CHAOS IN DC: Protests Turn Into Riots, 200+ Arrested (LIVE BLOG)

Earlier today we reported the chaos that broke out in Washington, DC during the inauguration. Luke Rudkowski is on the ground covering the situation as it unfolds. So far there have been a number of violent actions taken against Donald Trump supporters,  police, as well as destruction of property.

There was confrontation near the presidential parade route when rocks were thrown at the police.

Luke captured Blackbloc ideological protesters attacking the police. Police reacted by throwing flashbangs and shooting rubber bullets back at rioters.
Luke also reported that anarchists shattered windows.

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There was a car set on fire in downtown, DC seen in a live periscope video.

So far over 217 people have been arrested according to police as of 8:00 P.M. EST.

Six police were reportedly injured. There is no known injury report for civilians.

Police have begun to kettle protesters and are pushing them back to take back the streets.

Earlier Tim Pool was arrested and released an RT reporter Alexander Rubinstein was also arrested and hit in the face by a flashbang.

“I was hit in the face with a flash grenade, it blinded me for a moment and my ears were ringing for a while,” Rubinstein said. “By the time I was done being treated and I could see again, we were encircled by police and I was told that everybody present would be arrested. It doesn’t matter that I’m press.”

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The National Guard has been deployed to assist with the protests.

There are also reports that protesters set a limo on fire at 13th and K street, writing “We The People” in spray paint. Other cars were also vandalized on K street as well.

The day started off peaceful and quickly escalated into violent protests, which are taking place all across DC now that President Donald Trump has assumed office.

Many are expecting the protest and potential riots to move towards bridges in DC as it gets later in the evening.

Meanwhile, CNN gets heckled by a Trump supporter.

UPDATE 6:17 P.M. EST – Police presence grows at McPherson Square as 1000+ demonstrators gather for the Inauguration protest Review Journal reported.

So far things have remained peaceful at McPherson Square.

UPDATE: 7:00 P.M. EST -Protesters have created a ‘Deport Donald Trump’ mural in McPherson Square.

UPDATE: 7:15 P.M. EST – Protesters have set trash cans on fire on K street, there is also a report of another fire with fire trucks and police on the scene.

UPDATE: 8:00 P.M. EST – Things have reportedly calmed down on K Street.

Stay tuned to We Are Change for further updates as the protest against Donald Trump continue.


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CIA Releases 13 Million Documents, Claims Its Entire History Now Online

The Central Intelligence Agency has released a bulk archive of 13 million pages of declassified documents online. These documents were previously only physically accessible from four computers at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland using the CIA Records Search Tool or CREST.

The documents date all the way back to as far as the Cold War.

Information about a number of controversial topics is included: from UFOs, to more information on the infamous CIA psychic experiments Project Stargate, to Henry Kissinger’s papers, other CIA research and development documents, scientific papers, photographic intelligence reports, news archives, and a whole lot more according to the official CIA press release.

The CIA emphasized the inclusion of UFO Documents and plans to further promote the contents of the archive online.

In June 2014, MuckRock, sued the CIA, on behest of pro-bono attorney Ken McClanahan, a lawyer with the National Security Counsellors. The group claimed that the database was “technically public, but in practice largely inaccessible.”

Subsequently, journalist and researcher Michael Best or @NatSecGeek on Twitter, launched a Kickstarter project to put pressure on the CIA to publicly release the data more quickly and exposing how the agency was taking too much time to publish the material it was required to make publicly available under Bill Clinton’s 1995 Executive Order 13526 instituted in 2006. The Executive Order requires the declassification of non-exempt historically valuable records 25 years or older.

Best began scanning and printing 700,000 documents manually and publishing them for the entire world to see, effectively costing the CIA resources as the agency doesn’t charge for printer paper or the ink used.

“That effort was halted in October when it became clear the CIA was going to (reluctantly) post the material itself, and Best put together a good background on CREST, what it contains, and some of the potential pitfalls of the way it looks like the data will be released.

