How The Media Is Covering Up The Truth About Hillary’s Health

Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in over 260 days, and while the mainstream media is looking the other way, they are also going out of their way to cover up another topic related to the Democratic nominee: her health.

The corporate media has tried to bury the story by acting like it’s none of our business. Perhaps knowing everything about Clinton’s health records isn’t our business, but why aren’t we allowed to ask questions?

The job of president is an incredibly stressful and demanding position, and many people are questioning whether Clinton could handle it—not because she is a woman—but because of her conduct on the campaign trail.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who has become known as the celebrity addiction expert, was ridiculed by the media for saying that after examining Clinton’s medical records, he became “gravely concerned” over both Clinton’s health and the quality of healthcare she is receiving. While the mainstream media acted as though Dr. Drew was just pandering to a crazy conspiracy theory, Dr. Bob Lahita said he thinks Clinton’s history leaves room for concern and that all candidates should be more open about their medical records.

Then former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani came along and pointed out the media hypocrisy surrounding Clinton. Although he was interrupted by the Fox News talking head interviewing him, Giuliani’s call for Americans to go online and research Clinton’s health did not go unheard.

In fact, one New York Times columnist thought that Giuliani’s comment would garner so much attention that it deserved censorship by Google. Writing that Google should “fix this,” Tech columnist Farhad Manjoo said the search engine “shouldn’t give quarter to conspiracy theorists.” While Google did not respond directly to the tweet, if they were ever to give an honest response, they would say that Manjoo’s wish has already been granted, because Google has a history of censoring search results related to Hillary Clinton.

At the end of the day, what started with questions about the well being of the Democratic nominee has been blown out of proportion by a mainstream media that seems so intent on covering it up that it really makes you wonder: what are they trying to hide?


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Hillary Denies Health Rumors – But WikiLeaks Documents Say Otherwise

Appearing on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hillary laughed off the reports that she is sick and may have undisclosed medical issues.

WikiLeaks has released emails and a document showing Hillary’s health is no laughing matter.

WikiLeaks published an email exchange between Hillary and her top aide Jake Sullivan concerning the pharmaceutical drug Provigil,  which is used to treat
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s among other medical conditions.

Sullivan noted in an email exchange with Hillary that, “Provigil is used for narcolepsy and treating patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis who have excessive sleepiness.”


Hillary may have had a doctor with her during her campaign, who has disappeared after her campaign stop in Las Vegas on August 4. When Hillary froze suddenly on the stage, she looked to be unsure of where she was, almost as if she was in a trance. After the alternative media began questioning who this man was he disappeared from the campaign trail.

The picture below shows the mystery man holding what may be a diazepam auto-injector.

This man is most likely not a Secret Service agent, and his identity has been speculated to be a neurologist named Oladotun Okunola.



This now nowhere-to-be-seen man was also seen helping Clinton up the stairs after a campaign event in South Carolina last February.


Several doctors including neurologist Dr. Daniel Kassicieh and Dr. Nicholas C. Bambakidis and law enforcement official John Cardillo have said Clinton is not healthy. During a debate, Hillary was allegedly taken back stage after she felt like she was going to pass out.

“For someone who has treated many post-concussion syndrome patients and that’s what I really believe she’s suffering from based on reading these reports and reading what’s happened,” Kassicieh said. “I think she has latent post-concussion syndrome, and I can understand that as a politician they would want to be covering that up.”
~Neurologist Dr. Daniel Kassicieh

Another well known doctor, Dr. Drew Pinsky has expressed his concerns for Hillary’s health saying he was “gravely concerned” about her over all health care. And of course, Clinton aide Huma Abedin famously said Hillary is “often confused.”

DR. DREW PINSKY: But the fact is she released her medical records some time ago, and if you listened to my show last week, I just called a friend of mine, Dr. Robert [name unclear], who’s an excellent internist-pulmonologist, and we just dispassionately sat and evaluated the medical record that she had released. And based on the information that she has provided and her doctors have provided, we were gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.


PINSKY: It’s hard for people to understand. Both of us concluded that if we were providing the care that she was receiving, we’d be ashamed to show up in a doctor’s lounge. We’d be laughed out. She’s receiving sort-of 1950-level care by our evaluation. So we took a look at her record, and here are the basic facts. She had two episodes of what’s called Deep-Venous Thrombosis. Common problem. Blood clots in the leg. She also has hypothyroidism, and she’d been treated for hypothyroidism with something called Armour Thyroid, which is very unconventional and something that we used to use back in the ’60s. And both he and I went, “Hmmm, that’s weird.” And by the way, wow, Armour Thyroid sometimes has some weird side effects.

