New Video: Inside #Occupywallstreet during eviction, Police Suppression of Press During Beatings

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  • chris

    whoever the black cop was at the very last 30 seconds i do respect and we should all note that. He was professional

  • Investigate NWO/globalists

    Mayor Bloomturd’s way to resolve OWS: Send in the goons!!!

  • OWSforDummies

    So help me understand this.. The park is actually a private park, not public and yet they were kind enough to let the protestors stay there. When health is becoming an issue, the cops actually come down and announce that they have to leave… temporarily as said in the video (beginning) and yet the cops are a$$holes when they do what they say… Whiney little brats

  • U?ka

    Ppl dont give up!!!!! 2morrow come bc and take 1 more person with u if police will remove u from there do the same thing day after day just simply go bc

  • JediPatriot

    Unfortunately, violence is going to be the only answer. That or little camps where we can all live together unhappily. Being a veteran, I have seen how far prisoners can be pushed before they push back or they break. It’s getting close.

  • tommy

    Im infuriated… We have rights and these pieces of trash have no right to deprive us of our rights. Looks like its time as a nation to plan,gather and occupy nyc.


    I am for freedom. I am for Liberty. If I can’t have this I would rather die! That IS what all the turn of events will lead up to. People all over the world should stand up, speak up and proclaim the world we all now live in MUST and WILL change. The 99% MUST stand now or freedom is gone forever! The crimes our government have been involved in need to be held accountable for. In 2011 our government seems to somehow think (with all it’s millions and billions) that is involved in money laundering and racketeering that they are somehow ABOVE the law? What is this? There is no democracy here! We MUST have a speaker, a mouth, a voice for the 99% of us without millions and billions of dollars to gamble with. Ron Paul would be that man. If not though, prepare yourself to ask for a direct democracy or else prepare ot fight or die! Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH! lET FREEDOM RING! F R E E D O M!!!!!!! FREEDOM! F R E E D O M!!!!!!

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