Bribery, Fraud and Corruption Charges Against Big Pharma

What happens when the ‘Average Joe’ gets caught committing a crime? He or she usually gets the book thrown at them, most often spending time in the slammer. However, what happens when “corporations too big to fail” get caught with “their hands in the cookie jar,” so to speak? Not very many folks pay the time, but the corporate treasury pays the fine. Why? Apparently, large sums of money can “absolve corporate sins” time after time after time. One industry that has had enormous fines levied against it is the pharmaceutical industry, also known as Big Pharma.

That flyer about Jews needing to ‘register’ in Ukraine is Fake

A flyer demanding that Jews in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk register with its pro-Russian government is “fake,” a Jewish advocacy group with direct contacts in the region tells the Daily Dot.

“It’s a fake flyer,” says Lesley Weiss, deputy director of the National Conference Supporting Jews (NCSJ), which focuses its efforts on Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States.

Fined Billions, JPMorgan Chase Will Give Dimon a Raise


A year after an embarrassing trading blowup led to millions of dollars being docked from Jamie Dimon’s paycheck, the chairman and chief executive of JPMorgan Chase is getting a raise.

JPMorgan’s board voted this week to increase Mr. Dimon’s annual compensation for 2013, hashing out the pay package after a series of meetings that turned heated at times, according to several executives briefed on the matter. The raise — the details were not made public on Thursday — follows a move by the board last year to slash Mr. Dimon’s compensation by half, to $11.5 million.

A Land Where the Law Protects the Powerful

What a day.  It started with a hearing at Liberty Square—the people vs. Goldman Sachs.  Victims came to tell of the suffering they have endured at the hands of this criminal firm.  And after the verdict was reached, the victims were arrested while the guilty were protected by the police.  Hours later, I found that the New York Post is calling for further arrests and an end to free speech, part of a broader misinformation blitz launched by the mass media intended to set the stage for the state to break up Occupy Wall Street.

One woman came to the mock trial at Liberty Square to express her grievances over how Goldman Sachs has ruined her life.  The organization she works for had invested money in Goldman, and most of it got wiped out by the sub-prime mortgage bubble.  She has seen her paycheck, which had already been paltry, cut in half, and it will likely evaporate entirely in a few months because of Goldman’s fraud—the firm played both sides of the game by packaging worthless mortgages as collateralized debt obligations (CDO) and selling them to pension funds, banks and other institutions under the guise that they were secure all the while betting against these very securities through credit default swaps (CDS).  As Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibi reports, they knew they were selling shit, and “Goldman’s mortgage department accounted for 54 percent of the bank’s risk.”  The object was to maximize profits at everyone else’s expense.  And they wiped out millions of people, from small investors to pensioners to ordinary workers…  Continue Reading

Will you pick a puppet or vote No Confidence in the system? Irish Election 2011

Ash – We Are Change Ireland

It’s that time again – the Elections! Its that time, when even the people who rarely voice on opinion or take an interest in what is happening the in political field suddenly become interested! Everyone has an opinion now on what way the country should be run. Rather than look for real change, about what we can do in our communities, on a local even grassroots level, a lot of people are still looking to Big Brother , I mean Government to present the “best” ideas for this country. The Puppet on the Left, or The Puppet on the right!

I think its fairly safe to say the Fianna Fáil government they won’t be voted back in! They have clearly just robbed us blind, and after 15 years in power, the media gave them some crash.

Since Lisbon, many people in this country have have been concerned about the loss of our national sovereignty. Following the second Lisbon treaty, the ever increasing role of Europe, and the IMF deal in place it seems as though we are getting closer and closer to being just another member state, with limited say in our own affairs.The idea of having EU troops in our country and on our streets is something that sends a shiver right to the hearts of many Irish people – lest we forget that British troops only left the “Republic” in 1922, and Northern Ireland in 2007!

Yet talk of the European police troops on the streets of Ireland was largely ridiculed and thought to be extremist left views or even dare I say it – conspiracy!

Yet today, on the front page of one of Ireland’s largest circulating paper, which is handed out freely each morning and read by droves of people on their way to work, it clearly stated the desire for Ireland to remove her neutrality and throw yet another piece of our sovereignty to Europe. The idea, mainly propagated by Fine Gael and their leader, Enda Kenny would see Ireland removing her neutral stance, and join an EU defense and security system. And the earlier the better as far as Fine Gael are concerned! They have stated that they want Ireland to “get involved in the construction of a new European security system at an early stage so that we can join and influence it.”

Typical Example of Socialistic Propaganda, Edited Slightly ;)

…The move, was of course was opposed by Labour and Sinn Féin.

Didn’t the Labour party campaign “Vote Yes to Lisbon”?

That’s right; the Labour Party decided to campaign for a Yes vote even before the Lisbon Treaty was signed by European heads of government in December!!

