Interview With Mike Cernovich – Who and How The 2016 Election Will Be Won

Published on Oct 29, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski interview pioneer journalist Mike Cernovich about the rise of Donald Trump and fall of Hillary Clinton. We go over Mike’s predictions for this election and our political social landscape has changed and will never be the same again.

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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: New World Hackers Responsible For HISTORIC U.S. Internet Outage

Previously, I told you about the DNS DDoS cannon that was responsible for taking out the internet in the U.S. and parts of Europe. The hackers whom I suspected were the ones responsible — the New World Hackers — have come forward. We had a very informative final interview, one that showcases the weaknesses in our network security, and a very large flaw in the structure of the internet itself.

I once had an intriguing conversation with a claimed Lulzsec hacker. He told me simply, “Security doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion. Every system is exploitable. It’s just a matter of time.”

Although it was just a DDoS attack, and it wasn’t a hack, the devices that were used were directed packets at DYN DNS servers and targeted website servers, last Friday. The attack was historic — never has such an attack occurred. It was practically genius, hitting DYN DNS servers responsible for translating over 150,000 websites from their numerical IP addresses to domain names. The attack also claimed popular sites as targets. It was truly impressive. Despite only lasting for a short duration, it topped the record books.

New World Hackers tweeted out an image of how much bandwidth they were hitting with shortly before it went down — 1,256.54 GB/s alone. An unheard-of amount of bandwidth.

Twitter is suffering..

— New World Hackers (@NewWorldHacking) October 21, 2016

New World Hackers tested their DNS cannon earlier this summer when they took out the BBC. That test attack hit a mere <i< a=””>>602 Gbps on the BBC’s website, compared to the recent attack which hit — according to the hackers — 1.5 Terabytes a second, an insane amount of bandwidth. Aimed at each target, it would instantly make any website in its cross-hairs sh*t itself from being overwhelmed with traffic requests.

The group also announced its retirement from hacking, telling me that they didn’t want any of their members to go to jail for the attack, like the infamous PoodleCorp, and they are calling it quits.

The stakes are too high to just continue attacking people and end up getting arrested like Poodle Corp. This was a reality check for us, no need to spend any time in jail.

Before they called it quits, though, they offered me a final exclusive interview. That full interview is below.

New World Hackers also discussed what devices were compromised for the attack. And it might scare you with a reality check.

Additionally, they provided me with the motive for the attack. Strangely enough, it’s the most confusing reasoning I’ve ever heard.

They claimed their attack was to showcase their power to the Russian government, insinuating that if they were crazy enough to do what they did, once, they would most likely do it again, if needed, to the Russians. If, in their own words, “They [the Russians] continue meddling in U.S. elections.” New World Hackers also said that Wikileaks was their “friend” and that they would “leave that statement as is.”

Wikileaks also apologized for the outage, blaming its supporters. And, well, Wikileaks was right….


Goodbye, old friends. Rest in power. Sail safe, and bon voyage, in the proxy seas.

We want everyone to read this, goodbye.

— New World Hackers (@NewWorldHacking) October 23, 2016

Question and Answer:

How did you accomplish the attack? Botnets? Or was it Mirai?

And why attack the internet’s infrastructure? Did you realize that attacking the DNS servers at DYN would drop so many sites at once? That’s one of the most impressive hacks I’ve seen in a long time.

“We used our own special coded supercomputer botnets and also Mirai to pull off such an attack. We have known for years that if you are able to pull off an assault on a DNS server it would drop the website or series of websites that domain name server holds. If you use a DNS amp on a botnet, it is extremely powerful.”

So you pull off the biggest Cyber Attack in History, topping 1.5 Terabytes a second, and hang it up?

What was the reason for the attack? Does it have to do with Twitter’s recent censorship and, in general, the censorship of social media? Or how about the recent handing over of ICANN to the U.N.?

