Media Implicates Saudis in Plotting of 9/11, Distracts From U.S. and Israel Involvement

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Recently the mainstream media has been plastered with headlines exposing how Saudi Arabia was instrumental in implementing the attacks on 9/11, and how it had been “classified” originally only because of Saudi backmail. The recent wave of stories points to the House of Saud as the true architects of 9/11, not Osama Bin Laden and the CIA backed Taliban jihadist fighters hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Allegedly, the reason the government covered the Saudi involvement originally was because of “financial pressure” from the Gulf state.  The New York Times ran a story claiming that the Saudis threatened to sell $750 billion in U.S. treasury bills if the congress passed the 9/11 bill. The New York Post published a story headlined “How U.S. covered up Saudi’s role in 9/11” which lays out the supposed smoking gun evidence that members of the Saudi regime and royal family bankrolled some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi they now constantly remind us.

At the time of the 9/11 attacks, Saudi prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud  owned 7-9% of News corporation, and was the second-largest voting shareholder in 21st Century Fox. Immediately after the September 11 attacks, Al-Waleed gave a check for $10 million dollars to New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In August 2011, Al-Waleed announced that his company had contracted Bin Laden Group to build the tallest building in the world.












This barrage of stories may be designed to shift public scrutiny of 9/11 away from the Neo-conservative/Zionists that controlled the U.S. government during 9/11, and onto the Saudi Arabian government. Not only do these stories infer that the Saudi regime sponsored the 9/11 attacks, but they also implant the idea that the Saudis were responsible for the U.S. government’s cover-up of what happened. The result is a picture painted in the public’s mind of a dominating Saudi Arabia overpowering a helpless and innocent U.S., while obscuring the evidence of U.S. and Israeli involvement.

bush saudi meme

Then President George W. Bush and then Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud walk amid the blue bonnets of Crawford, TX in 2005

This narrative benefits the same neo-conservative/Zionist interests who have dominated U.S. foreign policy since the events of September 11th. AIPAC sponsors and their American politician puppets have had ample time and motive to both lobby for 9/11 Truth and justice, or to cover up their involvement.
Two of the most hard line AIPAC-aligned US Senators, Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz, are both backing the bill currently before congress which would open the Saudis up to scrutiny. Even Nancy Pelosi wants the 28 pages on 9/11 declassified.

So, why are these establishment AIPAC-puppet politicians coming out now, demanding that these 28 pages be released, 13 years after they were classified?

This disinformation frenzy likely has one main purpose: to mislead the public about who actually planned, carried out and benefited from 9/11. As documented in his book Grand Deceptions, the nation which benefited most from 9/11 was Israel. Benajmin Netanyahu said the attacks were good for Israel, and 9/11 has been wielded by the US and Israel as a “one size fits all excuse to invade” and conquer Arab and Muslim countries that the Israeli-American imperialists want to control.



The Saudi government was sued by thousands of 9/11 victim’s family members due to the suspicion that Saudi Arabia helped to finance Al Qaeda. The Saudis hired the law firm of Bush Administration insider James Baker to defend them in that lawsuit. The 9/11 families’ lawsuit against Saudi royals was thrown out on a technicality related to the ability to sue a foreign government and, later, the Obama Administration backed the Saudis during the appeal.


The ‘Saudis did it’ angle depends on the claim that 19 hijackers commandeered and crashed four planes into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and a field in Shanksville  —  regardless of the fact that many of these “hijackers” turned up alive and well in the Middle East protesting their innocence. As Brandon Martinez writes,

It is highly doubtful that those claimed to have been behind the controls of the 9/11 planes could have performed this incredible feat when they were known to be terrible pilots with limited experience on commercial planes. What of the miraculous unvarnished passport discovered near the World Trade Center adorning the name and picture of Saudi national Satam al-Suqami? Was this laughable impossibility the handiwork of the Saudi government conspirators in an inexplicable attempt to frame themselves? Somebody planted it there, and it obviously was not any agent of Saudi Arabia.”


The Saudi rulers – as corrupt, autocratic and reprehensible as they are – are little more than middle-mangers of the U.S. and Israeli war machine that has invaded country after country in the middle east following 9/11.  Middle-managers cannot organize the biggest conspiracy of the 21st century, hoodwinking the world’s foremost superpower and somehow managing to get away with it.

