Congress gives Native American lands to foreign mining company with new NDAA

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Congress is poised to give a foreign mining company 2,400 acres of national forest in Arizona that is cherished ancestral homeland to Apache natives. Controversially, the measure is attached to annual legislation that funds the US Defense Department.

This week, the House and Senate Armed Services Committees quietly attached a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would mandate the handover of a large tract of Tonto National Forest to Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of the Australian-English mining company Rio Tinto, which co-owns with Iran a uranium mine in Africa and which is 10-percent-owned by China. (more…)

Lee Camp: Spreading Knowledge Through Comedy

In this video Andrew Emett of WeAreChange caught up with one of our favorite comedians Lee Camp at United We Stand. Lee talks about his motivations, body of work, and how the mainstream media totally sucks.

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Web 3.0: Death of the Internet


Almost overnight the Internet as we knew it found itself gutted and hollowed out by FCC overreach. Despite the fact that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has historically only held authority over broadcasting waves, it conducted a blatant power grab very few noticed. The FCC has been given the power to regulate the internet and interfere with ‘edge providers’ such as Google, Dropbox, Mozilla, and many more. Some have resisted claiming violations in net neutrality.

The FCC also has control of print media and all levels of broadcasting. They have recently faced backlash after being accused of attempting to regulate independent news operations via a survey. (more…)

BREAKING: Supreme Court Denies NDAA Lawsuit


BOWLING GREEN – On September 12th, 2012, Federal District Judge Katherine B. Forrest issued a permanent injunction against enforcement of Section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. In July 2013, the 2nd Circuit ruled the plaintiffs did not have standing to challenge that law.


Monday, the Supreme Court put the final nail in this suit by denying to hear the case, without comment. (more…)

NDAA 2014: Indefinitely Detaining Your Rights

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The 2014 National Defense Authorization Act passed the Senate quietly on Friday, December 20th, 2013, while the mainstream media was busy reporting on Duck Dynasty and the contrived social controversy over the holidays. This familiar deceptive tactic was also used with the 2012 NDAA, when President Obama signed the legislation into law on New Years eve, 2011.

This action codified indefinite military detention into law without charge or trial for the first time in United States history. The NDAA’s extremely dangerous detention provisions give authorization to the president, and all future presidents, to capture, detain, and indefinitely imprison anyone from anywhere in the world, and far from any battlefield, without charge or due process of law. Additionally, the scope of the NDAA’s detention authority violates applicable international law due to the fact that it is not limited to people captured in the context of actual armed conflict as required by laws of war.


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