Then on November 18, the CIA’s Litigation Information Review Office finally threw in the towel, bumping up the release significantly to just next year,” Muckrock, writes.

Amazingly the CIA was somehow able to suddenly miraculously find a way to publish 13 million documents in a matter of 3 months despite stalling for so long. In the past, it had argued that it had neither the time nor the resources to achieve such a feat.

“Forcing people to travel to College Park, MD during bankers’ hours and print out page after page of records just to do historical research was an obnoxious and antiquated way for the CIA to pay lip service to transparency without actually allowing meaningful public access to their records. I am happy to have been part of the effort to nudge them along into the 21st century,” McClanahan wrote in an email.

With respect to transparency, this is a historic move by the CIA that sets an important precedent. Going forward, the CIA now has no excuse to delay publishing documents that are 25 years or older as required under the Freedom Of Information Act.

The next information that the agency will be required to declassify is JFK’s assassination in October 2017.

It’s going to be a very busy next few years for national security reporters and, as with such broad archives of source material as the WikiLeaks cables, this information may take many years to sift through.


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Philippines President Threatens Martial Law Over Drug War; To Throw Corrupt Officials Out Of A Helicopter

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has threatened martial law if the drug war increases in an unprecedented effort to continue his violent crackdown against drugs.


“I have to protect the Filipino people. It is my duty. And I tell you now, if I have to declare martial law, I will declare it,” Duterte told a conference of businessmen.

Duterte has expressed his disdain for his country’s judicial system saying that “he doesn’t care about the Supreme Court,” and that no one can stop him.

“The right to preserve one’s life and my nation transcends everything else, even the limitations,” he said.

Duterte has vowed to stop the sale and use of illegal drugs in the Philippines to prevent the country from becoming “a narco-state” in his own words.

The recent crackdown on drug users and dealers has left about 6,000 dead in the last six months, as Duterte endorsed killing drug crime offenders in a war zone worthy stance in 2016.

As the BBC reported, “the Philippines Constitution says a president can only declare martial law for 60 days and then only to stop an invasion or a rebellion.

Duterte has also ordered troops to fire on militants behind a wave of kidnappings, even if it results in the deaths of hostages calling those hostages “collateral damage.”

Additionally, Duterte has threatened to throw rapists and corrupt officials out of a helicopter and said last month that he threw one rapist out of a helicopter as mayor.

“If you are corrupt, I will fetch you using a helicopter to Manila and I will throw you out, I have done this before, why would I not do it again?” Duterte, said.

Although he says that if you aren’t a bad person and “don’t do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.”

Duterte later denied the claims of personally killing at least three people but these all seem like actions a dictator would take.

Hitman Edgar Matobato told a Senate hearing that Duterte ordered hits of his political employees in the 1980’s when Duterte was mayor, even saying that the former mayor took part in the killings and was the leader of the “Lambada Boys” – a Philippean gang and precursor to another gang, the Davao Death Squad.

“Mayor Duterte was the highest leader of DDS,” Edgar Matobato said in his affidavit.

Edgar Matobato also alleged that Duterte knew about the drug trade and organized crime within this organization.

When asked what his motives were for coming forward he replied, “I want justice to be served because we killed many people. I have a conscience. Even up to now, many are still being killed.”

If true this would explain why Duterte wants to go after drug offenders/users because they might rat him out.

UN human rights experts have asked the Philippines government to address extrajudicial killings of drug users in the country since August even going as far as saying that Duterte “lacks understanding of human rights.”

In response to the UN condemnation, Duterte has said he is considering taking the Philippines out of the UN, withdrawing from the ICC or International Criminal Court, and ending a major pact with the U.S. government.

But Duterte’s murders are just a part of his grotesque campaign promise to kill 100,000 criminals if elected.

  • Shockingly 40% of the Philippines voted for Duterte, unless there was that nasty word the Democrats in the U.S. hated and said didn’t exist “election rigging.”




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U.S. Air Force Commander Suggests Using Space Weapons To Combat ISIS

A U.S. Air Force commander has proclaimed that space weapons can now be used against ISIS—and no, this is not science fiction. This type of technology has been developed, in secret, for years. In this article, we will take a look at what some of these weapons might be, and what they can be used for, as well as some history about space weapons.

