Behind the CIA’s Failed Coup in Turkey: Was It Only a Dry Run?

(Corbett Report) — As we predicted last year, the deep state coup against Erdogan finally materialized last weekend…but it fizzled out almost as quickly as it arrived. So what are we to make of this would-be putsch?

Failed Coup in Turkey

Did Erdogan allow it to happen in order to further cement his control on the rebound? Or was this merely a trial run for the real CIA/NATO/Gulenist coup yet to come? And what role do the Turkish people play in all of this?

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Kerry says US awaits ‘formal request’ for Gulen extradition

Aaron is a web developer, activist, journalist, social media expert and geopolitical analyst for We Are Change, The Fifth Column, Geopolitics Alert, Solutions Institute and G3 Group.

Erdogan Coup Failed Thousands Resistance Military Arrested Conflict Continues (LIVE BLOG):


A coup short lasting mutiny of Erdogan’s Presidency failed as Civil war broke out in Turkey 104 soldiers were involved in the coup according to ABC’s foreign editor Jon Williams, Multiple people are reported dead on the streets including – allegedly 17 police, An F16 also shot down a helicopter.

It all started late last night EST, when a Military helicopter reportedly opened fire in the district of Ankara where the Turkish National Intelligence Organization headquarters is at. With absence of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a surprise coup took place. Tanks were out on the streets, soldiers, helicopters and jets they had the whole armada.

The Military rebels quickly lost control of the situation first losing the strategic point of having the TRT media then losing CNN’s media broadcasting center ending the coup with the arrest of several leaders and surrender of others with some leaving and abandoning their tanks. First Suggested to be started by a local rebel group lead by fethullah Gulen. Gulen then responded strongly denied the accusations saying “I condemn, in strongest terms, the attempted Turkey Coup. Government should be won thru process of free & fair elections, not force.” said Gulen. Naming the leader “Col Muharrem Kose” a recently dismissed disgruntled Gulen member. Video’s posted on social media showed the situation as it unfolded showing helicopters, soldiers and F16 Fighter jets firing bullets while tanks rolled through the streets as pro-Erdogan protesters blocked the tanks and climbed on top of them.

Over two thousand soldiers have been arrested, scores of other people are injured – 1,400
194 are DEAD including – protesting civilians and police according to Turkish Officials. On going gun fire and military action is still happening in Turkey early this mornin there were reports of soldiers still firing weapons and blocking bridges.

Erdogan condemned the acts as “strong acts of treason.”

The Situation has since calmed down with some people of Turkey celebrating Erdogan’s victory.

However there is still some remaining Turkish Military resistance according to SKYNEWS.

8 soldiers are asking for asylum and have flown by helicopter to Greece.

CNN Turk has been taken over by coup plotters.

the Prime Minister of Turkey has responded saying.

“Part of the military is attempting a coup in Turkey” the country’s Prime Minister Binali Y?ld?r?m said according to RT news.

Access to all forms of media State TV has been shutdown including social media – Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were blocked which is no surprise for turkey to use a media blackout as we’ve seen it before in the past. It’s something Turkey is very common to doing.

Two bridges were closed down in Istanbul, Turkey.

On a video posted to twitter sound of Turkish fighter jets can be heard and the twitter user responded saying.

“Turkish Armed Forces have completely taken over the administration of the country to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and general security that was damaged.

“All international agreements are still valid. We hope that all of our good relationships with all countries will continue.”

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdo?an is on holiday and outside the country. Reuters has quoted a source within his office as saying that he is safe.

Several Other Videos Show Fighter jets the Turkish Military has made Declaration that it is now in control of Ankara, Turkey.

Tanks are posted outside the Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport and other locations in the city. Shots and explosions across all of Turkey not just the couped city of Ankara have been reported and heard live on CNN.

RT is now reporting that the rebels have taken officials hostage. U.S. TravelGov has issued a statement saying.

An announcement on the Turkish state broadcaster TRT says that a curfew has been declared across Turkey and airports are closed according to CNN and The announcer was forced to read a statement by the Turkish military

That statement promises a new constitution for the country and says that democracy and the secular rule of law had been undermined. Ending with Martial law has been imposed.

Erdogan is calling for people to take to the streets in his support.


Anti-coup protest have started in turkey a video on twitter purports to show.

Islamic Imams have called for Muslims to rise up.

Tanks have opened fire near the Turkish parliament building, Reuters reports, following similar reports from NTV and local journalists about gunfire in Ankara and Istanbul.

