Leaked US Independent Surveillance Watchdog Report Concludes NSA Program Is Illegal And Recommends Shut-down



The forthcoming report of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, the arm’s-length body established by the Congress to investigate NSA spying, has leaked, with details appearing in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

From its pages, we learn that the board views the NSA’s metadata collection program — which was revealed by Edward Snowden — as illegal, without “a viable legal foundation under Section 215, implicates constitutional concerns under the First and Fourth Amendments, raises serious threats to privacy and civil liberties as a policy matter, and has shown only limited value…As a result, the board recommends that the government end the program.”

NEW TSA Documents: Filming & Photography Terrorist Activities

WeAreChange Correspondent Julio Rausseo on new TSA documents citing video taping and taking pictures as suspicious activity.

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Media Roots Radio – Video Game Warfare, Covert War in Iran, SOPA & Fair Use

MEDIA ROOTS – Abby and Robbie discuss the reality of war: the pre-propaganda that has manufactured consent for the illegal occupations, video game warfare and cognitive dissonance in combat, the Marine urination scandal; Martin Luther King Jr. and historical revisionism minimizing how anti-imperialism was the main pillar of his philosophical platform; the CIA and the US covert war in Iran; SOPA, PIPA breakdown, the difference between copyright and fair use, the threat to net neutrality and websites like Media Roots under this overarching legislation.

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Libya: Blood for Oil becomes Blood For Water

While the Netherlands to interfere in another illegal war, according to many skeptics is the main reason for the invasion of the oil. But Libya produces less than 2% on the entire oil market. Libya already sells its oil to the West. Gaddafi is not really a threat to the West. And it was not a revolution. The resolution states that it is to the people of Libya against Gaddafi. But who are these people? The media sometimes call them the rebels.

The leader of the rebels, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, admitted that between rebel sympathizers and cells of Al Qaida. Some Al Qaeda members were also among others in Iraq have operated against the Americans and coalition. So in the West in Afghanistan hunting al Qaeda in Libya and the West is protecting Al Qaeda. Cracks in the coalition appeared to arise about who is going to give the lead. But today it was announced that NATO will take over all air operations. Now the question is whether there also remains. The coalition is now in her efforts to the resolution passed. Mainly America wanted that NATO would carry out the operation, which is actually nonsense, given America the backbone of NATO.

Blood for Water

The only reason besides the geopolitical importance can only be the water supply in Libya, deep beneath the desert. In the year 1953 were oil companies, in addition to oil, large quantities of water deep beneath the desert. Most of the water would be between 38.000 and 14.000 years old. Gaddafi was the one who started to export water to the cities with miles of pipes and reservoirs. On September 1, 2010 began the project Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project. A project worth 33 billion. The value of the small reservoirs is about 70,000,000,000,000 dollars. Should anything else be interpreted?

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Water will probably be as cheap after reading no more expensive than oil. For Libya, countries around the interests of the Libyan water resources major. So in the case of Libya is not blood for blood for oil but water.

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The Dutch blunder

We still have seen the images of the failed rescue mission by the Netherlands. It would be an engineer of the company Royal Haskoning to be freed. Around this person is still unclear. The media seemed more concerned with the Dutch helicopter stolen my idea is better than can be maintained. Could it be that he shares responsibility for the water project?. Royal Haskoning are hosting World Water Day on 21/03/2011 Netherlands 2011. On this day was the presence of Will lex discussed the water issue. The theme of this year was Water for Cities: responding to the urban challenge. The Dutch celebration is extra emphasis on access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Can a connection here with Libyan Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project?

Wim lex is head of the water community. Since 1997 the Prince of Orange is involved in water management in both the Netherlands and abroad.

In the Netherlands, chairman of the Water Advisory Committee. As President of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation delivers a worldwide personal contribution to solving water related problems.

The Prince has since 2004, planning to complement its work in the field of integrated water management in the Netherlands.


1998: Patron of the Global Water Partnership. The Global Water Partnership was established by the World Bank, the United Nations and the Swedish Ministry for Development Cooperation. It tries from the perspective of integrated water management international environmental agreements into concrete projects and programs.

1999-2000: Member of the committee that the establishment of the World Water Vision coordinated.

2000: Chairman of the Second World Water Forum in The Hague.

2002: Member of a Panel of Eminent Persons. This panel was requested by Secretary-General of the United Nations recommendations for a UN conference in Johannesburg on sustainable development. The Prince served on the panel as an expert on water management.

2000-2004: Chairman of the Commission on Integrated Water Resources Management.

2004-present: Chair of the Water Advisory Committee. The Commission on Integrated Water Management with the advent of this new committee lifted.

2006-present: Chair of the Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. This UN Advisory Board (in full the United Nations Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation) was established in 2004 by Kofi Annan to advise him on practical measures for achieving the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation.

The question then there Cui bono, who benefit, who profits from this. And anyone who comes with a revolution gets a resolution. War is peace.

Translated by Silentguardians

March 19th: Arrest the War Criminals

On March 19th it is 8 years ago the American troops entered Iraq, and thus starting the illegal war. This is the day to remember, a day to take action, a day to inform and inspire the people, a day to never forget.

We are organizing a demonstration to let the people at the International Law and Order community, International Criminal Court, and all the people on this world know the current status quo is not sustainable any longer and that the International Criminal Court has the duty to pursue the goals stated in their statues.

With not pursuing the people responsible for the Iraq war the international court paves the way for more criminal activities from this group. The current strategy will not only make the International Criminal Court’s powers totally useless on the short term, but on the long term, end the trust the court still has with the people, the people that pay the bills, the people the court sworn to protect and serve.

The International Criminal Court, and various prosecutors offices and police organizations, from what has become a shameful long list of countries, refuse to this day to investigate, prosecute or even file charges against this group, the various people and organizations involved in the creation of this war, as well as connections to / from or direct involvement of several arms suppliers, banks, governments and various private elite persons.

We organize this demonstration and memorial on March 19, eight years after the start of this illegal war in Iraq to remind the International Criminal Court to do justice to the victims of these crimes against humanity and to make clear they have to take direct action against this group as stated within the charter of the International Criminal Court.

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We also want to make clear that it is no longer justifiable that the International Criminal Court keeps protecting this group with not taking action against them and that we will no longer accept this.

We expect a thorough investigation and direct action from the International Criminal Court, less than this is not enough and it will never be.

We also understand that the people at the International Criminal Court and the various administrations, public departments and police organizations know and realize that moving in this direction is the only way, but a very small group of powerful and rich people makes this almost impossible for them.

So we will demonstrate on March 19 to communicate to these people we are supporting those who can bring much needed change and that the current status quo does not meet our ever-shrinking world.

We Are Change Holland – Belgium – Greece – Germany – Austria

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