Phone Transcripts Prove Hillary Clinton Cover Up

Hillary Clinton’s Phone Transcripts Prove that Benghazi Was a Pre-planned Event.

Hillary Clinton knew Benghazi attacks were pre-planned according to newly released phone transcripts

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai 

The State Department have reluctantly agreed to release telephone transcripts that prove former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was fully aware that the Benghazi attack was preplanned before the release of an online protest film. 

 Clinton has, until now, claimed that she believed the attacks were due to “inflammatory material posted on the Internet”. reports:

From BizPacReview:

The conservative political watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained a transcript of telephone call between the then-secretary of state and then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil.

“We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” Clinton told Kandil. “It was a planned attack – not a protest.” Kandil agreed.

 “You’re not kidding. Based on the information we saw today we believe that group that claimed responsibility for this is affiliated with al-Qaida.”

This obviously indicates Hillary lied about the whole Benghazi ordeal, something most of us have known from the get-go, but the real question that remains is what, if anything, will happen to Clinton for repeatedly lying about the situation?

It’s quite clear she attempted to cover this up for the sake of the president’s reelection, and if they have concrete evidence and proof she’s been lying all of this time, why isn’t she in prison?

Maybe it’s because our political system has become so overrun with corruption that as long as you know the right people, you can get away with anything.

That’s certainly how it feels, wouldn’t you agree?



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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of and author of “120 characters or less’ the guide to winning a debate in the digital age”. Danny now works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for Danny’s next big project is “30 days in Gaza” a documentary bringing light to the current conditions of the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.

Bill Clinton Settled Rape Allegations Out of Court

Via John Nolte of Breitbart:


While Bill Cosby is finally doing a long overdue perp walk for an alleged sexual assault some 10 years ago, and I say “long overdue” because dozens of woman claim he did the same to them over the decades, the dozen or so women who claim to be victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton are being victimized once again by a DC Media circling the wagons to protect Hillary, a woman they are desperate to see become president.

The DC Media is not just politically motivated. Race also plays a factor. The DC Media see black conservatives as apostates who must be destroyed for daring to escape the Left-Wing Thought Plantation. On top of Bill Cosby, and over far, far lesser allegations, this same media has attempted to destroy two powerful black men: Justice Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain.

Despite a laundry list of extremely disturbing allegations involving everything from rape to groping to harassment to character assassination, the DC Media has not only protected white Democrat Bill Clinton, in a number of cases, the media has joined the campaign to destroy these women.

The double standard is glaring.

The pattern is horrifying.

And according to more than one of these alleged victims, Hillary Clinton is Bill’s enabler and the chief protector of their abuser:

The Clintons’ “systematically abuse women and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically – in their scramble for power and wealth,” says [“The Clintons’ War On Women”] press release.

Hillary Clinton’s core agenda is a quest for power, even while she presents herself as champion of women’s issues, [Roger]Stone says.

“If Hillary intends to build her campaign around an appeal to women, her campaign is built on quicksand,” said Stone. But “Hillary is a life-time abuser of women and her advocacy on women issues rings hollow,” he said.

Nevertheless, Bill Clinton is the man the DC Media wants as America’s very first First Gentleman, and other than Donald Trump, no one in the Republican Party has the stomach to make this the issue it deserves to be.


Kathleen Willey – Sexual Assault

Kathleen Willey … made a splash in 1998 by claiming in a ’60 Minutes’ interview that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her during a Oval Office meeting in 1993.

Now she says Mrs. Clinton, the former secretary of state, has a history of trying to silence the multiple women her husband has slept with, sexually assaulted or sexually harassed since his 1980s Arkansas days.

Connie Hamzy – Sexual Harassment

Self-proclaimed rock-and-roll groupie, who said Mr. Clinton propositioned her in 1984 while she was sunbathing by a Little Rock hotel pool.

Juanita Broaddrick– Rape

Gubernatorial campaign volunteer who said Mr. Clinton raped her during a nursing-home-operators convention in Little Rock in April 1978.

