RT.com "Luke Rudkowski on police nightstick workout against Occupy Wall Street"

Lower Manhattan has been invaded by tens of thousands of protestors who are calling for an end to corporate corruption. The demonstrators have been peaceful and the violence surprisingly has been from the NYPD. Last night a second round of police brutality was served out to some. Luke Rudkowski, an independent journalist, was caught up in the baton swings and pepper spray; he gives us his firsthand account.


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  1. You’re awesome Luke. Be safe.

  2. avatar

    I like your style Luke

  3. I’ll be at the next buffalo NY meetings until this is over! Keep up the good work.

  4. The police could not be over reacting. If a cop says in advance that they will be using their night stick, then clearly they PLANNED to engage in violence. “Over reacting”, by definition is a RE-Action. It is a response to something that happened. At least ONE cop had PLANNED ahead of time to engage in violence. So they were either psychic, knew they had police sponsored agents in the crowd to attack them so they could “react”, or else simply planned to beat heads no matter what the crowd did.

    So no, you dumb reporter. The cops did no OVER react.

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