Oakland PD Standoff & Brutal Assault on Occupy Oakland

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Abby Martin of Media Roots captured the extremely tense moments of the Oakland PD’s standoff with the Occupy Wall Street protestors before the brutal crackdown occurred.

Things came to a head around 7:45 pm when the Oakland PD started throwing smoke bombs and tear gas canisters into the crowd completely unprovoked. This is what a police state looks like!

Contact Oakland Mayor Jean Quan here: http://www.oaklandnet.com/contactmayor.asp



  • alex

    meanwhile oboma talks about helping other countries like egypt in their protest, lol but not us, police you guys are criminals, nazi germany treated their people better than this. it is clear that police are tools of the rich and also allowed to create revinue with us. unlawfull assymbaly, how bout unlawfull police, were taking the power back, and in the future this tape would be evidence of crimes against people, and “i was just doing my job” dint work for the nazis so it will not work for you , new world order police scum. i have freemason police officers in my family, one of whom my cusion at a christmas dinner was showing off his new ring-tone. It was a man breaking down and begging for them not to ruin his life for a victimless drug crime, the man was crying talking about his kids and his wife. everyone else found it funny but me. I then realized what we are up against, pure evil that finds pleasure in torchering you and ruining your life, and then tapes it to giggle about it later, most police , bankers and gov. should be tried for treasion against us the people. i have none to lose but all the gain, love you 99% later

  • Investigate NWO/globalists

    The Oakland police are a notorious gang of criminal goons! I hope Mayor Bloomturd & his sock puppet, Ray Kelly, rein-in their goons before NYC becomes any more like Oakland!

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