We Are Change Chicago confronts Herman Cain

We Are Change Chicago

CHICAGO, IL- As the mainstream media and the powers that be continue to throw new puppets into the race for the GOP’s top spot. Their latest love child Herman Cain has come out of nowhere. The Washington Times Reports Cain as the new GOP front-runner, and according to the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll Cain leads former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney by just 4 points. But questions continue to rise surrounding Herman’s days as Kansas City Board President of the Federal Reserve Bank; as the general public discovers the actions of this Private Central Bank as well as his close ties to former Fed President Alan Greenspan. Speaking to We Are Change Chicago reporters Julio Noel Rausseo and Tim Marszalik, at Tea Con 2011 outside of Chicago, Cain defends the role of the Private Central bank. He’s asked about the constitutionality of the Federal Reserve, and whether or not its right that this private banking cartel prints money out of thin air, while at the same time devaluing their beloved Federal Reserve Note.

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  • http://theelvesattic.blogspot.com John Scott Ridgway

    Republicans are not going to vote for a person of color. Black, Mexican, Gay and female Republicans are all colluding with the enemy. House N…’s they used to call them during the slave age. In a time when more black men are in jail than were ever slaves, the thought of some idiot thinking the Republican’s can see beyond race (some do, of course.. but not enough statistically) shows just how weak the Republicans have become. THEY ARE CORPORATE SHILLS AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT…

  • http://urbantactix.com/ Agent-L

    good job with the interview, I mean we always see people screaming and yelling, YOU wre very professional and represented us respectfully

  • JediPatriot

    It’s not about republican. It’s not about democrat. It’s about the government who wants to oppress us against we, the people. The left/right paradigm is a facade. A tool to keep us divided. Like “race”. We are the HUMAN race. We all bleed red blood. We all grow hair where we don’t want it and lose hair where we need it.

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