Political Correctness for Yuengling Brewery; What About Our Opioid Epidemic?


In today’s political climate even our beer is up for debate. And why shouldn’t it be? This is America. We debate things here. That’s how democracy works. (At least when the issues aren’t taboo.) Recently, it’s shown up in the state of Pennsylvania with Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, garnering an endorsement for the Republican candidate from Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery.

And now the debate turns to political action.

With the most recent statement from Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr., the 73-year-old owner of D. G. Yuengling & Son Inc., located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania — the seat of Schuylkill County — Yuengling said that his company was “behind” Trump. Inevitably, a lashing out occurred in the digital realm with regard to political correctness and expressively personal views. Customers weren’t pleased. They were offended. In fact, some even claimed that they’d never drink Yuengling again.

This is what democracy is, and should be. Sure. And yet, something is lost in the politicized scramble of this ugly election year.

A Pennsylvania state representative, Brian Sims, announced on his Facebook page that he was saying “GOOD BYE” to Yuengling Brewery.

“I’m not normally one to call for boycotts but I absolutely believe that how we spend our dollars is a reflection of our votes and values! Supporting Yuengling Brewery, that uses my dollars to bolster a man, and an agenda, that wants to punish me for being a member of the LGBT community and punish the black and brown members of my community for not being white, is something I’m too smart and too grown up to do.”

Sims represents the 182nd district of Philadelphia, which includes a majority of Center City, in addition to parts of Rittenhouse Square, Grays Ferry, and South Philadelphia. I live here. I walk those areas of the city.

And I see, feel, and hear other elements of our society that go unnoticed or receive little to no attention. To observe this sort of outcry against a presidential candidate is expectantly what democracy was birthed upon, as we know in the city of Philadelphia. We take action. (We like to think.) However, along the way I’ve seen the incessant results of many issues that get buried, in favor of political expediency and trending topics that ultimately define our aggressive actions towards “voting with our dollars”.

If that’s the case, then what about all the other detriments to our standard of living? For instance, the opiate epidemic that is sweeping Pennsylvania and the surrounding states and the rest of the country by storm.

According to a June 2016 report from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, entitled “The Epidemic of Overdoses From Opioids in Philadelphia”, drug deaths involving the fatal use of opioids, from 2000-2014, had tripled. In 2014, approximately 47,000 people died from overdoses in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Sixty-one percent of that total was attributed to the use of opioids.

“Since 1999, the number of prescriptions for pharmaceutical opioid pain relievers in the U.S. more than quadrupled.”

Opioid-related overdose deaths in Philadelphia were nearly three times higher in men than among women in 2015. Those deaths were also more than two times as high among whites, as opposed to deaths among African Americans.

Between 2003 and 2015, in Philadelphia, cocaine and benzodiazepines were detected in overdose deaths in tandem with opioids at a rate of 70% and 90%, respectively. During that same period, overdose deaths related to heroin more than doubled in the city, with approximately 400 deaths reported in 2015.

In that same year, there were nearly 700 drug overdose deaths in Philadelphia. That’s more than twice as many deaths from homicide.

From 2014-2015, 10% of the nearly 1,300 overdose deaths in Philadelphia were from non-residents. Most of those non-residents were people from New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and other parts of Pennsylvania.

Once the president is elected, these issues won’t go away. In fact, they’re extant — some as a surrogate to the system we attribute to healthcare. (One of the most hotly contested issues of partisan bickering in the country.)

Additionally, these effects are increasingly felt in Philadelphia hospitals.

“The percentage of Philadelphia hospital emergency department visits related to opioid overdoses increased from approximately 0.4% in 2007 to nearly 0.7% in 2015. In 2015, there were over 6,500 emergency department visits for opioid overdoses. For each opioid-related death, there were approximately 12 hospital emergency department visits.”

So while the country politically corrects itself — whatever that means — myriad issues get buried beneath picking and choosing a side, in response to the emotional disturbances of partisan bickering.