Protesters have heard Erdogan’s call to take to the streets, though, and some are chanting “shoulder to shoulder against the coup”. Others have refused the imposed curfew and squared off with military forces who’ve closed bridges and streets. In one video, a policeman and military officer argue in a crowd in the street; in another, cars jammed in traffic honked horns in unison as people mill among them. In a third, a crowd sings and lifts up a huge Turkish flag.

The National Police force, is fighting the Turkish Military in the streets.

Two more explosions reported in Central Ankara,Turkey. One explosion is reported to have hit the Turkish Parliament building according to Reuters.

Erdogan applied for Asylum in Germany but was denied. Erdogan blamed the coup on Fethullah Gulen and his followers.

Obama has stood up in favor of Erdogan in a call with secretary of state John Kerry the whitehouse has issued a press response. Urging the Turkish people to support the democratically elected President Erdogan.


Lots of livestreams have popped up all throughout turkey showing raw footage of the military coup.

Senior advisor to Erdogan told CNN Erdogan is in the City of Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish army commander says “the coup represents a small group of people and there is no cause for concern” according to a Bostonglobe report.

Turkish Military forces have said the coup is over although it might not be over.

Protesters have been targeted.

Arrest have been made of soldiers and leaders of the coup as Authorities seize TV station.


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Police Investigating as Charlie Hebdo Faces Renewed Threats

Charlie Hebdo, the controversial French satire magazine who became the victim of a terrorist attack at their office last year, is facing renewed threats, including a note posted at their new newsroom.



In January 2015, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi entered the magazine’s previous office and fatally shot 11 people, including eight staff members of the magazine, and injured 11 more. After exiting the building, the brothers also killed a French National Police officer.

Over the next two days, five more people were killed and 11 more wounded in related attacks as the manhunt was underway.

The terrorists identified themselves as members of Al-Qaeda prior to being shot dead by police in a gunfight two days after the initial attack.

The magazine had outraged Muslims globally after repeatedly publishing comics mocking their Prophet Mohammed, including portraying him in the nude.

Now, the magazine is once again being targeted, with a series of threats being left on their Facebook page ever since June 8.

Last Wednesday, a handwritten letter with the same threats they received on social media — and also read, “Allahu akbar” (God is great) — was left in their new office despite having top of the line security.

“No one has been arrested at this stage and investigations are ongoing,” a source on the investigation into the threats told AFP.

Following last year’s terrorist attack, supporters of free speech across the globe used the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie)  in solidarity with the magazine. The show of support for the magazine outraged many who believed that they are racist and deliberately insulting.

“They’re making Charlie Hebdo into the symbol of France and of freedom of speech,” M’hammed Henniche, the secretary general of the Union of Muslim Associations of Seine-Saint-Denis, the poor district that borders Paris to the north, told The Atlantic several weeks after the attack. “A newspaper can’t insult a segment of the population and be the symbol of France.”

Undeterred, Charlie Hebdo continued their weekly publication and featured the Prophet Mohammed holding a sign which read “Je suis Charlie” and captioned it “All is forgiven.”

The magazine typically sells 30,000 to 35,000 copies in France each week, but the special edition sold 7.95 million copies in six languages globally.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, and Bipartisan Report.

Two Journalists Removed from Newseum Speech by Israeli Officer Who Justified Killing Press

On Tuesday two journalists were removed from an event at Washington, DC’s Newseum for questioning Avital Leibovich, the founder of the Israeli Defense Force Interactive Media Branch, over her justification of killing of members of the press.

Avital Leibovich

Avital Leibovich

The Newseum claims on their website that they have a “commitment to reach all who wish to better understand the five freedoms of the First Amendment and its relationship to learning and teaching history, media literacy and civics,” yet it appears as though those rights are not respected once you enter through their doors.

Two members of the press, Rania Khalek — the associate editor of Electronic Intifada and contributor at the Intercept, and Max Blumenthal — the senior editor of Alternet’s Grayzone Project, were forcibly removed from the event for asking questions.

