Immortal Technique on Occupy: “It’s not that we’re back, it’s that we never left”

Immortal Technique talks to WeAreChange on May Day at Union Square.

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Tom Morello on Occupy: The Future is Unwritten

My interview with musician Tom Morello before a performance on May Day at Union Square.

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Aerial View [HD] Occupy Wall Street May Day March

Tens of thousands take Broadway in NYC for Occupy Wall Street’s Mayday March

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Bloody Glasses: NYPD Violently Arrests Protesters During May Day March

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National Geographic Exposé on The NYPD Finest “The Lombardo”

The main objective of this piece is to hopefully make you and also officer Lombardo laugh. To only make him aware of his actions and hopefully ease tensions next time he is at Occupy Wall Street. We mean no harm against Lombardo and don’t condone any hateful actions or remarks.

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