British spooks tapped emails from UK and US journalists: rated alongside TERRORISTS

By Tom McTague
Daily Mail

British spooks intercepted emails from US and UK media organisations and rated ‘investigative journalists’ alongside terrorists and hackers as potential security threats, secret documents reveal.

Internal advice circulated by intelligence chiefs at the Government spy centre GCHQ claims ‘journalists and reporters representing all types of news media represent a potential threat to security’. (more…)

Police arrest ‘suicide bomber’ after Atocha train station in Madrid evacuated

Atocha station in Madrid (Reuters/Juan Medina)

RT News

Madrid’s Atocha railway station was evacuated after a man said he left his suicide vest on a train, Spanish media reports. The suspect had allegedly threatened to blow himself up before being arrested.

According to Spanish media reports, however, a bomb squad sent to the scene did not find any explosives left by the suspect. (more…)

Sydney siege ‘over’ after police storm Lindt Cafe, 5 injured


RT News

Heavily armored police units have stormed Lindt Café and brought an end to a day-long hostage standoff in the heart of Sydney. Gun fire and stun grenades were heard at the scene, with four civilians and one police officer reportedly injured.

The sound of automatic gunfire was heard at the scene, with police deploying flash bangs before storming the premises. Paramedics wearing bulletproof vests were seen entering Lindt Cafe shortly after the police operation began, after over 40 people were taken hostage on Monday. (more…)

Seven “Deadly Lies” about Gaza

Gaza Israel caricature


Once again an extraordinary display of human destruction and slaughter is taking place in the Gaza strip, courtesy of Israel. Israeli bombs have murdered almost 2000 civilians so far [updated, August 7],[1] with the number rapidly climbing every day. Those maimed and dismembered in the blasts number in the thousands, with over a third of them innocent children who can never again lead normal lives. Israel’s crimes against humanity need no analysis; they are barefaced and plain for all to see. (more…)

High Level Government Pedophile To Be Exposed: Victim Speaks Out

High Level Government Pedophile To Be Exposed: Victim Speaks Out

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Brian Clare at the Children Screaming To Be Heard event in London England. Brian is one of many victims of child sex abuse in England and details his story of what he had to go through. Brian currently has a criminal court case against a high level British elite who is responsible for the child sex abuse.

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