Leibovich’s event, “Inside Media: @ War With Social Media,” was set to discuss how the military organization utilizes media and social media during their attacks on Palestinians to promote their propaganda. She is currently a reserve officer in the Israeli army as well as the director of the American Jewish Committee’s Israel office. According to Alternet, the presentation included a video justifying the killing of entire families in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian rights activists had urged the Newseum to cancel the event, citing Israel’s “grave violations of international law and war crimes,” and “attacks against journalists and press freedoms,” specifically Hussam Salama and Mahmoud al-Kumi, two Palestinian cameramen targeted and killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

The letter read in part:

“Leibovich has defended during Israel’s 2012 brutal assault on Gaza the Israeli army’s intentional targeting and murder of journalists, among them Hussam Salama and Mahmoud al-Kumi, both on Newseum’s online memorial.”

They also noted a statement she had made to the New York Times.

“Such terrorists, who hold cameras and notebooks in their hands, are no different from their colleagues who fire rockets aimed at Israeli cities and cannot enjoy the rights and protection afforded to legitimate journalists.’”

Her statements have been largely condemned by defenders of press freedom as well as human rights organizations.

“Leibovich’s comments justifying the IDF’s [Israeli army’s] unlawful killings of journalists because of their alleged affiliation with Hamas is deeply troubling, particularly in an environment where journalists are being targeted for their assumed political viewpoints around the world,” Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa program, told Electronic Intifada.

In a reply to the letter, Newseum CEO Jeffrey Herbst told the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate that they have “a bedrock commitment to free speech and free expression.”

“We believe that this is the only approach possible to understanding the complex issues we face. That is also why we hold public discussions on important issues,” he stated.

Yet, no Palestinian journalists were invited to attend the event to participate in the discussion and when Khalek and Blumenthal arrived to ask questions, they were dragged out.

This is not the first time that the Newseum has essentially spit on the graves of Salama and al-Kumi.

In 2013, the museum also removed their names from a dedication ceremony held to honor “reporters, photographers, and broadcasters who have died reporting the news.” Their decision to dishonor the journalists came after they received massive blowback from anti-Palestinian groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee — an organization that Leibovich works for.

The pages for Hussam Salama and Mahmoud al-Kumi on the Newseum website are also no longer active and their photographs and details have been been removed.

Khalek filmed the event, as she was shouted at by Leibovich’s supporters.

“You called them terrorists!” Khalek shouted. “I’m a journalist, you called journalists terrorists to excuse killing them!”


Anti-war organization CodePink also protested the presentation:

The protests and questioning remained peaceful despite their removals and no arrests were made.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, and Bipartisan Report.

Palestine’s 10-year-old journalist – Janna Jihad

Janna Jihad Ayyad believes it is her duty to record Israeli injustices throughout the occupied West Bank and beyond.

Nabi Saleh, occupied West Bank – Palestinian Janna Jihad Ayyad, who turned 10 this month, counts herself among the youngest journalists in the world.


“my camera is my gun”

A resident of the village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank, Janna, along with many other local children, regularly participates in demonstrations against the Israeli occupation. She began making videos of what was happening in her village when she was only seven.

“Not a lot of journalists are sending our message from Palestine to the world, so I thought, ‘why not send my message … and show them what is happening in my village’,” Janna told Al Jazeera.

While there are no journalists in Janna’s family, her uncle, Bilal Tamimi, is a photographer who has documented the violence of Israeli soldiers in Nabi Saleh. Janna was partly inspired by him.

The Palestinians have been fighting throughout the 68 yr occupation, young and old. The Zionists never anticipated that the Palestinians would capture the world’s attention, win hearts and minds and expose Israel for what it really is. But the Palestinians did that, they are the true winners!

“I talk about what is happening,” Janna said. “I see an occupation, soldiers, cannons and police. They do a lot of things to make us go from our land.”

The deaths of two men in her village – her cousin, Mustafa Tamimi, and another uncle, Rushdie Tamimi – served as a trigger for her to begin documenting everything that was happening in Nabi Saleh. Mustafa was killed by a gas canister and Rushdie was fatally shot in his kidney.

Since then, Janna has expanded her work, travelling with her family and using her mother’s iPhone to shoot videos in Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and Jordan. Her videos show everything from people being detained at checkpoints, protest marches and violence against Palestinian children.

Born into a belligerent occupation, born to resist. What are occupation forces doing there? Since the beginning, Palestinians do not go to them, they come to the Palestinians.

As a child, she feels she has an advantage over adult reporters: “The soldiers catch the big journalists and take their cameras.”

On Facebook, Janna describes herself as a news personality, and has attracted more than 22,000 followers. Her page includes several videos of her participating in demonstrations and confronting Israeli soldiers. Her reports are delivered in both Arabic and English.

