Tacoma Cop Blocker finds what appears to be government tracking device on their truck.

This content was shared by those involved with Tacoma Cop Block viaCopBlock.org/Submit to solicit input from with tech-knowledge.

An individual known to those involved with Tacoma Cop Block reached out after discovering a device attached via magnet to the frame of his truck. That individual was rightly was surprised/shocked, as its believed it may be some sort of tracking device. The unit was actually discovered months ago, but since no one has yet contacted that individual about the device, this information is being made public in an attempt to help ascertain its functionality and perhaps, who may employ to such technology.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. An attorney associated with Tacoma Cop Block is having it inspected as well.

Editors Note: Per the window/lens mentioned in the video, that is on the same side as the magnets – one person suggested that if the unit wasn’t placed in another mode prior to being removed from the vehicle, the introduction of light could trigger a wipe of the collected data.



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