Iran and Assad have won in Syria, say top Tehran foreign policy figures

Bashar al-Assad, Syrian president

Iran and its close ally President Bashar al-Assad have won the war in Syria, and the US-orchestrated campaign in support of the opposition’s attempt to topple the Syrian regime has failed, senior Iranian officials have told the Guardian.

US-Iranian Diplomacy: A New Chapter



Secretary of State John Kerry recently convened with the P5 UN Security Council members (US, Russia, China, France, and UK) in Geneva this past Friday in an attempt to negotiate a potential nuclear agreement with Iran.

Iran has agreed to give international inspectors access to their nuclear facility and in return, they want the US to take down their economic sanctions of Iran.

In considering this lift of Iranian sanctions, the US would be initiating a significant change in foreign policy.

Media Roots Radio – Video Game Warfare, Covert War in Iran, SOPA & Fair Use

MEDIA ROOTS – Abby and Robbie discuss the reality of war: the pre-propaganda that has manufactured consent for the illegal occupations, video game warfare and cognitive dissonance in combat, the Marine urination scandal; Martin Luther King Jr. and historical revisionism minimizing how anti-imperialism was the main pillar of his philosophical platform; the CIA and the US covert war in Iran; SOPA, PIPA breakdown, the difference between copyright and fair use, the threat to net neutrality and websites like Media Roots under this overarching legislation.

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Media Roots Radio- Able Danger, Iran, Prop 19, Freemasonry

Media Roots Radio- Prop 19, Aafia Siddiqui, Freemasonry & the Founding Fathers by Media Roots

On this edition of Media Roots radio we discuss China’s forced abortions, the unjust case of Aafia Siddiqui, Prop 19, Christine O’Donnell’s embarrassing revelations of ignorance, and Free Masonry: the origin and evolution behind the organization and their political influence on America’s formation and progression.

Media Roots Radio- Able Danger, Blowback, Iran by Media Roots

On this episode of Media Roots radio we question why Fox news has been spearheading the Able Danger investigation and why the ‘intellectual left’ reinforces the myth of the War on Terror and Al Qaeda. We also discuss Jan Brewer’s shocking public appearances and dispel popular talking points and myths about Iran by scrutinizing things like the mistranslated mantra ‘Israel should be wiped off the map’.

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This radio show airs on shortwave radio Sundays at 6pm central time, following the Alex Jones show. The frequency is 9.350 MHz.

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