Rather than dealing with facts, the web of society becomes entangled with He Said, She Said.

Ultimately, this coercive cultural backwardness and evolutionary substandard, the rattle-mouthed bickering of intellectual thought and deceptive, manipulative action, that matches up more closely with the reptilian species, rather than the spirit of the human heart and the cultural celebration of life and all its wonder, is exactly what gave rise to Trump.

And our opioid epidemic.

Somewhere along the way, these facts were buried beneath a lie. And the truth has become something else, entirely.




Bryan is a freelance writer/copy editor/copywriter. He reads, researches and drinks beer. He also writes poetry, short stories, essays, and is working on various novels, some of which include private documentation of traveling and living in Philadelphia, Colorado, and New Jersey. Currently, he lives in South Philadelphia. He also paints and records his own music.

Nobel Prize Winner Scientifically Proves Fasting is Good For Health

Photo: http://www.tula.kp.ru/

???????@Mail.ru Rambler’s Top100 ???????????.Ru, 6 ??????? 2016 ?. 

Translated by Dmitry Lapa

Yoshinori Ohsumi, a cellular biologist from Japan, became a Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine “for discovering the mechanisms of autophagy.” The Japanese scientist has scientifically substantiated that fasting is good for one’s health, reports the Komsomolskaya Pravda Russian newspaper.

The Nobel Prize Committee’s press release reads:

“Ohsumi’s discoveries have led to a new paradigm in our understanding of how a cell processes its contents. His discoveries have opened new ways of understanding the fundamental importance of autophagy for a large number of physiological processes, such as adaptation to starvation and response to an infection.”

Autophagy is the process of utilizing and recycling unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components—the so-called cellular rubbish which accumulates in cells. The term “autophagy” originates from two Greek words which summarily mean “self-eating.” Autophagy is intrinsic to living organisms, including those of human beings. Thanks to autophagy cells get rid of excess parts, while an organism gets rid of unnecessary cells.

Autophagy becomes especially intensive when an organism is under stress, for example, when it fasts. In this case a cell produces energy using its internal resources, that is, cellular rubbish, including pathogenic bacteria.

The Nobel Prize winner’s discovery indicates that abstaining from food and keeping fasts is wholesome—the body truly cleans itself. This is confirmed by the Nobel Prize Committee.

According to Ohsumi’s colleagues, autophagy protects organisms from premature senility. This process even probably rejuvenates organisms by creating new cells, removing defective proteins and damaged intracellular organelles from them, thus maintaining them in good condition.

Image result for Yoshinori Ohsumi


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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of TheTruther.us, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for WeAreChange.org, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

WIKILEAKS: Email From Huma Abedin On Hillary’s Life Threatening Sinus Thrombosis

After Hillary Clinton’s collapse at a 9/11 memorial on Sunday, Wikileaks posted an email showing Hillary’s health issues were potentially life-threatening, and both older and deeper than the “pneumonia” her campaign claimed caused her sickness.

The email is from Hillary’s long time aide Huma Abedin, with an article on Hillary’s life threatening “Sinus Thrombosis.”

Huma sent Hillary an article describing Hillary’s condition as Cerebral Venous Sinus Thombosis (CVST). CVST is the presence of acute thrombosis (a blood clot) in the dural venous sinuses, which drain blood from the brain. Symptoms may include headaches, seizures, abnormal vision and any of the symptoms of stroke, such as weakness of the face and limbs on one side of the body. From WebMD:

Cavernous sinus thrombosis is a very rare, life-threatening condition that can affect adults and children.

In cavernous sinus thrombosis, a blood clot blocks a vein that runs through a hollow space underneath the brain and behind the eye sockets. These veins carry blood from the face and head back to the heart.

The cause of cavernous sinus thrombosis is usually an infection. But other factors may play a role.

Cavernous sinus thrombosis is a serious condition. It causes death in up to 30% of cases.

