon’s rally was to be for those who think injustice, theft and mass murder should just be laughed off (and that sarcasm is what should pass for humor). Getting upset and then vocalizing it using the first amendment, apparently, were the actions of lunatics. Once again a mainstream media talking head was reminding us that the first amendment should really be used to express popular and benign ideas, not controversial ones. These stand-down orders disturbed me, especially in the wake of a watered-down liberty movement, but the “joke” that encouraged me to take action was Jon’s mock protest sign suggesting that “9/11 was an OUTSIDE job”. He was not, by the way, suggesting Israeli Mossad or British MI6 involvement. He was goofing on the many concerned, often credible individuals who reject the ridiculous and impossible “official story” of 9/11. Again, it was “insane” to question 9/11’s official fable about cavemen with box cutters defeating a multibillion dollar defense, defying the laws of physics in the process. Yes, the hundreds of well-known military, intelligence service, and government officials, the engineers and architects, the pilots and professors, the members of media, artists and entertainers, the family members and survivors who rejected this nonsense – were all insane according to him. This was quite a dismissive and insulting statement by the diminutive comedian, but to his credit he did not launch into a clichéd “tin foil hat” reference. Still, I decided that I would question Jon when the opportunity came about.

The Incident
In the past I have peacefully confronted a number of well-known politicians and members of the mainstream media on both sides of the false left-right political spectrum about 9/11(Michael Moore, Sean Hannity, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Jimmy Carter, etc..). I’ve been shoved by cops and security, but never punched in the face before. On the evening of September 27th, 2010, I left work and headed alone to the Manhattan book store where Jon and the Daily Show writers were signing their new book. I happened to run into Luke Rudkowski and some other fellow members of We Are Change NYC in the bookstore, also hoping to question Jon. When I got the opportunity I asked Jon a polite, albeit unpopular question about his take on 9/11 truth.  He and the crowd mocked me and I left, heading down the escalator and outside the store. Some We Are Change NYC acquaintances and I were outside the store, hoping to ask Jon Stewart a follow up question. Instead, The Daily Show staff and writers came out before Jon.  The executive producer of the Daily Show, Rory Albanese, was belligerent and taunted us. He immediately used a common tactic of those who want to defeat the 9/11 truth argument without actually using facts – he used emotional appeal, telling us that we were disrespecting the victims’ families. Like many who use this ad hominem approach he ignored the fact that 9/11 victims’ families started the 9/11 truth movement. It is important to note that Albanese put his hands on me twice by this point, lightly shoving my body as well as my hand holding a camera. He stated that he would put his hands on me if he so chose. He was also looking to fight with others, and mentioned that he wanted to punch a We Are Change member’s face because of his “knowledge”. Soon after, another writer for the show, named J.R. Havlan, was engaged in a heated exchange with another We Are Change member, Matt Lepacek.  I was videotaping with my handheld camera as Havlan suddenly reached past two people to grab it – and proceeded to press and twist the viewfinder.  He succeeded in damaging the camera, so I repeatedly asked him why he did it and suggested that he might have to pay for the damaged property. He walked briskly away.

Believing that the camera was irreparably broken, I put it in my pocket.  Luke and the others with cameras had not made their way down the block just yet. I was walking along with Havlan and a few other writers as we all made our way down the sidewalk.  There was some general body bumping made towards me by some of the staff and writers, telling me to “just walk away” (although admittedly, they were not as physically imposing as the bad guys from The Road Warrior).  Once again, the aforementioned Rory Albanese was before me, blocking my path as Havlan crossed the street.  I did nudge him out of my personal space without much force, as I reached into my pocket to once again inspect my camera and see if I could use it.  Without warning Albanese landed a right handed, closed fist to the side of my face, which I did not see coming.  By all definitions it was a “sucker punch”. I was stunned momentarily and when I came to, he had moved down the block, about twenty feet away.  I did react defensively at first and did suggest that I was going to hit him back, but Jon Stewart’s security guard “Brian” grabbed me in a bear hug from behind.  I threw him off and he grabbed me again, ripping my shirt in the front.  Two other men stood between me and Albanese telling me to “just walk away”.  At this point Luke arrived, helped calm me down and urged me to not hit Albanese, which I agreed to. (I was reminded of the arrest and false charges put on We Are Change’s Gary Talis, who was eventually cleared of the charge of assaulting a woman in a wheel chair, as well as the false terrorist charges placed against We Are Change L.A.’s Bruno Bruhwiler.)  As I saw Albanese making his way around the corner I told an acquaintance to call the cops to report the assault, which was done.