Eileen Wellstone– Sexual Assault

English woman who said Mr. Clinton sexually assaulted her after she met him at a pub near Oxford University where Mr. Clinton was a student in 1969.

Sandra Allen James– Sexual Assault

Former Washington, D.C., political fund-raiser who said Mr. Clinton invited her to his hotel room during a 1991 campaign trip, pinned her against the wall and put his hand under her dress.

Christy Zercher– Sexual Assault

Airline flight attendant on Mr. Clinton’s 1992 campaign plane, who said Mr. Clinton exposed himself and grabbed her breasts.

22 Year-Old Yale Student – Sexual Assault

In 1972, a 22-year-old woman told campus police at Yale University that she was sexually assaulted by Clinton, a law student at the college.

University of Arkansas Student – Sexual Assault

In 1974, a female student at the University of Arkansas complained that then-law school instructor Bill Clinton tried to prevent her from leaving his office during a conference. She said he groped her and forced his hand inside her blouse. She complained to her faculty advisor who confronted Clinton, but Clinton claimed the student ”came on” to him.

Paula Jones – Sexual Harrassment,. Character Assassination

She had asked to meet him because it would be ‘exciting’ to meet the governor, and she hoped it might lead to promotion. Instead, she said in court, she found herself telling him she was ‘not that kind of girl’.

It was a brief encounter and she alleged that Mr. Clinton took her hand, pulled her towards him, then said: ‘I love your curves.’

She tried to walk away, she said in a deposition, but ‘Mr. Clinton then walked over to the sofa, lowered his trousers and underwear, exposed his penis (which was erect) and told me to “kiss it.”‘ …

Jones delivers her own verdict on Hillary’s bid to become president, saying that her husband’s attitude towards women disqualifies Bill from re-entering the White House – while what she calls Hillary’s ‘lies’ disqualify her from the Oval Office.

‘There is no way that [Hillary] did not know what was going on, that women were being abused and accosted by her husband,’ she says. ‘They have both lied.’

Clinton settled this case for $850,000.

Monica Lewinsky – Character Assassination

After lying to the American people to keep the Oval Office affair secret, Team Clinton and the DC Media ganged up on this 21-year-old intern to smear her as a crazy stalker.

A blue dress stained with the President’s DNA  immediately shut down that media-enabled horror show.

Clinton was eventually impeached and disbarred for lying under oath about the affair. Under oath, when asked on three different occasions if he had an affair with Lewinsky, Clinton replied:

1. “No.”

2. “It’s certainly not the truth. It would not be the truth.”

3. “I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I’ve never had an affair with her.”

Gennifer Flowers – Character Assassination

Flowers, who had a 12 year affair with Clinton, claims that Hillary Clinton ran a “war room” against her during the 1992  campaign, the goal being to “smear, defame, and harm” her in order to win the presidency.

Hillary trashed Flowers mercilessly as a liar and more in the 1992 interview embedded at the top of this post.


The list above doesn’t include the long list of women who claim to have had extramarital affairs, and in one case, an illegitimate child with Slick Willy.

Elizabeth (Ward) Gracen – Extramarital One night stand

Dolly Kyle Browning – Extramarital Affair in 1992

Sally Perdue – Extramarital Affair

Lencola Sullivan – Extramarital Affair

Elizabeth Ward – Extramarital Affair

Susie Whitacre – Extramarital Office Affair

Bobbie Ann William – Extramarital Affair

[O]ne-time Little Rock prostitute who said Mr. Clinton fathered a child by her when he was the governor of Arkansas.


When Democrats and the DC Media and phony sexual assault activists like Lena Dunham insist we believe the victims, it is all a big fat lie.

Nothing, not even women who claim to have been raped, is more important to the Left than Power. These real and alleged victims are seen by the DC Media as sacrifices to a higher cause.

More on Bill Clinton’s sexual predator history

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Edward Snowden Responds to FBI Decision Not To Indict Hillary

snowden hillary

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower facing charges under the Espionage Act, expressed his disdain for FBI Director Comey’s decision not to recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words well how much is an emoji worth?
Especially the thinking emoji?