The Saudi men were ‘patsies’

“We know that the 15 hijackers who were Saudis, the alleged hijackers, because they were not on those planes – not one of the 19 hijackers, or any Arabs, were on any of the four planes, according to the Flight records passenger list, and according to all of the evidence that would be there if they were on the planes, but has not been produced,” said Dr.  Kevin Barrett “And all 15 of these guys had that visa.”

That shows that they were in fact Central Intelligence Agency agents. Some of them were living with FBI people in California. So these 15 Saudis were not working against the United States government, they were working for the United States government, and they were set up so that Saudi Arabia could be potentially blamed for the September 11 attacks, which were actually perpetrated by Israel and its American assets. If there were no actual Arab hijackers on 9/11 and the whole thing is a frame up and farce, then the Saudis can’t be considered responsible for financing a terrorist operation that was conducted by others. Whether they were cognizant of it or not, the Saudis financed nothing more than a group of patsies who were selected as fall guys for a highly sophisticated false flag operation organized at the highest levels of US and Israeli intelligence. If there was any blackmail or unseen coercion involved, the Saudis were on the receiving end of it, not the other way around. The empire doesn’t take orders from low-level sheiks in Arabia, only high-level US officials could have organized the stand-down at the Pentagon, the Saudis could not have possibly managed to disable US air defenses and NORAD, nor could they have organized the terror drills that simultaneously mimicked the attacks. Since the formation of OPEC and founding of the petrol-dollar, the US and the Royal Saudi family have been working together with the Globalist Zionist banking elites to help push the secular world government. Since the Oil money is drying up, OPEC is Going Broke, and the IMF Say’s Saudi Arabia Could Be Bankrupt By 2020, it would appear that the west is willing to sacrifice the weakest link of the 9/11 conspiracy to public opinion, effectively setting up the fall guy to let the true perpetrators get off scotfree.” Brandon Martinez

The fact is; whatever is in those 28 pages, it should be considered nothing more than a red herring artifice to steal our attention away from the real captains of terror in Washington DC, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

BmA large portion of this article attributed to Brandon Martinez  author of –

Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th and 21st Centuries. 

A short, concise study of Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks, Zionist influence over US foreign policy (particularly the central role of pro-Israel neoconservatives in dragging the US into the war in Iraq), the fraud of the post-9/11 “war on terror,” and other Zionist political intrigues in the 20th and 21st centuries. This book explores the role of Zionists in helping foment World Wars I and II as a means of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine, the extensive collusion between Nazis and Zionists, the hidden history of bloody Bolshevism, and the fabrications and distortions of official World War II historiography, designed to advance the victors’ post-war agenda of re-shaping Europe and the Middle East.

 Available at – Barnes& Books-A-Million IndieBound 

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the real truth behind the push by the establishment to release the 28 pages. We go over recent geopolitical moves around the petrodollar and how there is a bigger play here. The U.S seems to be threatening Saudi Arabia with old information that everyone was aware of and people need to ask why this is happening now. Support our work by investing in us on and make sure do the job of the main stream media better then they ever can.

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TYT Host Cenk’ Uygur Reportedly Arrested in Washington DC at Democracy Spring Event [Live feed]

US Spring top

Cenk Uygur, host of the Young Turks, was arrested Monday afternoon at the Democracy Spring protest in Washington, DC.

Thousands of people concerned about big money in politics, congressional dysfunction, and voter disenfranchisement are converging on Washington, DC for a week-long program of civil disobedience, teach-ins, rallies, and marches.

The Public Citizen and organizations are unifying a coalition of groups, including Greenpeace, the AFL-CIO, NAACP, National Nurses Union, and civil rights movements. The groups streamed into the nation’s capital on Monday.

At least 400 people were arrested during Monday’s sit-in at the US Capitol building. The protesters were willing to be arrested to highlight their demands for fair elections and the removal of the influence of corporate money on politics. 

Video from The Young Turks on Uygur’s arrest 


Video: Cenk Uygur from protest in Washington, D.C.

Video: Police warn protesters they will be arrested




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via. @Cynthia McKinney, PhD &   for 

Today the systematic police oppression of minorities continues, as South Carolina appears to have set the bar at a new low.  A black couple was pulled over for driving a new car with new vehicle plates. There is nothing illegal about this, but the officer’s dash cam clearly shows that this is the reason for pulling them over. Let’s suppose that he was just checking to see if the car was really a new purchase.

