Real Questions, Police Confrontation, and the one and only Immortal Technique spitting rhymes to raise the spirits at Occupy Wall Street 2 o’clock in the morning.

Sunday morning 4am September 24th, We made anyone willing to be interviewed at Occupy Wall Street say one word to why they were there, we took those answers and made it into a sentence. This is the sentence.

America Robbed
Veteran Outraged
Change Community
Change Self
Change Society with Peace, Equality, Defiance, Community and Hope
Future Life with Freedom, Unity, Principle, Science, Change and Accountability is REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION

Only the words “with” “is” “and” were added to this video that were not gathered by interview.

In no way shape or form are we trying to represent occupy wall street and the many diverse particpants there. This is simply a video made and edited from our point of view of what we personally believe the message to be.

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  • Ivestigate NWO/globalists

    Why are the police unwilling to utter one word!

    They seem to have a sick, us vs. them mentality. Why?

  • Ross Wolfe

    Certainly the OccupyWallStreet demonstrations have created a lot of buzz and enlisted a lot of leftish celebrities like Chomsky, Michael Moore, Cornell West, and others to support their cause, but I believe that the rather inchoate, generalized discontent expressed by the protestors needs to be given adequate theoretical clarification in order that the participants in this phenomenon might dedicate themselves to a longer-term program of reconstituting the Left. Michael Moore quite transparently wants a return to neo-Fordist Rooseveltian capitalism, Chomsky is a self-proclaimed “anarchist” who voted for John Kerry in 2004, and so on down the line. I therefore offer the following (Marxist) critique of the protests to this point.

    Of course, I realize that it is not enough to relentlessly criticize from the sidelines, but it is essential that these protestors be engaged so that their understanding of global capitalism is deepened and their politics radicalized. This means more than waving a few placards with populist slogans and other such theatrics.

    Regressive “Resistance” on Wall Street: Notes on the Occupation

  • Brian

    This is brilliant!

  • Investigate NWO/globalists

    The goons of society, i.e., military & police, typically put the final nails in the coffin of dying nations like ours!!!

  • hopenchange

    IS ALEX JONES gonna REALLY claim someone is behind this? THAT suxs! It’s clear this is spontaneous and there is NO MONEY behind it cause of all the cardboard signs and LACK OF MEDIA.

    I will really be disappointed if JONES tries to hijack this for his own purposes. HE always says the protests should HAVE NO LEADER…and yet he’s gonna try and subvert them NOW? Seems kinda odd coming from Alex JONES unless he is just trying to profit from this…again it sux. I’m disappointed.

  • chela

    Twice I have witnessed the protesters get driven into a dead-end situation where the police have total control and they are trapped. I don’t know who is doing this. Friday 9/30 I was there and felt trapped at Police headquarters. While they made no move to hurt or arrest protesters, it was disconcerting to me and more seasoned protesters. On Saturday I watched from my safe computer as many hundreds were squeezed into a perilous situation which could have ended with some falling into the river from the Brooklyn Bridge. What I see lacking is planning and communication. Rather than people shouting their lungs out ineffectively to communicate I suggest someone go to In less than a second you will be given a number to call and a code. This code number can be handed out to all participants and they can listen on their phones to each other. They can mute themselves as well (star 6) so a few can talk while many listen until they have something to say and then unmute. They can put their phones on speaker for those who don’t have phones so all can hear. Elect some marshals for protection to guide the group and communicate with back and front of the march so the tail knows what the head is doing. I fear for the lives of the protestors. I am grateful for those who are willing to get arrested, but I don’t want you to get killed because of poor planning and poor communication. PLEASE.

  • Kenneth Steere

    Luke. Great to see you down there with the people. Awesome!
    Wish I was there with ya brother.
    We are WINNING. (and you’re a big part)

  • Ben


  • http://wearechange kathy

    Luke!!!This clip was not a waste of time. It was not stupid. I was enthralled from start to finish. Thank you for going with this idea and introducing me to all these wonderful people! That beautiful music also lent a lifting, pensive aspect to it.

  • eric


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