The Real Reason Why Bernie Sanders Endorsed Hillary Clinton

Okay we are not going to say we told you so … BUT WE TOLD YOU SO ! 


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Watch it we know it hurts it will be Alright we will help you Work through it !

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the breaking news of Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton just now in New Hampshire. This latest news is making Bernie Sanders supporters furious as they feel tricked and lied to by Bernie.We go over all the previous news we covered before warning you that this would happen. Remember we are only supported by you and you only invest in us on and make sure we can expand our operation.

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POLL: 94% of People Want Hillary Indicted For Her Crimes



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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

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