Oh well. OK. So she goes on Coumadin. That’s weird, because Coumadin really isn’t even used anymore. Now we use Eliquis or Xarelto, things like this. Certainly the presidential candidate would get one of the newer anti-coagulates. Then she falls, hits her head, and as a complication of that has something called a Transverse Sinus Thrombosis. This is an exceedingly rare clot. I’ve only seen one of these in my career, which is a clot in the collecting system for the cerebral spinal fluid, and it essentially guarantees that somebody has something wrong with their coagulation system. Well, she’s had two clots, a Transverse Sinus Thrombosis.

What’s wrong with her coagulation system? Has that been evaluated? And oh, by the way, Armour Thyroid associated rarely with hyper-coagulability. So the very medicine the doctors are using may be causing this problem, and they’re using an old-fashioned medicine to treat it. What is going on with her health care? It’s bizarre. I got to tell you. Maybe they have reasons, but at a distance, it looks bizarre. There ought to be some sort of standard for people that are going to lead the country or are going to making these important decisions. Again, Hillary may be fine with all of this. I mean, it’s dangerous and it’s concerning, but you can see—and by the way, there were two other things that gravely concerned us. When she hit her head, she had to wear these prism glasses when she came out.

INTERVIEWER: Right, right.

PINSKY: That is brain damage, and it’s affecting her balance. Now clearly, it hasn’t affected her cognition, but tell us a little more about that. That’s profound. And then number two, when they screened her for heart disease, again, they did an old-fashioned screen. It just seems like she’s getting care from somebody that she met in Arkansas when she was a kid, and you’ve got to wonder. You’ve got to wonder. It’s not so much that her health is a grave concern. It’s that the care she’s getting could make it a concern.  ~Dr. Drew.

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3 Things You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Critical Health Crisis

Gary Franchi of Next News Network joins Luke Rudkowski to breakdown the THREE Critical things you need to know about Hillary Clinton’s health crisis and the media cover-up.

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Abby Martin: Monsanto, America’s Monster

Abby Martin: Monsanto, America’s Monster

Linoleum Block Print Shows Monsanto No Love

Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

Few corporations in the world are as loathed—and as sinister—as Monsanto. But the threat it poses to people and planet could be reaching new heights, as the World Health Organization has recently upgraded Monsanto’s main product as carcinogenic to humans. With protests against the agro-chemical giant held in over 40 countries in May, learn why the global movement against Monsanto is of critical importance to our future. In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin issues a scathing expose on the corporate polluter, chronicling it’s rise to power, the collusion of its crimes by the US government, and highlighting the serious danger it puts us in today.

The corporate monster must be brought down (…I actually wrote this before I heard her concluding words…) It is the ‘lynch-pin’ of the entire structural behemoth. This is the rotten core of the sickest, slickest con-game yet devised.

When something this diseased has such a pervasive criminal hold, no matter how superficially ‘wondrous’ and irresistible its fabricated appearance & iniquitous political ‘authority,’ the spectral run-away illusion of benign control is destined to peel away, degrade rapidly & disintegrate. It is only a question of time. When this vile contrivance collapses, a lot of big, ugly heads will roll and the stench of their demise will encircle the globe.

Watch this space America, their sleazy number’s up, and if you have any sense you’ll stay clear of the wreckage. To hell with this gremlin Monsanto and all the despicable crony villainy it incorporates.

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monsanto aaron preff


Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of and author of “120 characters or less’ the guide to winning a debate in the digital age”. Danny now works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for Danny’s next big project is “30 days in Gaza” a documentary bringing light to the current conditions of the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.

Vaccines, Zika, DDT, And The Pharma Cartel, With Billy DeMoss

  • bill-gates-2-vaccine1

    Billy Demoss is a public figure for his outspoken views on vaccines, GMO’s, the fluoridation of our tap water, geongineering, and all government corruption.  He is also the founder of CalJam which is a convention for alternative medicine, chiropractic, that caters to awake, like minded people. He also runs the most successful chriporactic practice in Orange County, where he runs free nutrition, and vaccine workshops on his free time.  Some major names have spoke at CalJam since the creation, making it the place to go if you care about humanity, our planet, healthy living by eating organic, and any other topics mainstream media tries to keep us in the dark from.

