Luke Rudkowski In Studio Infowars Report

Alex Jones talks with We Are Change founder, journalist, filmmaker and activist Luke Rudkowski in-studio on this Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.

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  1. So glad I discovered We Are Change this summer ’11…I am now working with Mobile Broadast News and I have many videos on my youtube channel so check my vids out…thanks -Josh

  2. Always ask for a new investigation on 9/11, always talk about a world empire (aka nwo) they are constructing around us, always talk about world peace and freedom. All these subjects are suppressed by the media, for one reason, to reach their goal, a world empire. Elections 2012 will be the most critical in world history, because the system can have absolute power, if the people are going to make an historical error (error is when a majority of votes are casted on a single presidential candidate) they need to reach their world empire.

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