My face was bruised and cut and I had a scratch on my nose.  Albanese, I was told, made his way to a local bar.  A while later he returned, right before the cops arrived.  We both approached the police – reporting different stories.  His consisted of me pushing him with two hands for no reason, when the reality was that he had already put his hands on me, had been harassing me, was blocking my path so his fellow Daily Show writer could leave, invaded my personal space, and then sucker punched me before taking off. Albanese was put in handcuffs and brought to the 14th street precinct.  I was brought separately, where I gave my statement and a photo of my wounds was taken.  Although I was told I would hear from the D.A. I never did.

One month later my cuts and bruises have healed, and I have realized it would be fruitless and a waste of time and money to pursue the matter. The important fact was that this incident was documented, and the NYPD (whose general attitude toward We Are Change is completely different than it was five years ago) helped make that happen. This is about a much larger point. The people holding the “Rally to Restore Sanity” are not moderate, rational or sane. Allow me to present that case.

The Reality About the People Who Want to “Restore Sanity”
Since 1999, Political satirist Jon Stewart has hosted The Daily Show on Comedy Central, owned by Viacom – the fourth largest media conglomerate in the U.S. Jon has gained considerable attention and respect for his ability to “deliver truth through humor”. Many articles have been written about how his Daily Show delivers and assesses the news more accurately than the networks and cable. In recent times Jon was credited by the Huffington Post, NPR and other left-leaning outlets for his “hard hitting” interview with Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. Now to be sure, Cramer is a suspect individual who is alleged to have used his show to “pump and dump” stocks (not mentioned by Jon). However, while Stewart took on Cramer for putting entertainment before journalism, did we ever hear Jon mention the Chief Operating Officer of the NYSE who presided over the infamous “flash crash” of May, 2010 – who just happened to be his brother, Larry Leibowitz? (Jon changed his last name.) Certainly not. On the day of that “flash crash” Jon had some pretty good zingers about “fat fingers”, but alas an opportunity for some real insight from a real insider – his brother – was passed over. Larry Leibowitz is a former international investment banker who has served on a number of market and industrial committees, and again – is the current COO of the NYSE.

It is openly admitted that chicken hawk neoconservatives like William Kristol love doing The Daily Show, where Stewart might make them mildly uncomfortable for a minute, before jumping past the really hard hitting questions and shaking their hands with a smile. In the spirit of his “moderate liberalism” he has given a pass on real issues and war crimes to the likes of Doug Feith, John Bolton and Condoleeza Rice among others. How could a “sane” person joke around with the architects of an illegal, unjustified war that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of innocent people being dead? If neocons love doing his show, one can only imagine how the eugenics loving globalists who pose as concerned liberals on his show feel about it (Clinton, Gates, Gore, etc.). For proof of a globalist connection to the Daily Show, one need go no further than one of the show’s Emmy Award winning writers, Kevin Bleyer, who is a member of the globalist round table group known as the Council on Foreign Relations, whose stated mission can only be described as the erosion of U.S. sovereignty. His Wikipedia entry proudly boasted about his CFR membership until recently, but it can still be confirmed elsewhere, like on the CFR’s own website and Bleyer’s Facebook page in which two of his five “likes” are the CFR and Foreign Affairs, the CFR’s publication. In addition, Bleyer (who was one of the writers present on the night I was assaulted) is a Truman National Security Fellow, an organization that “recruits, trains, and positions progressives across America to lead on national security”. It appears that Bleyer is positioned nicely. One of the Truman National Security Project’s objectives is Operation Free, a particular project that “organizes military veterans to speak out on issues of climate change and sustainable energy security”. One can assume that Bleyer will not be writing any comedic exposes of “Climate Gate” anytime soon. He may, though, continue to write jokes for Barack Obama as he has done in the past – another instance that makes one consider possible conflicts of interest for The Daily Show and its true range of political satire.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with the peaceful assembly of individuals to support any cause. However, as individuals it is important to closely inspect those who are “rallying the troops”, whether it’s Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or even Jon Stewart. The establishment loves to make reference to Hitler and the Nazis, but it may be appropriate here to point out that the people standing and saluting at Nazi rallies actually adored Hitler – and by no means were they all evil people. They were just misled. I believe the people attending the “Rally to Restore Sanity” are being misled – once again. What is being advertised as a gathering of moderate and sensible people to laugh away the implosion of the Constitution and the dollar, has actually been designed to dull the senses so as to repress the most sane reactions to looking at the state of our Union, which should be anger, frustration and a steadfast resolve to fight.

