The Co-Founder of RT News, Has Died in Washington D.C.


President Vladimir Putin with Former Russian Press Adviser, Mikhail Lesin, Reuters

WASHINGTON DC — A Russian embassy official confirmed on Friday, media mogul and former Russian Press Minister Mikhail Lesin, 57, died in Washington D.C.

Thursday, the Washington based Russian Embassy was notified that a citizen had died, prompting an ongoing investigation involving both American and Russian authorities. By the following day, a spokesperson for the Embassy confirmed that the national was indeed Lesin, but this is the only information currently being given to the public. (more…)

What We Saw At The Anonymous Million Mask March In D.C

After spending the day covering the Million Mask March in Washington, D.C. Luke Rudkowski delivers the raw breakdown of what November 5th, 2015 meant for Anonymous.

Exclusive Photos:

“Someone left a special message at Monsanto’s office #anonymous #mmm #MillionMaskMarch”




“#anonymous #mmm #MillionMaskMarch just stopped and made this homeless mans day”


“#anonymous #mmm #MillionMaskMarch one window of the EPA already broken”


“#anonymous #mmm #MillionMaskMarch face off at the Capitol with the police now”


“#anonymous #mmm #MillionMaskMarch has just begun taking the streets in D.C”


“Outside the White House for #anonymous #mmm #MillionMaskMarch?”


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Washington Responsible for Fascist Massacre in Odessa

In what can only be described as a massacre, 38 anti-government activists were killed Friday after fascist-led forces set fire to Odessa’s Trade Unions House, which had been sheltering opponents of the US-and European-backed regime in Ukraine.

According to eye-witnesses, those who jumped from the burning building and survived were surrounded and beaten by thugs from the neo-Nazi Right Sector. Video footage shows bloodied and wounded survivors being attacked.

The atrocity underscores both the brutal character of the right-wing government installed in Kiev by the Western powers and the encouragement by the US and its allies of a bloody crackdown by the regime to suppress popular opposition, centered in the mainly Russian-speaking south and east of Ukraine. (more…)

China Rejects Another shipment of GMO Animal Feed trying to be slipped in. 601,000 tons rejected last year

China is not accepting GMO corn/feed/food in any way.  They rejected another shipment that tried to be slipped in for animal feed from the U.S. 

Last year they rejected 601,000 tons of GMO corn.   This shipment was 21,800 tons of corn from the U.S.

Why is it the U.S. is about the only country that allows GMO food?  Why haven’t our ‘leaders’ protected us as the leaders protect their citizens in other countries.  The other countries even protect their animals.  Yet the U.S. allows the poison of GMO corn and food and won’t even require it to be labeled?  (more…)

D.C. council votes to decriminalize marijuana


The District of Columbia City Council voted Tuesday to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in the nation’s capital.

Mayor Vincent Gray said he intends to sign the measure, which replaces jail time with civil fines but does not legalize the use, possession, sale or growing of pot. Congress still has veto power, though that is considered unlikely given the divided control of each chamber, The Washington Post notes. (more…)

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