“If we want to be more agile then the reality is we are going to have to push decision authority down to some lower levels in certain areas the big question that we’ve got to wrestle with … is the authorities to operate in cyber and space,” General David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, told USA TODAY.

Although, General Goldfein did not go into detail citing that the material is classified, there is enough data out on the internet to speculate what weapons could be used against the Islamic state.

But before we dive deep into the dark SAP (special access program) world of secret space weapons, here is a history lesson:

Let’s first look at a project known as Horizon, which was supposedly just a drawn up plan in the 1960’s that was our first canceled project in a long list of projects that were canceled, that seemingly depict the blueprints for a Secret Space Program base on the moon.

Next, we have the MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory) which is Cigar shaped.  The MOL would serve as a headquarters in space, but this project also seemed to end up in the shredder.

Then there is the air force’s X-20 Dyna-Soar space plane, which was also designed in the 1960s and was allegedly scrapped for metal.

Finally, there is a quote by Ronald Regan in his diary that makes only a little more sense when compared with a 1989, New York Times article which reported that the Air Force had shut down another planned manned space program, with a staff of 32 astronauts and a space shuttle launching facility in Colorado.

Do these defense forces potentially exist today under high levels of national security and under the black budget of 52.6 billion dollars revealed by Edward Snowden?

Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) said years prior, “there exist a shadow government with its own air force its own navy, its own funding mechanism  and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest-free from checks and balances and the law itself.”

Reagan said, “space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”

Modern space shuttles only carry eight Passengers Maximum, so 32 or 300 would be an accomplishment indeed.

Ronald Reagan is also the same president who signed the SDI or “Starwars Defense Initiative” and gave his famous speech about how if the earth was invaded by a hostile force, we would all have to forget our differences and come together in peace.

There is also a space weapons agreement that a congressman proposed called the “Space Preservation Treaty”  in 2005, that states that countries won’t seek to weaponize space. However, Obama recently violated this agreement under the 2017 NDAA Act, and no one noticed the legislation he signed is essentially the Starwars Defense Initiative II that his predecessor, Ronald Reagan, signed calling for a space-based missile system.

However Russia and China want a Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space Russian Ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Vitaly Churkin expressed.

In fact, in WikiLeaks’ John Podesta emails, an email from the former astronaut, and sixth to walk on the moon, Edgar Mitchell talks about this treaty with Podesta.

So Obama is essentially setting the stage for President Donald Trump to use these capabilities but just what are the types of space weapons that can be used against ISIS and U.S. adversaries?  

The rod of god is one, the TR3B NSA/DoD/USAF Space command hyper velocity craft is another.  It is for surveillance purposes, as the craft has the ability to cloak, like this soldier running in front of a tank.  Yes, this technology exists, and this is real.  It works through bending light around an object.

What is the Rod Of God? The rod of god is a part of the direct energy weapon family; it’s a kinetic energy weapon.

The rods are directed munitions, the higher you are (the greater your distance from the planet), the greater the kinetic energy you have.

In 2004, published in popular science, Eric Adams writes:

“A pair of satellites orbiting several hundred miles above the Earth would serve as a weapons system. One functions as the targeting and communications platform while the other carries numerous tungsten rods–up to 20 feet in length and a foot in diameter–that it can drop on targets with less than 15 minutes’ notice. When instructed from the ground, the targeting satellite commands its partner to drop one of its darts. The guided rods enter the atmosphere, protected by a thermal coating, traveling at 36,000 feet per second–comparable to the speed of a meteor. The result: complete devastation of the target, even if it’s buried deep underground. The two-platform configuration permits the weapon to be “reloaded” by just launching a new set of rods, rather than replacing the entire system.”

