Former Egyptian ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan: ISIS is an American product, their funding exceeds US$1 bn

By: Al-Masry Al-Youm / State fighters<br />

Former Egyptian ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan Ahmed al-Ghamrawy said major powers use ISIS to consolidate their presence in the region, just as they made Al-Qaeda to face communism.
He also said that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been in connection with global Zionism for long. Through the United States, he said, they offered to secure peace with Israel. And when they were asked to prove it, they made Hamas sign an agreement not to launch a single rocket into Israel.
Q: What is ISIS?
A: It is an old story and a new version of Al-Qaeda that summarizes the plans of the major powers for the region. It started in Afghanistan, where Al-Qaeda was made by the United States to resist the Soviet Union within a larger scheme that aimed to use Muslims to hit global communism as a whole.


Senator blasts CIA for censoring ‘torture’ report

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Ron Wyden says the CIA is trying to blunt the impact of an upcoming Senate report examining the harsh treatment of al-Qaida detainees by insisting on censoring the pseudonyms used for agency officers mentioned in the document.

“The intelligence leadership doing everything they can to bury the facts,” said Wyden, D-Ore., a Senate Intelligence Committee member who has been a frequent critic of the spy agency.

The Senate, the CIA and the White House are negotiating over what should be blacked out for national security reasons in the 600-page summary of the report that is set for public release sometime after the November elections. (more…)

When only 4 per cent of those killed by US drone strikes are named members of al-Qaeda, it’s hard to trust American foreign policy


John Kerry says all those fired at by drones in Pakistan are “confirmed terrorist targets” – but with 1,675 unnamed dead how do we know?

Responding to a question about drone strikes on BBC’s Hard Talk last year, US Secretary of State John Kerry laid out a clear message. “The only people we fire a drone at are confirmed terrorist targets at the highest level,” he said. “We don’t just fire a drone at somebody and think they’re a terrorist.”

Earlier this month, the US completed its 400th drone strike in Pakistan, a significant milestone in the covert anti-terrorism programme that has been going since 2004 and has claimed 2379 lives, according to available figures.

When faced with concern about who all these missiles are landing on, US officials have sought to emphasise the precision with which they are targeted. Each person fired at has been the subject of a long vetting process, Kerry went on to say. (more…)

U.S.-led Airstrikes Have Killed about 500 Terrorists…So, it costs $2.2 million to Kill each Terrorist ($1.1 billion/500=2.2 million)

US-led air strikes on Syria have killed more than 500 people, mainly Islamist militants, since they began last month, activists said as fighting continued in the border town of Kobani.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on a network of activists on the ground, said 553 people had been killed since the air strikes began on 23 September, including 32 civilians. The civilians included six children and five women.

The group said it has documented the deaths of 464 Islamic State (Isis) fighters, adding that the real number could be much higher. Another 57 fighters with the al-Nusra Front, which has links to al-Qaida, were killed in air strikes on the northern Syrian province of Aleppo and Idlib, the Observatory said. (more…)

Mystery of American journalist killed in car crash in Turkey… just days after she claimed intelligence services had threatened her over her coverage of siege of Kobane

By John Hall for MailOnline 

  • Journalist Serena Shim killed in car crash in southern Turkey over weekend
  • On Friday she expressed concerns she may be arrested by Turkish officials
  • Told Press TV that local intelligence agents had accused her of being a spy
  • She earlier claimed to have seen ISIS militants being smuggled into Turkey 
  • Terrorists were travelling from Syria in the back of aid vehicles, she claimed


An American journalist has been killed in a car crash in Turkey just days after claiming she claimed the Turkish intelligence services had threatened her over her reporting of the siege of Kobane.

Serena Shim, who worked for Iran’s state-owned Press TV as Turkey correspondent, died in the city of Suruc after the car in which she was travelling reportedly collided with a ‘heavy vehicle’.  (more…)

Afghan Poppy Cultivation at ‘All-Time High’ Despite $7.6 Billion Spent by US to Combat Growth of the Plant

BY:  /

Cultivation of the illegal poppy plant in Afghanistan has reached an “all time high” following a $7.6 billion counternarcotics campaign paid for by the United States, according to government oversight investigators.

Despite the spending to combat growth of the poppy plant, which is used to make drugs such as opium and heroin, cultivation has reached an “all time high,” especially in places once declared “poppy free,” according to new report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

“After a decade of reconstruction and over $7 billion in counternarcotics efforts, poppy cultivation levels are at an all-time high,” SIGAR concluded in its report released Wednesday. (more…)

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