VIDEO: How Hillary Clinton Is Using The Media To Silence WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has released over 12,000 emails and counting that give unprecedented insight into the Clinton Campaign, and as a result, Clinton and her followers have used Russia and the mainstream media in an attempt to discredit the leaks.

Clinton’s animosity towards WikiLeaks isn’t just a result of the fact that they released thousands of emails proving that the Democratic Primary was rigged in her favor earlier this year. No, it actually dates back to 2010, when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was threatening to release documents that detailed communications between State Department Personnel and foreign diplomats. When discussing how to deal with the impending leak, Hillary reportedly said, “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

Killing Assange might be Clinton’s private position, but as she explained to her campaign chairman, she believes in having both a public and a private positition, and in this case, she publicly blames Russia.

But that’s part of the problem… Clinton is blaming Russia, despite the fact that there has been no formal investigation. The Kremlin has also not taken responsibility for any of the hacks, and when asked about his government’s involvement, President Putin has denied it on multiple occasions.

[WATCH: How The Media Used Trump To Coverup Clinton Revelations]

So yes, Hillary Clinton takes every opportunity to make Russia look like the enemy, but the even bigger problem is the fact that the mainstream media follows her lead. Have you noticed that before each presidential debate so far, there has been some seemingly scandalous revelation about Donald Trump just days before?

With the first debate, it was a New York Times report revealing that Trump went years without paying taxes, and before the second debate, it was a leaked recording revealing Trump making inappropriate comments about women.

The point is that there always seems to be something Trump-related to dominate the mainstream media, when new information about Clinton is coming out daily. And when they do cover the documents released by WikiLeaks they either talk about how Russia could be to blame, or in CNN’s case, they tell you that it is illegal for you to read the leaked documents yourself, and that you should only rely on the media to tell you what they say.

If mainstream media talking heads were to take the time to cover WikiLeaks revelations as they should be covered—NOT by blaming Russia, but by looking at the actual documents, and acknowledging that the news shouldn’t be devoted to Trump 24/7, they would actually have the power to end Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But that won’t happen, because if the media were to cover the leaks honestly, they would have to admit that they have been in Hillary Clinton’s pocket since the beginning.

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Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

Study: White Working Class Men Make Less Now Then 20 Years Ago.

Working class white men make less now than they did in 1996.


No wonder they are frustrated.

Working class white men saw their income drop 9% between 1996 and 2014, according to a new report from Sentier Research. This group, who Sentier defines as having only a high school diploma, earned only $36,787, on average, in 2014, down from $40,362 in 1996.

Meanwhile, college educated white men saw their income soar nearly 23% over the same period, from $77,209 to $94,601.

Published by two former Census Bureau officials, the Sentier report shines yet another light on the fortunes of the white working class. This group has become a force in the 2016 presidential election, serving as the backbone of Donald Trump’s support. And the Republican candidate’s campaign has tailored much of his campaign to the working class, with promises that he will bring back the manufacturing jobs that once allowed them to support their families.

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The study first looked at the 1996 incomes earned by 10 groups of men in two-year cohorts ranging in age from 25 to 26 to 43 to 44. Sentier then looked at what men earned 18 years later, when the youngest cohort were 43 to 44 and the oldest were 61 to 62.

The results varied greatly by age. The youngest group of working class white men, who were 25 to 26 in 1996, saw their incomes rise by 19%, from $32,677 to $38,803, over the 18-year period. However, their college educated peers enjoyed a 133% explosion in their incomes, from $40,487 to $94,252.

white male income changes

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When it came to the oldest cohort, who were 43 to 44 in 1996, both working class and college educated white men saw their incomes fall over the period. But the working class still fared worse, suffering a 47% drop in income, from $51,491 to $27,230. Men with college diplomas, however, saw their incomes fall 28.5%, from $95,734 to $68,406.

This decline among older workers stems in part from people who left the labor force or shifted to part-time work, which pulls down the average income for the group, said Gordon Green, co-author of the report.

Image result for White working class

In order to capture these trends, Sentier calculated its income estimates by dividing the total amount of wage and salary income received by members of all of the age cohorts by the overall number of people in the group. This differs from the more common calculation, which just looks at those who receive wage and salary income and work full-time, year-round.

