The Girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald Says He’s Innocent

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the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald says he’s innocent

Luke Rudkowski interviews the one time girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald 11/22/13 in Dallas TX for the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination.

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  • Chris Parsons

    Well, that pretty much settles it. I’m convinced. He was a pedophile, not an assassin.

  • Mareka

    And how old is she now? Her age doesn’t seem to fit the timeline. This IS 50 years after Kennedy was shot. Who knows? Could be…

    • Vincent Vendetti

      Go home agent.

  • Heather Sirotak

    She was young. Read her book “Me & Lee” together with Ed Haslam’s “Dr Mary’s Monkey”

  • Luke Dumbkowski

    Anyone who thinks this goof of a disinfo woman is telling the truth probably thinks Luke is smart.And who’s the total zero holding the mike while Luke gets credit for the interview?

    Now the JFK movement has its very own Dr. Judy Cunningham!

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