The concept of developing kinetic-energy weapons has been around ever since the RAND Corporation proposed placing rods on tips of ICBMs in the 1950s. Though the Pentagon won’t say how far along the research is, or even confirm that any efforts exist, citing those details are classified. The “U.S. Air Force Transformation Flight Plan,” published by the Air Force in November 2003, references “hypervelocity rod bundles” in its outline of future space-based weapons, and in 2002, another report from RAND, “Space Weapons, Earth Wars,” talks about the effectiveness of such a weapon.

In 2015, natural news reported that the several explosions in Tianjin, China were due to the rod of god, largely due to the Chinese cyber attacks and currency devaluation that took place in 2015.

In 2011, a few years prior, The New York Times reported that the Defense Department was working up new strategies to counter cyber attacks, including, as the paper reported, “a military response,” because they would soon consider cyber attacks as an act of war.  In 2015, the New York Times followed up with a report on “The Rods From God.”


When you first start researching space weapons one man comes up a lot in your searches, and that man is Edgar Fouche.

Whistleblower Master Sergeant Edgar Fouche (deceased) worked as an avionics engineer for the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years, and in 1998, published details of an aerial vehicle known as the TR3B that he claims was developed in secret by the N.S.A. and U.S.A.F.

The performance characteristics of this vehicle are mind-boggling, using field propulsion to reduce the weight of the craft, plasma, and traveling faster than 30x the earth’s gravity at mac 9 (6,900 mph) vertically or horizontally.

Is this possible? Let’s first answer if the speed is achievable: recently warp drive technology like this became public and the Chinese tested the leaked EM-drive patent and manufactured the device, so the technology is indeed operational and NASA has confirmed too that it works. An astrophysicist claimed that we would have it within 100 years while another scientist in Britain  Roger Shawyer claimed he figured out the secret and we could reach the moon in four hours. Russia has made a similar claim, but with a nuclear-fission engine, claiming that the engine can provide a fast way to get to mars in 6 weeks.

Next, let’s talk about the possibility to generate a magnetic field for the use of propulsion.  Is this plausible? A scientific paper titled, “generating a magnetic field by a rotating plasma” proves that this is indeed possible.

Former Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman came out in 2012, on his deathbed, about Antigravity Propulsion Devices and how they tie into what is known as “Singularity,” which allow you to move anywhere within the universe instantaneously. He further explained how magnetics worked doing a magnet experiment with a copper pipe and aluminum pipe.

Is there any video evidence of such an anti-gravity craft being used? In Canada, released through a FOIA request, there is a video of the Avrocar, which was the U.S. army’s top secret flying saucer, tested between 1952-1961. Although the Avrocar only reached hovering heights of three feet and speeds of 30 knots.  This shows that levitation technology was actively being developed in the 1950s-60s, so it’s believed to be a prototype of the hovering craft, but it’s not the only known prototype.  Another project, the supersonic flying saucer, was declassified and was worked on in the 1950s.

Fouche says to the deniers in the video below that, “if you think these rumors are far-fetched look at the YB49 flown in 1948 and the XB70 flown in 1964, then look at the SR-74 and SR-75 Aurora which has been spotted numerous times you say that the government can’t keep a secret? Boy, you are wrong.”

Fouche says that the “SR-74 and SR-75 or Aurora” were both “replacements for the SR-71 blackbird spy plane.”

The SR-71 blackbird was developed in 1964, Fouche alleges that its replacement was created in the 1990’s almost two decades later. Before the SR-71 in 1962, there was another plane as mentioned above, the X-20 Dyna-Soar, which literally says space plane on the air forces website.  Do you really think that was the air force’s last attempt at a space vehicle?

Today the air force space command, separate from the air force, admittedly has the X-37B an unmanned space-craft that has had numerous unknown missions into space.

With this technology, combined with the rod of god, it would bring a whole new edge to the battlefield against ISIS and adversaries in general.





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20 Years For 3 Pills — Cops Prey On Lonely Teen, Entrap Him During Cruel Online Dating Scheme

(TFTP) A year-and-a-half ago, several Monroe County, TN police departments set up an elaborate drug sting to take down what the police perceived to be known drug dealers in the area. The message they wanted to send, according to Sherriff Tommy Jones II was, “If you are involved in any type of drug activity…you will find yourself in prison. This will not be tolerated.”