The income declines among working class white men stretches back to at least 1978, Sentier found. Those who were age 25 to 44 back then made more than they did in 1996. College educated white men, on the other hand, saw their income grow during that period.

In addition to showing the tough times the working class has faced, the report also shows the big income boost that comes with a college degree, Green said.

“People say it may not be worth it to go to college. These numbers show that isn’t true,” he said.

Image result for White working class


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TPP MEDIA preff claire


(UR) United States — After two years with nary a mention from the mainstream press, the corporate windfall otherwise known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) finally earned some, albeit still inadequate, attention.

Considering a New York Times poll from June 2015, which found an alarming 78 percent of respondents had no substantial knowledge of the looming agreement — 30 percent said they hadn’t heard or read much about it, while 48 percent had zero knowledge of it whatsoever — the dearth in coverage by mainstream media allowed the TPP to go virtually unnoticed by the public it directly affects.

From August 1, 2013 through January 31, 2015, Media Matters for America tracked how often the TPP earned a mention from the Big Three major cable news outlets: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. During that lengthy period, CNN and Fox acknowledged the TPP just one time each — and while MSNBC appeared more on the ball, with 73 mentions, the now-canceled The Ed Show was responsible for 71 of those.

While it might seem remiss, if not wholly irresponsible, for such an expansive international trade agreement to escape the mainstream media’s attention, the omission wasn’t unintentional.

As Zaid Jilani explained in the Intercept:

“MSNBC’s owner, Comcast, has lobbied for the TPP. Last year, it fired host Ed Schultz, an outspoken opponent of the agreement.

“Time Warner, the parent company of CNN owner Turner Broadcasting, also lobbied for the TPP. 21st Century Fox — the legal successor to News Corporation, which operates Fox News — lobbied for passage as well.

“But using the television transcription service TV Eyes, The Intercept found that during the month of July 2016 alone, the TPP was mentioned 455 times by CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC — about six times as often as during the entire 18-month period studied by Media Matters.”

Those mentions, most assuredly, demonstrate progress in bringing light to the shady deal; but, with the exceptions of The Ed Show and Bernie Sanders and his supporters, the content has been generalized, rather than substantive, as a component of the presidential election. Donald Trump frequently decries the TPP as unacceptable and undesirable, though — in typical form — his tirades lack a depth of explanation.

As revealed in documents obtained by Wikileaks and reported by independent media, the TPP is nothing short of a grand corporate coup — some have even termed the measure ‘NAFTA on steroids,’ for its resemblance, exponentially, to the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA notoriously facilitated the ability for manufacturers to seek lower-wage workers outside the United States with little restriction — leaving at leastone million skilled workers without employment, while lining the pockets of countless big businesses.

Now, the TPP promises to do more of the same — with countless nefarious additional provisions that go far beyond the manufacturing sector to directly impact the lives of every person in the U.S. And that, in itself, summarizes precisely why the pending trade agreement has been negotiated covertly, with secrecy normally provided only to matters of utmost national security.

But perhaps even the shallow attention brought to the TPP by the presidential election has sparked curiosity sufficient enough for the public to begin to question its efficacy.

tpp art

As David Dayen wrote in Salon:

“Here’s one of the best indicators that Congress won’t approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership: business groups are running a public campaign in support of it. I know that sounds like a paradox, but if the image of the TPP weren’t so tattered, there would be no need for such an overt PR campaign.”

Image credit: Flickr/DonkeyHotey

Image credit: Flickr/DonkeyHotey


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WATCH: CNN Cuts Off Guest For Discussing Clinton’s Defense of Child Rapist


A CNN segment on Tuesday was abruptly shut down when a guest brought up Hillary Clinton’s defense of a child rapist, and subsequent bragging about doing so despite his guilt.

Clinton portrays herself as a champion of women and children, especially girls, but there was one 12-year-old girl who argues to the contrary — the victim of the 1975 rape case. During the trial, the victim, who has never been named, claims Clinton “took her through hell” while lying and attacking her.

“I have been informed that the complainant is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing,” Clinton, then named Hillary D. Rodham, wrote in an affidavit during the trial. “I have also been informed that she has in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body. Also that she exhibits an unusual stubbornness and temper when she does not get her way.”