Symptoms of Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

Symptoms of cavernous sinus thrombosis may include:

This comes after the mainstream media has been repeating Hillary Clinton’s claim that she is merely sick with pneumonia and not a life threatening injury. After weeks of denying that Hillary was even sick despite her coughing fits and calling anyone who said so  a “conspiracy theorist,” after Hillary fell down in public 9/11 memorial the mainstream media needed a new narrative.

At first, Hillary’s campaign said she “overheated,” despite the temperature not being hot out.

DCLeaks.com recently revealed an email to Colin Powell that proves Hillary has had trouble standing before. In an email dated March 14, 2015, Democratic financier Jeffery Leeds told George W. Bush’s former secretary of state, “Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps,”

Wikileaks has previously leaked emails where Hillary’s aides were researching provigil a drug used for treating narcolepsy and patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis who have excessive sleepiness.”

Popular author Mike Cernovich has released a doctor’s evaluation that Hillary does indeed have Parkinson’s disease.

We have now seen a new milestone in mainstream media deception. Never has the media fought so hard to debunk and outright lie about a presidential candidate obvious health problems, to the point where the media changes its narrative multiple times in a day, parroting whatever the Clinton campaign tells them to repeat.

It’s going to bite them in the ass in the end though,  as people see the mainstream media at face value for what it is – a PR rep for the military-industrial complex and it’s puppet politicians.



I am an Activist a writer a blogger and an investigative journalist writing for (www.wearechange.org)

A Radio host of the Blog-talk Radio Series:

My Sources are everywhere..
Enemy of the New World Order.


The unthinkable has happened for Hillary Clinton. With less than three months remaining until November’s election, Democrats prepared to meet and consider replacing her, according to David Shuster of MSNBC.

After Hillary’s collapse on 9/11, it appears many Democrats are finally seeing that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president of the United States. One Democrat operative said “she hid the fact about her pneumonia from them for three days Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” calling it “uncharted political territory.”

So wait, it took a sickness for them to consider replacing Hillary Clinton, not the emails that will be released shortly by Wikileaks or any of her other criminal actions, habitual lying and scandals?

After almost a month of back and forth episodes, constant coughing, seizures, short circuits, and with the firing of Dr. Drew for saying Hillary isn’t well, the media has tried to cover up Hillary’s health. Now they are saying it’s just pneumonia. Dr. Milton Wolf disagrees, saying pneumonia doesn’t explain the seizures, brain blood clots, neurological deficits, or long-term Coumadin use. Sunday’s medical emergency spawned just the latest changing story on Hillary’s health.

UPDATE: David Shuster, has posted another tweet indicating that a top democrat has said “the nominee status is entirely up to Hillary Clinton and NOT the DNC.”

While Hillary likely won’t drop out of the race, if she did die the DNC would replace her. Many have speculated that Joe Biden or Tim Kaine would be the replacement, while longtime political operative Roger Stone has claimed Michelle Obama would be the pick.

I am an Activist a writer a blogger and an investigative journalist writing for (www.wearechange.org)

A Radio host of the Blog-talk Radio Series:

My Sources are everywhere..
Enemy of the New World Order.

After Reading This You May Never Want To Use WiFi Again


(NaturalHealth365) The 5G revolution is rushing toward us and it will bring a whole new era of harm from ultra-high microwave frequency radiation.  And those who raise their voices against the danger to our health and our human rights to safety have been the subject of harassment, intimidation and attempts to silence them.

On July 14, the FCC voted to unleash 5G in the United States, approving sweeping Spectrum Frontiers rules to make spectrum bands above 24 GHz available for 5G.  Even though serious health risks are associated with the proliferation of cell phone technology, the attitude of the FCC seems to be ‘full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.’

The July 14 vote was preceded, a month earlier, by a June 20th announcement by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, in which he enthusiastically heralded the coming rollout of 5g applications and networks as a “game-changer” and a “national priority” that will generate “tens of billions of dollars.”

