Pasadena Police Refuse Court Order to Return Medical Marijuana


Despite a recent court order, Pasadena police have flat-out refused to hand over a significant amount of medical marijuana seized from a local resident, out of erroneous concerns that they might suffer the wrath of prosecution under federal law. A motion against the department has since been filed, which could result in officers being held in contempt of court as well as serving some jail time. (more…)

Mark Zuckerberg Has Been Ordered to Appear in Iranian Court


An Iranian judge has ordered Mark Zuckerberg to appear in court and answer complaints about Instagram and Whatsapp, which Facebook owns. The move, while unlikely to succeed, highlights the split in attitudes between Iran’s moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, and hardliners elsewhere in the country’s administration.

Federal court rules that stiff driving posture is suspicious behavior


 A federal appeals court has ruled that driving one’s hands at the “ten-and-two position” is reason enough to pull someone over for further investigation.  No traffic laws have to actually be broken.  Additionally, the court ruled that facial acne is reason enough to suspect the driver is a drug smuggler. (more…)

BREAKING: Supreme Court Denies NDAA Lawsuit


BOWLING GREEN – On September 12th, 2012, Federal District Judge Katherine B. Forrest issued a permanent injunction against enforcement of Section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. In July 2013, the 2nd Circuit ruled the plaintiffs did not have standing to challenge that law.


Monday, the Supreme Court put the final nail in this suit by denying to hear the case, without comment. (more…)

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