Later, tapes were uncovered in which Clinton could be heard laughing about the fact that her client was actually guilty, saying, “he took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.” She also explained on the tapes that investigators had lost a section of the victim’s underwear that contained her blood.

Had this been from the past of any other candidate, it is highly likely that CNN would have pounced all over it from the beginning. As host Carol Costello demonstrated on Tuesday however, this specific issue is off limits at their network.

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello,” Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg, who is a supporter of Donald Trump, decided to go there.

“When you get one-on-one, especially if it’s Hillary, Donald Trump will go places nobody is willing to go — where the media at this point isn’t willing to go: Bringing up Clinton’s women who say they were intimidated by Hillary. Having them come forward and speak. A litany of issues that you can’t even imagine,” Malzberg stated.

Costello interrupted, saying “I’m thinking that might not be a winning argument for Donald Trump right at this moment.” Another guest, Judson Phillips, who supports Cruz, then agreed with her.

“Sure it will,” Malzberg replied.

“How many derogatory things has he said about women? His negatives among women are 75 percent right now,” Phillips asserted. Trump is “not going to make that up. There is no way that he can win.”

“Do you know how many young women in this country don’t even know that Bill Clinton was impeached? No, maybe they’ve heard of Monica Lewinsky. They don’t know the women that have accused Bill Clinton of sexual improprieties and that say they have been threatened and intimidated by Hillary Clinton,” Malzberg fired back.

“A girl who was raped by a pedophile that Hillary Clinton bragged about getting off,” Malzberg began until being cut off.

“Oh, come on,” Costello interuppted.

“Wait, let me finish,” Malzberg said.

“No, no, no,” Costello replied.

“What do you mean? You don’t want to hear it? That Hillary Clinton is on tape bragging about, as a lawyer getting off on a technicality. That woman now says, ‘Hillary ruined my life.’ That’s not fair,” Malzberg asked.

Costello then ended the entire segment abruptly and prevented either guest from expressing any final thoughts.

“I’m going to leave it there, Goodbye. Thanks for joining me,” she said.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a DC-based writer and political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets including Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, TeleSUR, and Bipartisan Report.

CNN Confirms: The Majority Of People Who Said Hillary Won Didn’t Actually Watch The Debate

Nearly a week after the first televised Democratic Party debate, CNN has finally released a new poll showing the effect of the candidate performances on potential voters. And while there has been much discussion about the overwhelming discrepancies between online polling data, which showed Bernie Sanders as the clear favorite among people that watched the debate, and the results of standard polls, what we know now is that Hillary Clinton was indeed chosen as the clear winner of the debate…by people who didn’t actually watch the debate.

According to the random national poll released today by CNN, Hillary still holds a commanding 20-point-plus lead over Sanders amongst potential Democratic primary voters (56% to 33%). The CNN polling questions reflect an overall impression that Sanders, who gained much-needed visibility, saw a slight increase in almost every category, while Hillary remained uninspiring with her “likeability” score still mired below 50%.

But looking past the first few pages of the CNN results document shows that the poll itself is no more scientific or accurate than all of the online polls which were discounted by the mainstream media as biased or selective.

Of the 1,028 Americans contacted by phone after the debate to respond to the CNN poll questions, only 31% of respondents actually watched the debate, with another 31% saying that they neither watched the debate or hadn’t seen any coverage of it either.

In addition, almost two-thirds of those contacted to take the poll were reached via a landline, which is an even more narrow a demographic skew than those who vote for polls online.

Sadly, these numbers only point to the truth that Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming choice of older uninformed voters.  But the larger issue is that political pundits and their media overlords will continue to decry “new media” and any polling not done by calling people on their house phone between 7pm and 8pm, as somehow less valid than a digital poll.

All polling has a margin of error for a reason. But at some point the larger question must be asked…is CNN calling 1,000 people at home who mostly ignored the debate, an accurate way to find out who 200 million potential voters thought won the debate? And is the polling process even more selective and corrupt than the political process?

James Woods ( AKA – JamesFromTheInternet) is an independent journalist based in New York City who can be reached on twitter @JamesFTInternet or via email:

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