According to the Advocate and Democrat News’ official story of the sting operation, “the streets of Monroe County and its municipalities saw a lot of drugs removed last week as an operation that began in February culminated with 72 indictments being handed down and arrests made from one end of the county to another.”

One of those indicted was Cameron McKenzie Rake of Maryville, TN. Rake says he was blindsided by the arrest, and he is telling quite a different story than the one the police are sharing with the media. Rake says he was no drug dealer at all, just a guy looking to hook up with a pretty woman he met online. “I was on a dating website called MeetMe,” an app on his smartphone he explains he used to meet new friends.

There was a girl on there, “that talked to me first,” he said intimating she had an interest in him. The conversation on Meet Me quickly turned to drugs. Rake said she “asked me to come sell her pills” something he found strange because he said she didn’t even know him. Rake said her profile picture suggested she was into drugs. He described her profile to the Free Thought Project as having “posted wanting and asking for pills” and said she “made assumptions to me that we would be able to hook up”.

“I asked her multiple times if she was a cop or associated with any law enforcement agency and she kept saying ‘no,’” he said, regretting the day he ever connected with her online. “My dumb ass believed her,” Rake said, lamenting the whole ordeal which eventually led to his arrest.

“She even said she’d pay me for whatever I found and I kept telling her I didn’t know where anything was but that I would look around,” he said indicating he wasn’t a drug dealer at all, just a guy looking to hook up with a girl he met online.

Rake then described what happened next. “I found some morphine pills and took them to her and she met up with me and came up to my car window and asked for the pills I showed her then she tossed the money in my lap and started to walk off,” he said, not knowing the woman was an undercover police officer.

“I asked, ‘I thought we were going to hang out?’. And she said, ‘Oh, I’m busy. I gotta go!’” Rake then said she got into her truck and drove off. He stated he only brought her three pills. He described what happened next. “About a mile-and-a-half later, I got pulled over,” he said adding the cops, “got me out of my car put me in handcuffs.”

Rake explained that he asked for a lawyer before and after being read his Miranda rights. “I asked multiple times for my lawyer and wasn’t given one.” He also said the cops were selectively recording his statements with their body cameras. “They had a body cam and turned it on and off at crucial moments when I said important things and made it look like they had done nothing wrong!”

It takes a truly callous and depraved person to prey upon the loneliness of an individual in order to dupe them into finding them drugs just to bust them. Shameful.

Rake feels entrapped by the police actions of that fateful night. He said he was only looking for a date. He doesn’t think it is right for the police to pretend to be a pretty girl in order to tempt teenagers into committing illegal activities. Making matters worse for Rake, he had a long gun in his trunk.

“They searched my car and found my shotgun in the trunk under about 10 pounds of dirty laundry,” he said, admitting he did have a concealed firearm in his possession. He admits his current lawyer isn’t much help. “My lawyer is really shitty and doesn’t know what the hell he is doing,” admitting that the best his lawyer has been able to do for him is arrange a plea deal for 10 years in prison for “possession, sale and delivery of a schedule 2 narcotic” and “possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony”.

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The now 21-year-old, who was 19 at the time of his arrest, is fearing the worst. “So I’m going [to go to prison] for about 20 years on January 20th,” Rake told The Free Thought Project.

Rake was indicted on charges of possession of Morphine and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He’s currently looking for a capable attorney, “I need someone who will be able to reduce the charges and fight this for me. This was ridiculous. I feel like I was basically raped by the police department and set up for failure from the beginning since this occurred.” He says he wants to go to trial before a jury and fight the entrapment of which he feels to be the victim.

As The Free Thought Project has faithfully reported, the War on Drugs catches all types in its dragnet. Often times, young men like Rake get caught up in the dragnet with bigger fish. But Rake, a young man now facing the loss of decades of his life, isn’t blind. He sees that the police were not working for his good when they pretended to be a hot looking female teenager looking to hook up online.