  • Through the fog I saw Billy one day surfing, and said “that was weird, it was totally sunny, and those planes went by and made it cloudy, and foggy”.  He responded “yeah, it’s called chemtrails, or geoengineering, they are spraying us like cockroaches”.  He also added something about the relation to Monsanto, vaccines, depopulation, slow kill, and how it all connects.  I got a chance to sit with Billy and ask him what he thought about vaccines. Not only vaccines, the Zika virus as well? Billy: “The media is headlining articles with “Zika Time To Go Back To DDT”;(dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) an insecticide sprayed by airplanes. I knew they were going to be selling another hoax, another fear mongering, to create panic, so the people think we need to do something, I predicted in one of the videos I made the second I learned of Zika, after I saw “Zika Spreading To America” just like SARS, swine flu, Ebola, and all these false flags to create a vaccine,
  • I guarantee they will come out with a vaccine that they are going to rush. No science to even back that this thing is even caused by Zika, which was a virus created in 1947 by the Rockefellars. They are going to have a reason to spray DDT on everybody, when they stopped spraying DDT, that’s what stopped Polio, as seen in Suzanne Humphrie, MD’s book “dissolving illusions” The government is going to spray DDT, Polio is going to come back, and we are going to need more vaccines. When you get out of the Matrix of being so brainwashed, you have this clarity, you see how the game is being played, when you understand the chess game, you see how it all fits together for global human depopulation.
  • I’m not going to try to stop parents that want to shoot up their kids with a bunch of viral particles grown on dead animal parts, aborted human fetuses, mixed with carcinogens mixed and heavy metals, go ahead, they’re your kids. I am not trying to sell anything, I’m just trying to give people hope and faith, and give them confidence in their own body’s immune system.  To help them stop believing all the bullshit that is being fed to them by big pharma, they make money when you are sick!
  • Their main objective is to lower the population, if you want to be part of the project, and be part of the people that go down, then be it.  Those of us that are doing things like: not eating GMO, drinking clean, un-fluoridated alkaline water, not vaccinating our youth, or ourselves, getting chiropractic, we lead a healthy lifestyle. I have people come to my practice and tell me “I lead a completely 100% healthy lifestyle” drugs are not in a healthy lifestyle, and vaccines are one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet. DDT’s are just about poisoning more and more people
  • I don’t know how people have faith in the news anymore, you have to be a moron to watch TV and actually believe what you hear, because everything I see, I know there is an agenda behind it.  Those of you that have faith in the pharmaceutical cartel, one of the most evil empires on the planet, and you stick a needle in your child, something that was made in a laboratory, you have no idea what is in there, you are going off blind faith, even if they had good intentions, people make mistakes, you are sticking this needle into your kid with this hypothetical, mythical, fairytale, that the vaccine is going to raise their immunity to protect from all the microbes out there, we have co-existed with microbes since the beginning of time, and your body has an innate way to protect you from everything out there, but if you eat crap food, you have bad thoughts, you are suffering from subluxation in your back, and neck, from sitting at a computer all day, are a mad person, and don’t have love in your heart, you are going to exist at a lower level.
  • People always ask to see my science, I’m not the one telling you to stick needles
  • in your kids, my point is, I’m living congruent to genetics, congruent to expressing 100% of my potential, living congruent with the universal order. I’m not sticking needles in myself, I’m not sticking needles in my kids, show me one independent study on vaccines with a controlled group, double blind, there isn’t any. Kids are getting about 40 vaccines before they are 12 months old, show me one study on the interaction of all of those different vaccines all delivered at the same time, which creates just chaos in the body, and confusion in the body, that’s why you have all of these kids with cancer, and autoimmune diseases, the people just believe it because they are so blind they would rather watch a football game, than pick up a book and learn the reality of you, and your kids health.
  • I don’t even have to do this, I only do this because I care, I could just go surfing, why don’t I just move to Costa Rica and surf all day?, because there is literally a burning purpose of love within me for my fellow man, and the children of the universe, to wake people up, get people to read, help pull people out of the fog. What a trippy world we live in, and it is only going to get worse if we don’t stand up against the machine.  Come to CalJam, support my mission.”

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