Ron Paul: State Dept. Plotting Coup d’état Against Ukraine

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Dr. Ron Paul comments on how the Assistant Secretary of State and the United States Ambassador to Ukraine were caught in a conversation discussing strategies that would enable them to take over the country. 

  • John jacob Jingleberry

    Ron Paul, the president America deserves

    • JustinBrianSmith

      the president this God forsaken country will never have.

    • Darren Rogers

      If you guys won’t elect him Canada will trade Stephen Harper, Celine Dion and that Druggie kid…the singer…Wassisname…anyways, 3-for-1 trade for Ron.

  • JustinBrianSmith

    we do “use” the thousands of diplomats… just not how we should be using them.

  • Kamen Jijanov

    Ron Paul is the president who the world needs.

  • Jennifer Sheppard

    America… Stay the hell out of this disaster. Ukraine is one of the biggest and strongest counties. USA don’t meddle in this one for g’sake!!

    • Johnbraavo

      To late.

  • gheorghhe

    fuck Ron Paul

    • Terry Blake

      Yeah, that’s a great responce you neocon

  • Jack Ryan

    I’m a huge Ron Paul supporter but Ron Paul is wrong about this

    • Joel

      sorry he was right,,,again!

    • Rollin Shultz

      This is a repeat of Egypt and Libya minus the Muslim Brotherhood. A duly elected president is made to flee when a small (in this case Nazi) group makes a coup against the government. He is replaced with a banker who lost the elections with only seven percent of the vote. It all happens because Russia has offered 15 billion toward their debt and 30% drop in fuel prices.
      Why is America involved? Why did State dept rep Nulan get caught planning the disruption. I’ll tell you why. While we have been enjoying a sinking economy with debt ceiling hikes this past decade, Russia and the allied BRIC nations have enjoyed real economic boosts from mfg. their own and our goods. This cannot be allowed to continue, we must break the BRIC nations alliance and gain some leverage over them for soon the dollar will meet its impending demise.
      This new America we live in is not only happy to go to our own destruction, but insist on taking the whole world with us. Thank God life on Earth is so short, I don’t think I could live like this for 900 yrs.

  • Sue Hanson

    Same scenario that the US has been creating in countries for years. NOT OKAY Ron Paul is right.

  • Sue Hanson

    Russia, btw, was ASKED to come to the Ukraine and help keep the peace.

    • F.J.

      asked by former president, who is nobody now, and had been “put in” the power by Russia LOL

  • Carlos Portillo-Rivera

    The whole thing started with the USA fueling the protest to replace the democratically elected President of Ukraine. Russia would not allow Ukraine’s nukes to fall into enemy hands right next door, so they acted and Obama cried that Putin was violating International Law and meddling in a sovereign country’s affairs (sounds like something the USA has been doing for a very long time: Libya, Syria, Iran. Iraq, Egypt. Serbia, Panama, El Salvador, etc) In other words, what’s fair for the USA to do, is not as fair for another nation to do. It is weird how the USA can easily expend 1 Billion in a hearth beat and look the other way when it’s own Veterans are living on food stamps or homeless, and people can’t find jobs.

  • Ken Masterson

    Isolationism doesn’t work Neville Chamberlain! If we listen to people like Ron Paul on international affairs, the bad guys will eventually rule the world. Freedom ain’t free, and we have to continually fight for it.

    • Terry Blake

      I bet that you never served a day in the armed forces. Bad guys already do rule the world.

      • Terry Blake

        There’s a huge difference between Isolationism and minding our own business. You sound like just another GOP neo con

        • Ken Masterson

          if we become the pacifists you want us to be, we have no chance. so bad guys rule the world? are you suggesting the US is the bad guy ?…..sounds like the democrats who hate america.

  • Ken Masterson

    You guys can have ROn Paul, I’ll take John Bolton for president anyday!

  • Ken Masterson

    Ron Paul would stand by and let all the weak countries in the world gobbled up by the like of Russia, can’t buy into that.

    • Terry Blake

      Being an idiot, priceless

      • Ken Masterson

        name calling, brilliant, exactly the stategy my liberal friends employ when they have no defense.

  • EJ

    Thanks for sharing this cover up.
    Just show how stupid they think we are.

  • Rzhayutik

    I hope on given day angry Americans will start unti-US Government unrest. Let this evil USA learn the punishment.

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