“The Lisbon Treaty acknowledges the existence of the European Police Office (Europol) that may support the action of national police forces in the collation and analysis of information. This embryonic European police force can also co-ordinate, organise and even undertake investigations and operations together with the national police forces.” – source

With that in mind, do Labour really want to preserve our sovereignty and prevent EU troops from being on the streets or are they just riding the mood current in the country?

When they choose to campaign Yes to Lisbon, that in effect means the whole Lisbon Treaty, not just the parts they liked, because we ended up accepting all points of the Treaty (even if we are slow to see its fruits!)

Ok, Ok! But Sinn Féin were “No to Lisbon”?

Sure, but have they suggested getting us out of there since the Treaty? I agree that Sinn Féin, as founded under Arthur Griffith sounded like a good concept. However, this is not the same Sinn Féin we see before us today.

Sinn Féin have not been a majority in Government in this country for a long time now. In that time, they have split, both within themselves (Republican Sinn Féin) and created many of the parties we see today (such as Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael) and they have been infiltrated! We are not always as privy to the going’s on of this party as they are in the North. Considering that Adams, the party leader of Sinn Féin since 1983 built most of his career in the North I think it is important to consider the role he and the party have had, as ultimately it is the whole party and its leader that you vote for not just your local candidate.
Sinn Féin only moved to the left in the 1960’s, showing that a party can and has changed its sides to ride the tides. Following the Good Friday Agreement and the Peace Process, many in the North felt that the party they had supported for so long, had turned their backs on their promises to them and were now off to play the game of politics!

It has been documented that Sinn Féin in the North have been inflirated by Mi5. In the last few years, some of Adams’ closest colleagues have been outted as spys. Some former Sinn Féin supporters will go so far as to say that a Vote for Sinn Fein is a vote for British rule, possibly because of these links. Then of course, there is the obvious IRA connections, and the infamous Northern bank robbery. The official reports claim that the IRA was responsible for the Northern Bank robbery and that certain senior members of Sinn Féin were also senior members of the IRA, and would have had to have given approval to the carrying out of the robbery. It is claimed this report is not independent though – make what you will of that.

Ok, so maybe they aren’t that trustworthy… But what about the others, or the Independents? We have loads of choice!

Do we? Or it is just the illusion of choice?

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When it comes to ruling the country, we all know it will either be one of the parties in a majority, or else a coalition, and then the opposition, who’s role is to oppose what the Government is doing. The policies they propagate during their campaign, can be amalgamated and changed to blend with another parties policies when a coalition is required. They often don’t even follow through with the promises they make before the election! John Gormley and the Fluoride issue is a prime example of this!

We vote these people in and trust that they we go do as they promised, even when we know in our heart and soul they cannot be trusted and that the democratic process was bought and sold long ago! Yet we STILL do it!

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

The parties may change their policies as often as they like, but the policies of the Government of Ireland remain the same. They act as a company trading for profit, and their role is to make profit for the bonholders. As money is debt in this and most countries in the world, we rely on banks to loan us money and we have to pay it back – we are in effect bankrupt and have been for quite some time. It is not about what is best for the Irish People. It is about allowing us to think that we have a say in how things are run, that our voice and our vote means something.

How many people do you think really wanted the IMF deal? Or was it just because they were made to believe there was no other way?

Not one candidate has stood up and offered real change. No one has agreed to do all of the following:
– Refuse to do business with the IMF
– Kick the banks and the bankers out of the country
– Get out of the Euro!
– Printing our own DEBT-FREE, INTEREST-FREE money
– Saying no to Shell and Nationalising our resources
– Reclaiming our forests from Coillte!
– Saying no to Monsanto and GM
– They have not even suggested putting the traitors, who sold us out on trial or behind bars!

None of this is impossible. Chavez nationalised the oil companies in 2007, and Iceland defaulted on its debt and is jailing many of its bankers!

In Law, misprison of treason is neglect in preventing or reporting a felony or treason by one not an accessory. Those in Government that did not commit treason, have acquiesced and committed misprision in their failure to prevent the ever growing list of crimes that the Government have committed against the people of Ireland. This might actually be considered farcical and a bit funny, if it wasn’t so serious!

Changing the puppet will not change the system. They will still continue to borrow money from the banks, allowing them the control to create fake booms and busts, to tax us for this money they borrow, get paid far more than the average worker will ever get and everyone who gets involved in that system, risks being corrupted by the flawed nature of it. We are all weak to temptation, so why do we assume that these people will not fall prey to the same temptations of those gone before them?

They have proved they cannot be relied upon. We must stop giving away our power, and stay relying upon ourselves again! Voting only encourages them!
It is for these reasons that we ask you to spoil your vote and Vote NO Confidence, and withdraw your consent in the entire political system!

The people reserve the right to not consent to a corrupt Government, a corrupt system and to false solutions that serve to only enslave us further.

The only thing holding us back is our fear! And the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!

If voting changed anything it would be made Illegal.

Vote No Confidence!

Ash – We Are Change Ireland

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