“My camera is my gun,” Janna explains. “The camera is stronger than the gun … I can send my message to small people, and they can send it to others.”

Her mother, Nawal Tamimi, says she is both scared for and proud of her young daughter.

Linah Nabulsi was 16 when she was shot down by an Israeli soldier in the early 70’s.

“I am proud of my daughter because as a child, she tells her message to the world. She shares her fears, what she feels, and the problems of attending school,” Nawal told Al Jazeera.

“But I am scared for her, when the army comes in the middle of the night and tear-gases our house, and we wake up in smoke … They attack our people who demonstrate against the settlers and the Israeli occupation.”

Janna’s uncle, Bilal, says it has been difficult to accept Janna’s work. “She should be playing and studying, but in our life it’s not a choice,” he told Al Jazeera, noting that the family has a history of activism dating back to 1948. “We must teach our children to not accept humiliation and not be cowards. We are under occupation. We cannot teach our children silence; they must fight for their freedom.”

When she gets older, Janna says she would like to work for CNN or Fox News because “they do not talk about Palestine, and I want to make reports on Palestine”.

Asked what an ideal world would look like to her, Janna, for once, responds like a 10-year-old: “I want it to be pink.”

Source: Al Jazeera English


Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of and author of “120 characters or less’ the guide to winning a debate in the digital age”. Danny now works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for Danny’s next big project is “30 days in Gaza” a documentary bringing light to the current conditions of the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.

US allies in Libya “it’s complicated”

Who in Libya will the U.S. send weapons to? It’s complicated, says a top general.

Dan Lamothe

 BRUSSELS — The top U.S. general overseeing American military operations in Africa said Tuesday that while Washington is considering sending weapons to Libya to fight the Islamic State, doing so will require taking cues from a fledgling unity government that is still struggling to establish support at home.

Army Gen. David M. Rodriguez, the chief of U.S. Africa Command

Army Gen. David M. Rodriguez, the chief of U.S. Africa Command, told a handful of reporters here that Libya’s internal politics still make it difficult to determine which armed groups are aligning themselves with the Government of National Accord, an interim group that has backing from the United Nations. The militias would be called on to play a key role in stopping the spread of the Islamic State, which took hold in Libya in November 2014.

“We’re really dependent on the Government of National Accord to figure out who is with them and who is moving over toward them,” Rodriguez said. “Those are some of the things you can really only understand by watching how the GNA operates and how the different militias operate, whether it’s the Misratas, the Zintans or anybody else.”

The comments came after an announcement Monday in Vienna that the United States and its international partners are prepared to provide humanitarian, economic and security assistance if requested, including weapons. Diplomats, including Secretary of State John F. Kerry, said they will support Libya’s request for an exception to a U.N. embargo that was put in place in 2011 as the country faced a violent power struggle after the fall of strongman Moammar Gaddafi.

The United States and other world powers say they are ready to supply Libya’s internationally recognized government with weapons to counter the Islamic State and other militant groups gaining footholds in its lawless regions. (AP)

SnapChat: LukeWeAreChangelogo595x300


Rodriguez, who was in Brussels to meet with senior European military officials and Marine Gen. Joseph F. DunfordJr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that “everybody” is waiting to see how the United Nations examines the Libyan request, which must include details about who will receive the weapons.

“The support for the GNA and how they need it and how they want it, we’ll just have to see how that develops over time,” Rodriguez said, speaking of the Libyan government.

Rodriguez said that the majority of what Libyan forces need is ammunition and small arms, rather than heavier weapons. But the United States and its international partners still face a complicated process in making sure that whatever arsenal they provide does not fall in the wrong hands, as weapons have at times against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Rodriguez said the meeting Monday in Vienna signified “as much as we’ve got” out of the new Libyan government in recent days, and that more discussions will be necessary.

“They’re just starting to stand up,” the general said. “They’ve only been there a month, and they’re still struggling to get established in Tripoli.”

 Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said Monday that the U.S. military doesn’t have a “great picture” of what is happening in Libya. Rodriguez said the United States is working to improve that, and acknowledged that having a small number of troops on the ground has helped. U.S. Special Operations forces have been stationed at small outposts in western Libya since December, in Misrata and Benghazi, to look for potential allies and assess threats, U.S. military officials said recently.

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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of and author of “120 characters or less’ the guide to winning a debate in the digital age”. Danny now works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for Danny’s next big project is “30 days in Gaza” a documentary bringing light to the current conditions of the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.

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