A Native American man is facing charges for hanging American flag upside down, spray painting it





A Blair County man said he was standing up for this American Indian heritage and expressing his beliefs when he hung an American flag upside down and spray painted it earlier this week.

Anonymous Releases Email Allegedly Detailing Western Backed False Flag in Ukraine



A post was made on the Russian website ‘Live Journal’ on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, by a profile titled (Andrey Sporaw), containing documents detailing a corrupt plan between “US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh’ and ‘a high ranking official from Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk’, to conduct a series of attacks on Ukrainian military bases to ‘frame up the neighbor’, or in other words, create a Ukrainian false flag event and blame it on Russia. Image credit: whiteoutpress

Chilean Anti Nwo Activism on Chilean Winter!

The Anti Nwo Chilean Resistance uses all it’s creativity to inform the public about the banking system, false-flag terror and much more, during the two-day strike of CUT (Central Unitaria de Trabajadores) to push for economic reforms against multinational corporations and in support of a new Constitution.

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