Co-opting attempt at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET w/ NYTimes

Luke Rudkowski ran into Tim from #OWS who participated in a working group who was taken over by a few people who tried to represent this movement unfairly to the NY Times. There are no official demands by OccupyWallStreet that have been approved by anyone. This is not about the left or right, we will not be divided and conquered in this false paradigm.

It’s important to know that Tim, is not a leader of OWS, there are no leaders of OWS,

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NY TIMES gives fair coverage of 9/11 movement in NYC

September 9, 2011, 2:20 PM
9/11 ‘Truthers’ to Tone Protests Down, for a Day
“No bullhorning during the memorial.”

That’s always been the rule of thumb among “truther” demonstrators at ground zero on Sept. 11, out of respect for relatives of victims of the terror attack, said Mike Skuthan, 32, a Web designer from Long Island who attends the demonstrations every year.

But after this Sunday’s memorial, Mr. Skuthan said, the bullhorns and signs will again be brought out and the groups will walk from one location to another in Manhattan chanting their message and engaging passers-by to help them call for a new investigation into the attacks.

“You have the usual chants — ‘9-11 Truth Ends Wars,’ or ‘Two planes, three buildings,’ ” Mr. Skuthan said. “The popular one this year will probably be, ‘Ten years, no justice.’ ”

Members of the so-called 9-11 Truth movement range from extreme conspiracy theorists who believe that the Bush administration engineered the attacks to consolidate power, roll back civil liberties and help oil mogul friends. But then there are more moderate factions that simply insist that top government officials know more about the attacks than they have acknowledged, and then used then used the attacks as a pretext for invading Iraq. A large percentage of activists outline — often in great detail — what they call inconsistencies in government explanations of the attacks, which many call a governmental cover-up.

There are scores of somber memorial events on Sunday commemorating the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks — poignant prayer services, candlelight vigils and, of course, the official commemoration at ground zero.

But for conspiracy theorists, the day’s poignancy is mixed with a renewed urgency to their demand for answers, and to dispute official explanations of the attacks. The slew of events leading up to Sunday include screenings of sept. 11-conspiracy films, and widespread “street action” protests. There are discussions by the leading proponents of so-called 9/11-truth theories, and even a spiritual service led by religious leaders who believe the public has not been told the whole truth about the attacks.

Because this is the 10th anniversary, and it falls on a weekend, “truthers’’ are hoping to get their highest turnout ever for demonstrations, said Mr. Skuthan, who pitched in this year by making a popular Web site for “truther” events this weekend, including the locations of numerous “street actions.”

The demonstrations may be more subdued this year, said Luke Rudkowski, 25, a journalist from Brooklyn.

Mr. Rudkowski is no shrinking violet. Armed with a video camera and a YouTube account, he has confronted the likes of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; Larry A. Silverstein, the leaseholder on the Trade Center; and Thomas H. Kean, a former governor of New Jersey who was chairman of the federal Sept. 11 commission.

In 2009, Mr. Rudkowski was arrested while attempting to question Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg about the lack of health care for emergency responders.

But when Mr. Rudkowski gathers with other activists at ground zero on Sunday morning near the official, private memorial service, he says, he will be in nonconfrontational mode.


Dr. Helen Caldicott MD explains it well, the devastation of Fukushima.

I went onto Prison Planet to watch this video. It was nice to hear someone speak clearly of the vast problems we will have from this event.

I was amazed when I was following the NY Times headline articles to see what the Main Steam Media had to say, at the start of this event. By March 19th the NY Times switched its headline to Libya, and I thought, wow did they clear everything up over night so it no longer had to be the top headline. Of course not, it was time for the Main Stream Media to divert to something else.

Dr. Helen Caldicott MD said it best at the end of this video:

“The reptilian mid brain of some mens brains is pathological.”

Scott Star WAC

WeAreChange back in NYC, Street Action this Saturday, Come one Come ALL

I’ve updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:

WeAreChange NYC is back after being banned from Canada attempting to cover the G20 summit. We can be banned from Canada for 10 years but we cannot be banned from effecting change one person at a time at ground zero.

This has been a long tradition before WeAreChange and we are asking new people to keep it strong by coming out and learning how to communicate with people one on one about important issues. This is open to everyone as we love seeing new faces and teaching them how to be an effective activist.

After this street action we will have a meeting determining the future of WeAreChange activism, content, events and fundraisers. So if you want to be involved and meet some great people come one come all.

For the past few weeks we held Street Action @ various locations throughout NYC for a bit of a change. This week we will be back at Ground Zero.
Check us out down by the Path station & Building 7 on Vesey St.

Help pass out fliers, dvds, and promote 9/11 truth… affecting Change one person at a time.

Followed by a meeting @ INN Studios,
56 Walker St. New York NY 10013 @ 6:00pm.
Take the N, R or 1,2,3 train to Canal St
One block south of Canal Street off Broadway(turn West).

Continue to check out our Meetup calendar for new street actions, updates and location changes.
When: Saturday, July 3, 2010 2:00 PM
Ground Zero
Church St. & Vesey St In Front of PATH Station
New York, NY , NY 10003

This Meetup repeats every week on Saturday.
If the changes affect your plans to attend, please take a moment to update your RSVP. (You can RSVP “No” or “Yes”.)
You can always get in touch with me through the “Contact Organizer” link on Meetup:

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