Two buffalo cops suspended after cover-up of brutal beating of Air Force Staff Sergeant


Air National Guardsman Bill Sager
 – An eyewitness who was in Mollys Pub in Buffalo the night an airman was shoved down a flight of stairs is coming forward on the same day that two off-duty officers who were working security were suspended without pay.

Monsanto’s Roundup Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples


In recent years, Roundup was found to be even more toxic than it was when first approved for agricultural use, though that discovery has not led to any changes in regulation of the pesticide.

A new U.S. Geological Survey has concluded that pesticides can be found in, well, just about anything.

Conquer Your Fear – You Can Do Anything

Luke Rudkowski has a serious fear of heights, so why not take him skydiving. This was a skit shot for the Adam vs the Man television show that never made it to air. Special thanks to negative neo con nancy Jake Diliberto who works as a skydiving instructor and was able to take us.

This is meant as an inspirational piece to show people that they are capable of anything.

Shot August of 2011
Directed and Produced by Dustin D

we really want to do more video skits but that is only possible with your support.

Help We Are Change produce more videos like this

Media Roots Radio- TSA, Bush’s Book Tour, Israel & Interview with Aid Flotilla Survivor

Media Roots Radio- TSA, Bush's Book, Flotilla Attack and Interview with Dr. Paul Larudee by Media Roots

On this week’s episode of Media Roots Radio, Robbie and Abby Martin talk about the new TSA procedures and privacy violations, Bush’s book tour and the media giving him a pass, and analyze the WhatTheFuckHasObamaDoneSoFar website. On the second half of the show we talk about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict and air a forty minute interview with a survivor of the aid flotilla attack, Dr. Paul Larudee.

The above timeline is interactive. Scroll through it to find out more about the show’s music and to resources mentioned during the broadcast. If you would like to directly download the podcast click the down arrow icon on the right of the soundcloud display. To see a larger version of the timeline with clickable resources go to the soundcloud link below the player.

This radio show airs on shortwave radio Sundays at 6pm central time, following the Alex Jones show. The frequency is 9.350 MHz.

To listen to Dr. Paul Larudee’s full hour interview go HERE.

Listen to last week’s broadcast about Pyschedelic Drugs, the CIA, LSD, DMT, the DEA, Lucid Dreaming and Consiousness.

The official story of 9/11 is impossible – WaC Ireland

Article by Paul, Videos by Alan –

“It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes in “The Beryl Coronet”

When something is impossible it cannot happen. People can believe it happened, but belief does not trump impossible, no matter how many people believe or how convinced they might be. Impossible is impossible.

The ninth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre occurred last month. To mark the occasion We Are Change Eire hosted a free screening of ‘Loose Change An American Coup’ at Seomra Spraoi in Dublin and

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