Rake is not alone either. Dozens of other men, just like him, were taken advantage of by police pretending to be attractive females looking for dates. Many of these folks had nothing to do with drugs and ONLY sought them out to be less lonely.

Rake explains that he wants justice but doesn’t believe the three pills he took the young girl that night equates to 20 years of his life. He says he got the pills from an aunt of a friend of his. He says he was 15 when he started going to the dating site to “meet friends.” He says he’s met “more than 100 people” in and around Knoxville using the MeetMe app on his phone.

“I’m not even remotely a drug dealer. I haven’t had anything to do with drugs in my life. I’ve never touched drugs in my life. I’ve seen the devastating effect drugs have had on my life and my friends’ lives…This was the first time I’ve ever messed with it and it was basically to get a girls attention.” Rake says he doesn’t even smoke marijuana but admits to smoking cigarettes.

The young man says the 12-gauge shotgun found in his trunk was there because he and his best friend go hunting on his friend’s 500 acres. “He lives on the land and we just hunt for coyotes that go after his chickens. We also hunt for deer and squirrel,” he said.

Rake attended and graduated William Blount High School in Maryville, TN, and is now attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, but hasn’t started back this semester because he’s unsure if he’s going to go back to college or off to prison.

Rake says he has never been arrested prior to crossing paths with the Vonore Police Department. He admits that he’d had some trouble with the law in the past, but they were just minor traffic violations, nothing criminal. He was never charged with any other crime and says he doesn’t know why he cannot get any leniency from the courts. Rake grew up in a church. His father was a pastor of a Lutheran Church for many years in Maryville. He says his dad was very upset with the fact that the police department lured him into providing pills to a stranger he met online.

“Being lonely kinda screws with your head sometimes,” Rake said regretting the whole ordeal.

Rake worries whether speaking out will help or hurt his chances at a reduced sentence. But he takes comfort in telling his story in the hopes that some other hapless teenager out there doesn’t get suckered into a sting operation like he did.

As The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, police officers have the discretion on whether or not to file charges against someone. But in a major sting operation wherein multiple police departments are involved, the lone police officer who would be willing to go out on a limb for a guy like Rake simply won’t step forward. The end result is the feeding of the Prison Industrial Complex machine with fresh meat to sustain its inmate population and further the highly lucrative prison industry.

Cameron has since set up a fund to help with his legal fees. Please help if you can.

Snowden Blasts Obama For Unchaining NSA Surveillance Before Leaving Office

Thank to a new provision President Obama just approved to an existing executive order, the NSA can now share private data it collects on citizens amongst all 16 agencies within the United States intelligence community. Snowden blasted Obama for creating this unprecedented surveillance power.

“As he hands the White House to Trump, Obama just unchained NSA from basic limits on passing raw intercepts to others,” NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted.

The 23-pages of new guidelines lifts previous limits placed on the way NSA information could be shared amongst the other 15 U.S. intelligence agencies.

The NSA is now unfettered to share any “raw signals or intelligence information” legally with the CIA, FBI, etc.

While the express purpose of Executive Order 12333 is to target foreign and counter-intelligence if any agency discovers information that incriminates any American citizen, that agency is then required to turn the evidence over to the Justice Department. However, the provisions for targeting American citizens have been redacted from the document, so the extent of how this order can be used is unknown.

Current U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s general counsel, Robert S. Litt, speaking on behalf of Clapper has said in a statement that, “This is not expanding the substantive ability of law enforcement to get access to signals intelligence. It is simply widening the aperture for a larger number of analysts, who will be bound by the existing rules.”

Incoming President Donald Trump could expand these powers to affect the FISA Act even further, with Republicans having control of the U.S. House and Senate. Even if expanded powers are challenged, Republicans are expected to dominate the new Supreme Court with President Trump’s soon to be announced pick for the Supreme Court.

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Remember, Donald Trump’s picks for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions, and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, both have advocated for extensive domestic government spying.

And we have to ask – if President Obama is distressed about Donald Trump becoming president, why did Obama just “unhinge the NSA” for him?



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