Former Baltimore Officer Tweets Examples of Corruption and Brutality

Source: Revolution-News

Former Baltimore police sergeant Michael Wood took to Twitter Wednesday to air a shocking list of acts he said he participated in and witnessed during his 11 years in the Department’s violent crime division.

Lying under oath about made up charges, kicking/punting a handcuffed person in the face, illegally searching thousands of people with no legal justification, shitting and pissing inside suspects homes on their beds and clothes during raids are just a few examples of what he witnessed in Baltimore. (more…)

Police Arrest Man At Bilderberg 2015

this video was originally shot by

Which shows police grabbing a man for standing on the wrong side of the street. The man was arrested because he walked to another roadway where the bilderberg protest was taking place to take photos of the attendees driving in. According to his friends he practiced non violent civil disobedience when first apprehended by the police. (more…)

Warrant Issued For 75-Year-Old Woman For Unmowed Lawn

Gerry Suttle

Gerry Suttle

Source: KWTX

Gerry Suttle said she was shocked when the police chief called and told her a warrant had been issued.

“I’ll be 76 in July,” Suttle said. “I’m 75 now and I’ve never had a speeding ticket, never had a parking ticket and now here I am got a warrant for my arrest from the big city of Riesel.”

The Riesel police chief said the city issued a warrant because she failed to appear before the judge on the grass height issue on a piece of property she owns across from her house. (more…)

Police Go To Journalists Hotel To Steal Private Information

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents his day as he tries to get work done at the hotel but in interrupted when Police come and steal his private registration info with the hotel.

To follow this the story live go on SnapChat and follow user LukeWeAreChange

Virginia Man Exercises His Rights and Shuts Down Police – All While Eating Oatmeal

Source: PINAC

When dealing with police, there is only one tried and true method to retain your rights: the silent treatment.  And one Richmond man did just that in a video that has gone massively viral on Facebook.

And he got to finish his breakfast, too.

On March 25, Roy Leeshun Williams, 25, was in the parking lot of a motel he had rented for the evening trying to enjoy some oatmeal he had just picked up at McDonalds when he was approached by a Richmond police officer at his window.

Read The Rest and Full Article On PINAC

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