The Obama administration has prosecuted more government officials for leaking classified data then any other administration in history. Obama has been particularly hard on whistle-blowers. Yet Hillary Clinton walked away unscathed and avoided being another victim of the Obama administration using the WW1 era Espionage Act. Clearly showing favoritism and that a federal investigation can be avoided if you are powerful enough.

In a case exactly like Hillary’s but without the Clinton name, Naval Reservist Brian Nishimura was prosecuted and sentenced to 2 years in prison and a $7,500 fine . For doing exactly what Hillary did using a storage media and unauthorized devices to store classified material. Except Nishimura wasn’t the U.S. Secretary of State and had access to lesser information.

“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is information that they were extremely careless in their handling of information.”
~James Comey

Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton had this to say.

“FBI Director James Comey detailed Hillary Clinton’s massive destruction of government records and grossly negligent handling of classified information. Frankly, there’s a disconnect between Comey’s devastating findings and his weak recommendation not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Federal prosecutors, independent of politics, need to consider whether to pursue the potential violations of law confirmed by the FBI.” ~Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

The FBI must have conveniently forgotten that Hillary’s emails show that she asked aides to delete classification tags and send them. That’s not just mishandling of classified information – in fact its a willful violation of the law.

An example of outright negligence is Hillary skipping her security training classes. Please America, do not allow this woman to be our next President – she is either dumber then a box of thumbtacks or more crooked than the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or both.

As the GOP pointed out today with a new ad campaign, Hillary lied about not sending classified material. Remember, she asked aides to remove classification tags and send the information UN-classified.

Hillary also lied about not deleting emails because she read a book that describes how to do just that “Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better,” by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe.

“Wipe it like with a cloth or something?”
~Hillary Clinton

Hillary said herself, during a dinner with Peter Paul, why she had a private server –  it was to hide from investigators. And who needs to hide from investigators? Someone who is clearly guilty.

“As much as I’ve been investigated and all that why would I want to do emails can you imagine?” ~Hillary Clinton, during a dinner with Peter Paul and his wife.

Yet the FBI still failed to recommend indicting Hillary. What a joke of an “investigation.”

Meanwhile whistleblowers revealing corruption go to prison or are charged under the flawed and open ended Espionage Act.

Being isolated in prison away from society, friends, and family causes a break down in mental health until you can’t take it anymore. So while Hillary walks away unscathed, Chelsea Manning and others like her are punished for doing the right thing. Chelsea Manning tried to kill herself today.

“Fuck the law ‘cus real jail is for suckas
I go to country club prison you dumb mother fuckers”
~Immortal Technique

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Hillary Clinton Wants to Cut Off Internet Access to Fight Terrorism !

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has come under fire for announcing his proposal to “close up” parts of the Internet to fight terrorism. While Trump’s comments have received scrutiny, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s similar plan has not received the same amount of media attention.

In a recent talk at the Brookings Institution, Clinton said, “We’re going to have to have more support from our friends in the technology world to deny online space. Just as we have to destroy their would-be caliphate, we have to deny them online space and this is complicated.”

Like Trump, Clinton also shrugged off freedom of speech objections.

“You’re going to hear all of the usual complaints, you know, freedom of speech, etc. But if we truly are in a war against terrorism, and we are truly looking for ways to shut off their funding, shut off the flow of foreign fighters, then we’ve got to shut off their means of communicating.”


Clinton reportedly said, “Our security professionals need to more effectively track and analyze ISIS’ social media posts and map jihadist networks. We have to stop jihadists from radicalizing new recruits in person and through social media, chat rooms and what is called the ‘dark web.’ To do that, we need stronger relationships between Washington, Silicon Valley, and all of our great tech companies.”

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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of and author of “120 characters or less’ the guide to winning a debate in the digital age”. Danny now works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for Danny’s next big project is “30 days in Gaza” a documentary bringing light to the current conditions of the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.

Could this Finally Lead To Hillary Clinton Going to Jail !

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the breaking news of the Hillary Clinton email scandal and hack on the DNC. This new information reads like it was out of a spy novel but the reality of the facts show a grim political reality for the presumptive democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Don’t forget to invest and donate on so we can continue and expand our operations.

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