After handing the driver her license and sales receipt back, the dash cam shows the officer telling a male passenger to get out of the car. He cuffs him, searches him, and tells him that he is bringing in a drug dog to walk around the car. Then, he tells the man he is going to pay for this one, boy.”  While  they are conveniently off camera.

The dog is brought in and apparently smells drugs so the cop rips the car apart but finds nothing. The dog cannot find anything either. The officer is convinced that the man must have drugs. Why? Because, according to the officer, he remembers dealing with him while he was working in a drug unit, years ago.

Off camera, the officer decides to do a more aggressive search and runs his hands up into the passenger’s rectum hard enough that he can feel what the passenger says is a hemorrhoid. The officer says that it can’t be a hemorrhoid because it’s too hard and he’s had hemorrhoids and knows that’s not what they feel like. The man insists and objects to the search.

 The officer can be heard radioing in the event and says that he has to let the couple go because even though he pulled his pants and underwear down and took pictures of the man’s rectum he could not get a visual and the man must have the rock cocaine inside of him.

“He said it was a hemorrhoid. It ain’t no… it was a rock. It was a rock of crack. It’s gotta be a rock. He’s got it up in his butt…I got nothing else to go on. Nothing. Yeah, we’re gonna have to cut him loose here.”

The man asked the officer why he did all of this. The officer said it was because he “knew” him.

The man asked the officer if he had seen how many years it’s been since he’d been in trouble, stating that he has kids now, and the woman driving the car is his wife.

The officer told him that drug dealers and users have kids, too. Then he told him to get the car detailed so other dogs don’t “hit” on it. He then thanks them and leaves.

Footage of the Full Traffic Stop bellow. 

Originally Published on Apr 2, 2016

WATCH Above- Police ‘sexually assault’ black couple during roadside cavity search . Two South Carolina residents are suing the City of Aiken and its department of public safety over what they say was an illegal cavity search in broad daylight.

The Aiken Standard reports Elijah Pontoon and Lakey Hicks filed the lawsuit last September. It was moved to federal court in November.

The InquisitrAiken County Residents: Claim Cops Performed Illegal Cavity Search
South Carolina Police Search: Cops Perform Illegal Cavity Search
White police officers perform illegal anal probe on black South
Video shows white cop perform road side cavity search of blacks

“Black man subjected to “illegal” public cavity search by white police officers” suit alleges that white police officers subjected an African American man man to a humiliating anal search, and that they also partially stripped searched his wife, all in open public, on nothing more then suspicion that they might possess illegal drugs. A formal complaint supported by the video evidence alleges, and court records confirm that on the 2nd day of October, 2014 police officers performed and illegal search and an extra judicial anal cavity search on a black South Carolina man in search for what they claim could of been a “hard rock of Crack” in Mr. Hick’s anus.

Although it is true that Hicks has a criminal record that includes past drug charges, he’s had a clean record since 2006. He told Medlin that he has kids now, indicating that his past actions don’t reflect on his present condition. Medlin claimed he remembered Hicks and had dealt with him on previous occasions, which gave him reasonable suspicion to perform the search.

“You’ve got something here right between your legs. There’s something hard right there between your legs.”

The lawsuit, filed by both Hicks and Pontoon, names Medlin, along with several other officers and the Director of the ADPS officers, as defendants. Court documents show that the defendants are accused of improper search and seizure and improper actions.

The South Carolina police officers are being sued under the Federal law and Federal Causes of action, and Hicks and Pontoon are seeking punitive damages. The Director of ADPS and the City of Aiken are being sued under the State law causes of action, although no punitive damages are being sought against them. According to the lawsuit, Pontoon and Hicks say they were illegally stopped by officers for a paper car tag and searched without consent. In addition to the cavity search, the complaint says a female officer exposed Hicks’ breasts on the side of the road, with a search performed in the presence of three male officers.
South Carolina Police Search: Cops Perform Illegal Cavity Search During A Routine Stop SC New York taxi drivers to be banned from flirting with or ejaculating on passengers cabs stopped speeding Capt. David Turno said in a statement that the city denies the allegations. Turno wasn’t available Saturday for further comment.

wrc link

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You can draw your own conclusions.”

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