“The stakes are too high to just continue attacking people and end up getting arrested like Poodle Corp. This was a reality check for us, no need to spend time in jail. The reason for this attack was simply because Russia is against the U.S. We wanted to send Russia a warning, so they would think twice before performing cyber attacks against the U.S. Wikileaks is our friend, also, and we will leave that statement as is.”

So this was a warning shot at Russia while attacking the U.S. That’s ironic. Don’t you think?

“Somewhat. We do think it’s ironic. But this shows them we are crazy enough to attack them also.”

What devices were used during the attack? Did you infect cameras, DVR players, and smartphones, as many mainstream media outlets are claiming?

“Cameras, laptops, computers. Anything that was accessible or vulnerable to the botnet exploit was added onto the IoT botnet.”

That’s amazing. How long did it take for systems to get infected to the point where you knew it was strong enough to take out the U.S. east coast internet during the morning, and parts of the west coast and Europe during the afternoon?

How does it feel to know that you guys broke a world record, and that you can now be added to the Guinness Book Of World Records? That was single-handedly the world’s largest cyber attack. Do you believe that by achieving the attack you exposed a key flaw in the internet’s infrastructure, and essentially helped to fix a potential problem before it got worse or was used by state actors during cyber war?

“It took us months, and that’s why the people who actually tuned into us before this big attack didn’t see big attacks earlier. We worked on this all summer and made sure it ran smoothly. We performed multiple tests…

It feels extreme, being able to look back on something like this. You never would have thought that this could happen. But with hard work and dedication it happened. We honestly think we did show the world the vulnerability in systems today and that kind of brought a smile upon our faces.”

If I remember correctly you guys took down the Guardian earlier this year, right?

What are some of the other sites you took down in those previous tests, before the big one?

“The internet relies on DNS servers to function, but that isn’t helping. Something else needs to be put in place of DNS servers. We didn’t take down the Guardian. But at one point, we took down BBC and ZDNET for short periods of time.”

Did you guys only attack DYN or did you hit the DNS DYN servers and individual websites at the same time?

“We hit DYN, which held off Playstation, Paypal, and the others. Twitter was lagging from DYN and we noticed Netflix was too. We went ahead and just attacked those two as well to see what would happen. We then got nervous and attacked so some people couldn’t monitor the DDOS attack.”

/end interview.

I am an Activist a writer a blogger and an investigative journalist writing for (

A Radio host of the Blog-talk Radio Series:

My Sources are everywhere..
Enemy of the New World Order.

VIDEO: Milo Yiannopoulos On The REAL Hillary Clinton Conspiracy

“I don’t want to get blown up! I don’t want them to say it was some unfortunate bus accident. I try to stay away from the subject of Hillary, but go on,” Breitbart Editor and social media phenomenon Milo Yiannopoulos said when asked about the current state of affairs with Hillary Clinton.

Yiannopoulos said that when it comes to rumors about Clinton’s health, her campaign has done more harm by trying to hide it.

“We were told it was a crazy conspiracy theory, but was it ever a crazy conspiracy theory? It was just a bunch of people on the internet noticing that something was not quite right, and now finally everybody is like, ‘Well, we can’t quite ignore it now, can we? This is news, right? Look, it may be nothing, but so long as they lie about it, people are going to think it’s worse than it it. Unless it is really bad, who knows right?”

[WATCH: Milo Yiannopoulos Responds To Being Permanently Banned From Twitter]

Yiannopoulos noted that because of the Clinton campaign’s silence, there could now be a “snowball effect,” whereas if she had addressed her  health-related problems up front, her campaign could have played it down. Yiannopoulos also questioned how Clinton’s health will affect her debate performance.

“Just imagine, Trump is like a steamroller, you know? He’s just on it all the time, and whatever you think of him and his crazy answers to questions and all that—even those of us who love him and praise him as a god emperor sometimes are like ‘Did you have to do that?’ You know, nobody is perfect—he’s about as close as it gets… no, I’m kidding—he’s a steamroller. She’s going to get up there—she looks frail, she can’t speak properly, she has to drink this thickened water, apparently. How is she going to do in the debates?  I don’t think anyone knows.”

