Pilot: WeAreChange Weekly News Break Down w/ Don’t Tase Me Bro

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Pilot: WeAreChange Weekly News Break Down w/ Don’t Tase Me Bro

To download “Ya Gotta Have Heart” by Exact Change Project and support WRC News, click here http://bandcamp.com/contact?b=621444054&n=Exact%20Change%20Project and donate at least $1. Feel free to click “Contact Exact Change Project” on the right side of the page and give WRC a shout out!

You can find Travis Tolle at https://twitter.com/travis_tolle

For more information and links to the charities in the video, read WRC’s article at http://wearechange.org/favorite-charity-paying-ceos-mansion/

For more information on private prisons, read WRC’s article at http://wearechange.org/private-prisoners-new-slaves-usa/

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