Man shot in Ferguson identified as 18 year old, “friend of Michael Brown”

An unidentified man lies wounded while being detained by Ferguson police, Aug 9th. Rick Wilking / Reuters

An unidentified man lies wounded while being detained by Ferguson police, Aug 10th. Rick Wilking / Reuters

By Alec Cope
We Are Change

A day after the year commemoration of Michael Brown’s death, 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Jr. of St. Louis, who was “real close” to Brown, was killed by police the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

His father suspects that there is more going on than what has been released so far.

Head of St. Louis County police Jon Belmar stated that plain-clothed detectives received fire on Sunday evening. The suspect ensued into a chase where the officers shot the man whom had his identity withheld. The police chief went on to describe the condition of the suspect as “unstable”.

The man shot was tracked throughout the protest as police believed he was armed. The police have stated this man approached them and fired a stolen 9mm pistol at them randomly.

Belmar then indicated that the 6 – 12 year veteran police officers are on administrative leave and didn’t sustain “serious” injuries.

Acting head of the Ferguson Police Department Andre Anderson was speaking to CNN when around 20 shots were fired and in fact recorded during the interview.

St. Louis County police head Belmar, told a news conference the following morning on Monday that a second shooting had erupted in the town of Ferguson. The incident allegedly involves two groups from the West side of Florissant Avenue and had happened just before Harris Jr. were shot by police.

Belmar added that 40 and 50 shots were fired in an exchange between the two groups, and the incident he described as “remarkable” lasted around 45 seconds. He defined the point of distinguishing the shooters from actual protestors, stating “They were criminals. They weren’t protesters,”.

If you still have questions about last year’s shooting don’t worry, we’ve already got you covered with a WRC video below.

The drastic nationwide militarization of police has been justified with the breakdown in social “peace”. View the video above for sources and detail but the first Ferguson event in total, was a total problem-reaction-solution. Those at the helm of power allowed a problem to boil until the cusp of explosion, once that occurred the reaction was stimulated with the old methodology of race division; the police state is the solution.

If you are within the area of these events unfolding, please don’t participate in any rioting or criminality that may ensue as a result of this tragedy. That is exactly what those at the center of this thing want. What better way to propagate and ensure the continuity of a police state if you get the people to want it themselves?

This video explains the ultimate truth about where we are on this planet, right now. It’s something that is appropriate for this situation, and may put things into perspective, you never thought possible. Thank-you for reading.

Former Baltimore Officer Tweets Examples of Corruption and Brutality

Source: Revolution-News

Former Baltimore police sergeant Michael Wood took to Twitter Wednesday to air a shocking list of acts he said he participated in and witnessed during his 11 years in the Department’s violent crime division.

Lying under oath about made up charges, kicking/punting a handcuffed person in the face, illegally searching thousands of people with no legal justification, shitting and pissing inside suspects homes on their beds and clothes during raids are just a few examples of what he witnessed in Baltimore. (more…)

Police Arrest Man At Bilderberg 2015

this video was originally shot by

Which shows police grabbing a man for standing on the wrong side of the street. The man was arrested because he walked to another roadway where the bilderberg protest was taking place to take photos of the attendees driving in. According to his friends he practiced non violent civil disobedience when first apprehended by the police. (more…)

Warrant Issued For 75-Year-Old Woman For Unmowed Lawn

Gerry Suttle

Gerry Suttle

Source: KWTX

Gerry Suttle said she was shocked when the police chief called and told her a warrant had been issued.

“I’ll be 76 in July,” Suttle said. “I’m 75 now and I’ve never had a speeding ticket, never had a parking ticket and now here I am got a warrant for my arrest from the big city of Riesel.”

The Riesel police chief said the city issued a warrant because she failed to appear before the judge on the grass height issue on a piece of property she owns across from her house. (more…)

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