In April of 2009 Jon Stewart was completely honest, before retreating back behind the flashing, pixilated curtain he helps hold in place. In an interview with CFR and Project for a New American Century member Clifford May, Jon rebutted the neocon’s defense of George W. Bush by stating that Harry S Truman was in fact a war criminal for his part in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Considering the thousands of innocent Japanese civilians who were vaporized or radiated to death, it is difficult for any “sane” person to argue that Truman was anything less than a mass murderer, let alone a war criminal. Yet only a couple of days later in a cringe-worthy display, Jon pathetically apologized for calling Harry a war criminal, explaining that it was a “dumb” and “stupid” thing to say. Even Robert McNamara admits that the only thing that saved Harry and his crew from not being labeled “war criminals” was that they won the war. Never the less, maybe Jon really had a change of heart, or maybe he didn’t want to insult his writer Kevin Bleyer, the Truman National Security Fellow. I guess only an insane conspiracy theorist would ponder such things.

  • abby

    Wow, I can’t believe the aggression coming from those people. Thanks for exposing how psychotic the writers for Jon Stewart are.

  • Satya Graha

    Great job Team Truth.

    I once thought Jon Stewart was willing to look at reality.

  • MrXYZ

    So basically, you post this now, an ENTIRE MONTH after it happened. You also had cuts and bruises that took a month to heal (fyi, I Thai box…if it takes a month to heal, it’s severe), yet don’t say anything about the outcome of charges. And you just happen to post that a day before the rally.

    Nice propaganda post, makes your organization look a bit “dodgy” tbh…

  • somedude

    it sucks you got sucker punched in the face. good for you for not getting in a fight.

    his rally is somewhat offensive. but its for people who dont care. a lot of america just doesnt care.

    strange that stewart makes fun of 911 protesters but not tea party protestors tho.

    i dont like stewarts mugging. i think kilborn had a little more class for the show.

  • Gregger

    Excellent composure gents.

    No need to stoop to their level.

    I’m continually impressed with the good work of our Members world wide.

    Keep up the good fight.

    Much Respect,

    WAC Victoria

  • glorp

    It is only pity I feel for you lonely, stupid people

  • Karmakaze

    Basically, you thought your camera was broken, so you put it away just in time for you to admittedly lay your hands on someone else and them to allegedly punch you. No footage, just your word against his?

    You admit you pushed him. You admit to harassing him in the street before you pushed him. You admit to trying to attack him after he allegedly punched you.

    In the video, Stewart actually asked the crowd to allow whoever was yelling (I assume it wasn’t you) to ask the questions. He answered them, then whoever it was flipped out because the answers were perfectly reasonable and started simply shouting slogans.

    There is no indication you or anyone else was thrown out. You were simply confronted by a crowd that found your questions and outbursts amusing. This seems to have pissed you off, so you decided to try and confront Stewart on the street. You and your friends intentionally got as provocative as possible, one of you even telling them that he wanted one of the writers to touch him so he could press assault charges. The video makes it absolutely clear that you and your friends were trying to provoke a fight so that you could film it.

    And then conveniently… all the cameras we can see suddenly disappear just in time for you to be assaulted?

    I don’t believe it for a second. I have no doubt you got one of your friends to hit you so that you could claim to have been assaulted.

    The first clue was just how many times you told us you were peaceful… even when we can clearly see you weren’t. The second was the taunts of wanting to film them assaulting you. The last was the fact that you totally failed to do so, even though it is clear that not only you but others had cameras and yet conveniently they are all switched off or absent at the moment when you are allegedly assaulted.

    Your set up failed. You then decided to fake it.

    I don’t believe the producer was arrested at all. You have film of him talking to police, then of a car driving away. You never thought to film him being arrested? The part one of you said at the very beginning you were trying to capture on film? That’s twice where you made a claim that conveniently has no corresponding footage.

    So I searched Google’s news feed and guess what? Not one mention of a Daily Show producer being arrested. Not even from Fox News, who would be all over this.

    You’re a pack of liars. Your own words and footage prove it.

  • Re-edit

    Your video cuts out heaps of the scuffles & insults Its hard to see who was acting more childish

  • Investigate NWO/globalists

    Rather bizarre incident. Lot’s of unanswered questions too.

    Why did Albanese hysterically go berserk on you like that? Did he really think he could sucker-punch you with video cameras rolling & get away with it? I would have fully pressed charges & perused assault & battery against him all the way. Why did you guys sit on this incident for a month?

  • Laura

    Seriously? You got all that on camera, but NOT the actual punch in the face? You guys are so full of poop.

