Hero police officer praised after sprinting to hospital with sick baby in his arms

By Martin Evans
Daily Mail

A hero police officer, whose quick thinking and even quicker feet helped save a baby’s life, has been reunited with the little boy ahead of Christmas. Pc Steve Norton was on patrol in Wandsworth, south London when he responded to a 999 call, reporting that a baby had stopped breathing.

When he arrived at the caller’s house just minutes later, he found baby Harrison Paine unresponsive and clearly in need of urgent medical attention. Harrison’s mother Jo, who had only brought him home from hospital, days earlier, discovered he had stopped breathing as he lay in his cot. (more…)

‘Santa cop’ hands out $100 bills instead of tickets

By Geoffrey Vendeville
Montreal Gazette

There is a secret Santa in the Montreal police’s midst.

Over the last two days, an anonymous police officer pulled over drivers, not to slap them with a ticket but to give them a $50 or $100 bill.

The policeman received $5,000 from a wealthy friend and was instructed to hand out the money to people in need. (more…)

Man Tries Stealing Baby Formula: Police Buy It For Him Instead

By Joyce Lupiani

Police officers in Roswell, New Mexico, recently helped a thief instead of arresting him. The Roswell Police Department received a call from a local Albertson’s grocery store on Sunday about a man who was shoplifting, according to KRQE News 13.

When they arrived, they caught the thief as he was walking out the door. (more…)

California Highway Patrol: “Military Personnel Adapt Well To Our Paramilitary Work Environment”

Liberty Fight

The California Highway Patrol website has a special military recruiting page which states “Former military personnel easily fit into the CHP’s workforce and adapt well to our paramilitary work environment. You can use your former military skills and self-initiative to help you promote through the CHP’s ranks.” (more…)

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