the unholy see


As the invisible creator & maintainer of my favorite website, We Are Change, I’d like to take an opportunity to tell you guys to check out another great website that has some interesting esoteric content & videos.  It was created by Brian, an old friend of We Are Change, as well as Luke and myself.  Brian engineered and co-produced my band’s album “We’re Not The Only Ones” which is available for sale here.  All proceeds from our powerful political album go directly to We Are Change.

Anyway…check out our friend’s website,

Thanks for help making this website a well known and respected beacon of truth and freedom.  Peace!


I’m a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, political activist, web developer and small business owner. I have composed and produced 5 albums.or original music and have performed hundreds of live shows across the country. I also own and operate a computer company, River Net Computers, as well as a web development firm, River Net Creative Industries alongside my brother James.

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