[WATCH: Milo Yiannopoulous Confronts Twitter At The RNC]

However, when asked about whether health problems will cause Clinton to drop out, Yiannopoulos said, “A Clinton, really? No, of course not. She’s going to be in it until the bitter end.”

“Do you remember the ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?’ Hillary Clinton coined that phrase… to explain away her family’s misdeeds, their wrong-doings, and it remarkable to see the same [strategy now]. She did it in a speech about the Alt-Right, you know this vast right-wing conspiracy, where she effectively called half the country… bigots, racists and anti-semites. I mean, that’s the real conspiracy.”


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Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

WRC EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Anonymous #OpIcarus Explains the Operation Against Central Banks

 EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Anonymous #OpIcarus the Operation Against Central Banks



Recently I spoke with a known Hacktivist and member of the Anonymous collective, who claims to have directly contributed to Operation #Icarus by successfully  (DDoS) taking down 9 major banks over Memorial Day weekend.

He agreed to the interview on the condition of Anonymity, but proved his claims to me by sending me several screen shots.

The mainstream media has been quiet about the operation and some Anons have distanced themselves from the operation calling it an attack against innocent civilians. 

When I asked, “What’s the reason for the Op?,” the hacktivist Anon said it was

“Anything but an attack against innocents. It was geared specifically toward the Central Banks, the Rothschilds, JP Morgan-Chase, and the rest of the Wall Street and banking elites. The war mongers; those that want World War 3…those who we know are funding ISIS.”

Anonymous released a list of institutions the collective plans to target, which is divided into four sections; websites associated with the U.S. Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank, and over 150 pages associated with national banks around the globe.

He went on to say that “no one involved in the operation was targeting the innocent”. According to insiders it’s another hacking group known as Lazarus who was raiding the banks for cash. He said that “Lazarus…was working on their own accord and acting with out the general consensus of the collective Op. He also stated they appeared to be from Korea, and the four raids on the central banks so far this year appear to be somewhere in the $50-$100 million dollar range. He also said said “more financial attacks will be carried out this year.” 

He then provided a long list of Central Banks, and connected banks that the Operation has targeted so far with DDoS Attacks, providing evidence with screen shots and claiming there is far more to come. So how effective are DDoS attacks against big banks?

He claims every attack averages to about $440,000 in damages. The press release on YouTube states exactly that – the operation is against the wealthy corporations and banks. They vow to hold down Paypal, MasterCard and other credit card companies, all central banks worldwide, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), and all stock exchanges.

Since the claims made in the press release that Anonymous was about to launch a historic attack against the finance industry, the threats and attacks have been carried out as more then 2 dozen banks have been hit by DDoS attacks already. Some members of the Hacktivist collective Anonymous have dismissed the operation, but that’s no surprise as Anonymous has always been diverse and divisive in its operations, as there are no leaders in the movement – only ideas. Ideas that people either choose to support or choose not to, its entirely up to them.

A full text of the interview is below.


Interview with Anonymous

“The reason for the Op was simple. After Rothschild and the other elite ruling families had already drained us and the middle east from every resource there possibly was and then continued to butcher millions more innocent people, we decided we had had enough. We have tried protesting, some have tried voting, we have tried marching. We have tried everything. They weren’t listening to us. Perhaps when we attack all of their Central Banks, they will find it harder to ignore us.”

“It was time for something like this to happen. Many people have been waiting for such an event. The Central Banks are more afraid of the people than they are letting on.”

“We have shown them just how vulnerable they are and that at any time, they can become our target. This is a lesson they had to learn.”

“So far we have been taking the sites offline. However, with this being said, we have noticed the sudden increase in attacks on the banks since we started the event, by teams such as Lazarus who have already raided 4 banks. Team Lazarus have obviously been acting on their own accord outside of the Op itself, but we like to think that perhaps we contributed a little by pointing everyone towards the banks again. Ideas are like fires in dry woods, it only takes a small light to burn down an entire forest.”