Warning for humanity: The FCC automatically approves the use of untested frequencies

The 5G network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible – which are untested frequencies of 24 to 100 GHz or more.  Wheeler said that implementing the new frequencies would necessitate new antennas – intended to aim and amplify the signals – new infrastructure and a massive deployment of towers throughout the United States.

The FCC is moving quickly to adapt 5G technology. Wheeler said that Verizon and ATT will start 5g trials in 2017, with the first commercial deployments scheduled for 2020. Specifically rejecting the notion of 5G being only for urban use, Wheeler noted that all areas, including rural communities, will be saturated.

In other words: No part of the country will be safe from ultra-high frequency signals.

With obvious relish, Wheeler spoke of “turning innovators loose” to develop and adapt 5G and related networks. And, as for those ‘annoying regulators’ – who could presumably stand between us and harm from electromagnetic radiation – Wheeler rejects the idea that these cautious people should be allowed to define our future.

Gestapo tactics are being used to silence criticism of 5G technology

At the July 14th press conference, Bloomberg News reporter Todd Shields had his press credentials confiscated by members of the FCC security force.  His offense?  He was in the act of speaking with safety advocates concerned about radiation, who wanted to show him a tee shirt symbolizing their concerns.

Shields openly confronted Wheeler during the press conference, relating how his credentials had been seized and asking for comment. Wheeler told Shields he could have his credentials back, but went on, unbelievably, to remind him that everyone who came to the press conference had a duty to “behave responsibly.” (in other words, follow orders or get out)

Who is behaving “responsibly” here – the FCC chair who is shamelessly pushing 5G, or the activists who are trying to hold him accountable?  This video (below) says it all – judge for yourself:

Source of Material – http://www.naturalhealth365.com/


Proof of harm

Remember – things that the government once tested and considered “safe” include such toxic horrors as thalilomide, smoking, asbestos, lead paint, and Agent Orange.  Can we really trust these so-called government ‘health’ agencies?

Consider this: A $25m government study by the National Toxicology Program has concluded that wireless radiation causes cancer.  Natural health advocates say that 70 percent of non-industry studies assess wireless radiation as harmful; with industry studies, the effects are reversed – with only 32 percent showing that wireless radiation is harmful.  But, either way, the dangers are clear and being ignored by our government due to corporate interests.

The public is at risk: Corporate giants care more about revenue and ignore the dangers

As the annual financial reports of such corporations as Verizon and T-Mobile reveal, the companies acknowledge they are subject to litigation relating to the alleged health effects of wireless phones and radio frequency transmitters. The companies warn that this could result in significant damages; they also admit that wireless technology and adverse health effects do exist – including the threat of cancer.

Already, Nokia is a defendant in 19 separate lawsuits filed in Washington, D.C. alleging that radio emissions from cell phones caused their brain tumors. The lawsuits allege an industry-wide conspiracy to manipulate the science and testing around emissions guidelines – and the world will be watching as this drama unfolds.

Take action to stop 5G cellular technology

The following pair of websites offer clear and practical ways to stop the spread of 5G technology.

Go to ParentsForSafeTechnology.org and learn how to write, call and email the relevant agencies to inform them that this wireless deployment must be stopped immediately.  The site provides addresses for the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, as well as the CDC, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, and the National Toxicology Program.

After emailing, make sure to send a copy to your elected officials, and also email a copy to the FCC.

You can also demand a systematic review of 5G by the EPA, and insist that the review be accompanied by the development of proper safety standards.  In addition, you can subscribe for more solutions at TakeBackYourPower.net to receive updates on liability actions.

Former congressional candidate and safety advocate Kevin Mottus warns that schoolchildren are already developing cancer and neurological symptoms as a result of exposure to wireless routers. “We are microwaving our population,” Mottus declares.  It’s time to take action.

About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host ofNaturalHealth365.com, the NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show – and the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE, a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.




Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer? The Answer is Yes


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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of TheTruther.us, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for WeAreChange.org, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

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