  • Vance Green

    You should have pressed charges, you may have been able to sue albanese, comedy central and john stewart! Whenever a celebrities security guards have roughed someone up, it has typically been the celebrity held to account. You should have leveraged that position to force comedy central and john stewart to have you on the show. When asked by their lawyer what it would take for you to go away, you could have wisely taken advantage of the position by having them purchase a new camera for you, and havd you as a guest on the show to get an apology, speak your piece and rebut stewart’s poster. You could have been the good guy, by saying you don’t want the guy to be fired, though he should be! C’mon, an aide gets canned for showing a message during a debate, but this guy keeps his job after assaulting someone?! This was eerily reminiscent of mike tyson assaulting mitch green [allegedly for no reason]. Getting socked for 9/11 truth was big news! You could have rode this wave all the way to stewart’s show! You blew an opportunity to get 9/11 truth back on mainstream tv [albeit, I’ll totally understand if ‘comedy central’ isn’t exactly considered mainstream]. Point is, any smart lawyer would make their client settle a case like this, and you would have had all the power in the world to dictate the terms of the settlement, including but not limited to, an appearance on stewart’s show!! Members of Lawyers for 9/11 Truth certainly would have been on board to help, and there’s no doubt that the public would have donated to your legal fund to get this case off the ground for the sake of pressuring them to have you…9/11 Truth on their show! You blew a tremendously advantageous opportunity!!


    Vance Green

  • Dragos

    Much support for what you are doing. Great job! the most honorable one.

    Blessings, and know that all is well. It is already done :)

    Dragos / Romania

  • $cott Thoma$

    Oh boo fucking hoo. I’d punch you too if I had a chance. Stop hijacking other peoples events you attention whore.

  • Libertarian

    It looks like the “chosen ones” are getting very nervous and lashing out at anyone who questions the 9/11 “official fairy tale”. That’s because they KNOW Israel did 9/11 and are actively ASSISTING in the cover-up.

  • http://-- Malik

    Good job Luke. May be the force is with you.

  • Blazing Saddles

    They are Jews–what do you expect? Jews are easily roused to violence and intimidation.

  • Bob

    You’re an idiot. An utter fucking idiot. And your website is idiotic like your provocation of people who had nothing to do with anything. You’re brain is warped and you need help. The end. I win.

  • dorian

    truth be told, i was actually interested in the 9/11 truth movement until you did this.
    how rude of you to interrupt when another person is celebrating and achievement then have the audacity to return to them thinking you would be met with a joking smile. this is just as bad was when Joe Wilson outbursted during Obama’s speech.
    it’s fine to speak a message, but at an appropriate time.

  • Rob Cypher

    My bet is that they sat on it for a month because they thought the camera was either broken at the time when it really wasn’t. ;)

  • seth prince

    i hope you sue albanese for assault, and the bodyguard for illegal imprisonment for putting you in a bear hug.

  • Jasper

    I’m denouncing Jon Stewart. I don’t care if he’s funny; after hearing this, I’m never watching his show again.

  • Tony Wicher

    I’m both a dedicated 9/11 truther and a Daily Show regular. I have been irked by Stewart’s attitude toward the 9/11 truth movement, but it hasn’t stopped me from tuning in every night at 11 PM for some laughs. I loved his Glen Beck imitation last night. Stewart is first and foremost a commedian. I think he is also a good and reasonable person who is just misinformed and wrong about 9/11, as a lot of good and reasonable people are. We in the 9/11 truth movement should be used to this kind of emotional intolerance by now, and we should realize that it does not serve our purpose to respond in kind and demonize or denigrate such people, basically calling them agents of the forces of evil, whereas what is effective is to do the truly Christian thing, not to react, to turn the other cheek, to continue to respect the other’s humanity and continue to engage in gentle persuasion.

  • Tupac

    Jon Stewart knows that himself is an outside job even his mother can’t remember whose DNA he’s carrying.

  • fitley

    Man, you are so amazingly un-douchey I can’t believe it. I mean there are douches out there but not you my friend. Keep up the good fight. You are not a douche, you are not a douche. Keep repeating that to yourself. It will help.

  • johnny b goode

    good, he should have hot u witha baseball bat insyead like we used to do in old school brooklyn. than maybe u could have awoken up in the real world and not the make believe world. u guys need to get laid every once in a while, try it, it is fun

  • kogwonton

    Stewart and Bill Maher haven’t forgotten what happened to Phil Donahue and Rosie O’Donnel – but Donahue is the bigger cautionary tale. He opened his trap one time, and that long-time patriarch of daytime television, who even gave Oprah a run for her money, was given the bum’s rush. Remember what happened to Oprah just for speaking about the dangers of eating beef? She got told, and she did just as told.

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