“Its the business sites only. Our aim isn’t to hurt the ordinary man at all. With costs averaging on $440.000 per attack, with 50 banks, this has cost the central banks lots of money. Team Lazarus appear to be from Korea. They have done 4 raids on international Central Banks this year. Raids seem to be somewhere around the $ 50 – $100 million range. The US is calling it an outright attack on the financial industry. We expect this year to be full of them.”

“This year is going to be a massive year for attacks against the banks. Its either that or watch Rothschild and friends start world war 3 over Syria against the Russians and Chinese in September.”

“They’ve been in trouble since 2011, they lost a lot of family money which they are desperate to try and get back through any means necessary even to the point where they would create ISIS and then let them loose on us. They are starting to show just how vulnerable they are. Thats why I love these kind of attacks. A Ddos attack on all of Rothschild’s companies websites show the public exactly how vulnerable they are. The time of thinking they are “untouchable” is over. The moment they put their heads in the spot light with Genie Energy in Golan Heights, Syria, I knew that from that moment we would never let them go back into the shadows again. This year has to be an outright war against Rothschild and other elite ruling families. Their insane genocidal nature needs to be dealt with. They have lost touch with everything and everyone around them, and perhaps all these attacks on them, make them feel that little more human.”

“Yes. They are being hunted by many militia groups now also. Their time has come. They failed. Russia buying their independence from Rothschild banking and Iran maintaining its neutral zone has been a huge help. Also China building their economy back up the way they have done over the last decade. Yes, I can give you a list”




List of BANKS and GROUPS that Have Been Targeted by #OpIcarus:

Afghanistan Central Bank

Bahamas Central Bank

Bahrain Central Bank

Barbados Central Bank

Belarus Central Bank

Belgium Central Bank

Belize Central Bank

Bermuda Central Bank

Bhutan Central Bank

Bosnia Central Bank

Cambodia Central Bank

Cayman Islands Central Bank

Colombia Central Bank

Cyprus Central Bank

Dominican Republic Central Bank

Ethiopia Central Bank

Fiji Central Bank

Greece Central Bank

Haiti Central Bank

India Central Bank

Iraq Central Bank

Jordan Central Bank

Kenya Central Bank

Korea Central Bank

Lithuania Central Bank

Macao Central Bank

Macedonia Central Bank

Malaysia Central Bank

Morocco Central Bank

Netherlands Central Bank

Netherlands Antilles Central Bank

Pakistan Central Bank

Philippines Central Bank

Portugal Central Bank

Russia Central Bank

Saudi Arabia Central Bank

Switzerland Central Bank

Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank

Tunisia Central Bank

Uganda Central Bank

United Arab Emirates Central Bank

Uruguay Central Bank

Venezuela Central Bank

Zimbabwe Central Bank

Central Bank of France

World Bank

Bank for International Settlements

Vatican State Financial Services

Montenegro Central Bank

Panama Central Bank

Monaco Financial Services

San Francisco Fed

Inter-American Development Bank

Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

National Bank of Angola

Order of Malta


Rothschild foundation eu + us


Blackstone Group

State Bank of Vietnam

National  Bank of the Philippines

Central Bank of Sudan

Warburg Bank of Hamburg

central bank of Siera Leonne

US Bats Stock Market


Euronext Market

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I am an Activist a writer a blogger and an investigative journalist writing for (

A Radio host of the Blog-talk Radio Series:

My Sources are everywhere..
Enemy of the New World Order.

Interview with Abby Martin of Media Roots on Left/Right Paradigm, 9/11

Interview with Abby Martin of Media Roots on Left/Right Paradigm by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTSDoug Mckenty from KZYX’s Thursday Morning Report conducts an hour interview with Bay Area artist and community activist Abby Martin of Media Roots, where she reports from “outside party lines”. They discuss the false left/right paradigm, the electability of non establishment candidates, the renaissance of citizen journalism, censorship in the corporate press and 9/11.

Read Abby’s views on Media Roots.

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